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  1. Disgusting white Discord theme screenshots...
  2. Can we get a Niti ft Oriax pls
  3. You could even have it so while you're inside the 2 main maps of your village (From Leaf village to first larvae map for leafs. Sand village and their larvae map for sand.) Ez pz. It's legit how Itachi says. Going into a danger zone is your own fault. Can't blame the higher levels for wanting some free bounty. Even though it's jerky.
  4. Super easy to abuse that system. You could have alts running up to someone 24/7 to get them to get the skull or die to your villagers. Either way, they lose something. And at the same time, you can have people that want that title and just spamkill lowbies. Idea is decent, but it wont work.
  5. I'm pretty sure the NinO staff team also forgets, that some of us are also game developers, so we're not completely clueless. When most of these guys play the game many hours a day and 90% of them says something isn't balanced, there might be something to do. Don't push the players away, but rather create a balance team that plays the game and sees it for what it really is.
  6. The most broken one, is the 5% Fort. With 1000 health, you get 50 extra health. That's legit 5 stat points right there... Edit: Sure, some of the others get more than 5 stat points of value when 100+, but would you rather have 50 extra health or 2-3 extra damage? :thinking:
  7. It only matters if you're around the 100 in the stat we're talking about. For example; If you have less than 100 int, then the flat is better. If more, then the % is better.
  8. You're mixing up alot of stuff. Stop being so rude. First you talk about Battle Injuries, now you mix up missions in it. Let me make it crystal clear for you; 1. Can't do the mission alone? Don't do it. Specially not with Battle Injuries on. (Unless you get a team to help you) 2. Simple math will tell you why you should grind on lower leveled mobs for faster exp/item drops.
  9. Why would you be fighting coyotes at level 10? Go back to scorpions/spiders
  10. So, after reviewing a clip from Seths stream yesterday, I now have a pretty good detailed guide on what the Horoscopes give in terms of stats. Aries: 5% str Libra: 5% Int Taurus 5% Fort Scorpio 5% Agil Gemini 5% Chakra Sagittarius 1% All stats Some give flat stats instead.. Cancer: 5 Str flat Capricorn: 5 Fort flat Leo: 5 Agil flat Aquarius: 5 Int flat Virgo: 5 Chakra flat Pisces: 1 All Stats flat Of course, these can still change but these are the latest news. Please give feedback on what you think about this! Source:
  11. I agree 100% on this. Some might try to put a few more points into damage, but overall just chakra and fort. PvP is gonna feel super repetitive with longer fights with same shit over and over.
  12. You are right and have many great points! And ofc, you can have headsets that are all connected, so it's not limited to 4 people. I just wanted your idea in case that ever happens. I'm not really in favor of taking Nin to hardcore or the other way around. I just want something to do besides PvP, just like you.
  13. If a tree is burning, let's let it spread to the forest. Headset is for like 4 people. That's what the team-chat is for. That's what you're really comparing it to. Give me an example where in the Naruto universe where a whole clan talked to each other. Without being Yamanaka or sensory ofc.