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  1. I nearly forgot about this. Still love it. It's something that should be expanded on.
  2. I remember Rory talking about that a while back, but it sort of faded into the background.
  3. Alright, alright. How much to get a sexy title that says 'Investor'?
  4. Now... How much do I have to donate to become an owner?
  5. Well I couldn't draw myself in the picture... So I substituted my name where I'd have drawn myself. It just didn't seem NinOnline themed.
  6. Okay, here we go... First I'd like to say that I couldn't help but showing my own mental image of how Taki looks. My feelings may have spilled over into her design a bit Also, the wrong colored pencils were used for the colored version. Unable to blend it at all, which is why it looks lame and flat! Lesson: Never draw at night. I might re-draw it later. But for now! Here's 'Sexy Taki'
  7. Kiri is always there. In your heart. Looking forward to saying the game is in Beta soon. Good luck, I'll be lurking still. As I have been for nearly a year now.
  8. Alright then, sounds good to me. I'll be working on my own entry and submitting it soon!
  9. Well actually Sipher is right... There is tons of people that draw general Naruto fanart of custom characters they design to fit in the Naruto world. So any of them could be from the internet.
  10. Toss me a PM if you play Hearthstone and want to PvP.

  11. Merry Christmas.
  12. Are they only strong/weak against 1 element? And neutral towards the rest?
  13. I was expecting this to have more detailed information. It's vague, and I pretty much already knew this when elements were mentioned several months ago. Isn't it common sense that elements > other elements? We all played Pokemon.
  14. ANBU equipment - Level requirement: 5. ._.