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  1. @Indra Sensei?
  2. Rory man get well soon we miss you bro!
  3. What were people doing?
  4. Content

    Gambling is gonna be fun something for missing nin to cause problems over
  5. Shirou, Riley, and maybe Zin?
  6. The minimum level to enter the CE should be like 23 or 25, We dont need level 15 chunin getting killed over and over every time ninja from their opposing village come around.
  7. Is that really a bad thing? I mean the point of this game is to roleplay if people need a slight nudge to be willing to at least try to RP I say hell yea. As long as no one is just screwing around and actually RPing then i see no issue.
  8. Do we have to update or was this activated live? And ^hes right should have a Chunin exam within the next couple weeks then.
  9. Art

    Saw it when i made my alt and thought only sand got to see it haha. But it did get me excited watching it.
  10. Yea late last night i was trying to sign on and it was saying My username wasn't a registered one. Had a feeling something like this would happen since you hit open beta so fast.
  11. Can't wait to be an Anbu assassin just need fuinjutsu to complete my char

  12. Well I'll definitely be back for beta I've missed nin but the lack of new stuff had me away. Cant wait to see how the anbu and skill tree system will work. Same with Missing nin, hope to see some rogue organizations.
  13. Man I really hope i don't work! Can't wait to see who comes out on top regardless!
  14. Super excited, but was just wondering if you are doing a wipe after the CE will whoever becomes chunin get to keep that title after the wipe?
  15. Art

    You should make duplicates of the robes already in game but with the hood up and maybe make it so there is a shadow over the top half of your face so you just see the hood and the players mouth and chin. Also if you guys could swap the side the slanted headband tilts, when you have a scarred eye with the slanted headband your good eye is covered and that makes no sense ahah.