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Name: Rohan Shomei         Age: 17      Ninjutsu: Earth       Goals: Legendary Sannin

Rohan was born in a time of crisis. Tragedy struck at the worst possible time. Saica Shoemi , Mother of Rohan , was giving birth to Her first child. All before the assassins from a brother Clan started to attack. They knew Saica had incredible ninjutsu and Rohan's father , Basara, Has the most amazing Chakra control  threwour the whole land of Fire, So there baby would be a problem in the near future...

Sadly.... Saica nor Basara Survived the assassination......




Rohan was raised by himself He didn't have a home. Were ever he went was his home. By himself he wanders where ever he pleases. Now Age 8, Rohan meets an Old man Named Mako. This old man felt the hidden potential in Rohan. Feeling the chakra, Mako offers Rohan a lesson on ninjutsu. Rohan not even knowing what ninjutsu was.....agreed.


Rohan has now been training and living with Mako for 6 years. Age 14, he goes to Mako's Room because he is ready for his next lesson....
but all he found in Mako's room was a note.

"Rohan you have grown so much. I have taught you all i know and now i must continue my journey. This may hit you hard but your last lesson was supposed to be 2 years ago! But you learned so fast i had to keep teaching you. Now i ask you one favor. Head west and turn at the Katabami Bridge. then Keep North until you reach my home.....The Hidden Leaf.."




Rohan Made it to the Leaf Village. Only 14 years old He was eligible for the genin test . He scored highest in the class and was the only ninja to know 3 jutsu at such a young age. Rohan  then promised himself he would become one of the great Legendary Sannin Of the Hidden Leaf. His training began and hasn't stopped yet.........