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Normal guy who wants to die.





Magatama was found Injured in the desert by the group of travelling Merchants.

He didn't remembered anything from his past.

Merchants toke him to the neariest village.

It was small village at that time, created by images.jpg.5ee39f50b437ee44c144cc862c4d0077.jpg , they named it Sand Village.

Magatama was taken in by local child care home, that's where he met Shissei.

Life in the orphanage wasn't easy but still better than living on the street.

Shissei and Magatama were trainning every day,Shissei was great in Kenjutsu and Magatama excelled other kids in Taijutsu.

Some time after graduating Academy Shissei was adopted.

The situation at village started to worsen beceause of upcoming war.

When he was 16 years old, Magatama started to work as part-timer in hospital to buy some food for children in orphanage.




The War:

Years passed and now Magatama was 18 years old, War was declared.

Magatama always prefered helping over fighting so he became Medic.

One night his squad has been ambushed, they held few days but needed to retreat.

While running he saw some Leaf Ninjas carring someone tied, he rushed to help but was beated pretty easly and than kidnaped.

Some time after waking up he started to talk with other person:

M:I will try to free you, when Im done run I will draw their attention.

???:Mind your own business! I don;t need your help!

*rips out of ropes*

ninja-3.jpg.45df56e5d7408a537410b6979b82b18e.jpg       She swiftly killed every leaf ninja and went forward.


Magatama started to chase her but was too slow.

When he arrived at the battlefield, only thing he saw was death and beautiful girl from before.

"My name is Konahri"~She said.



"I want to become Kazekage so I don't have to watch this again"~Konahri said.

Magatama began to follow Konahri as her personal Medic.

Their strange relationship grew more after every battle.


In the last battle Kazekage Argo was mortally wounded, he chose Konahri as new Kazekage before he died.


Till death do us part:




























































































































































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