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  1. Well, I always try to respond PMs that I get (when I see them). I didnt get anything for the past few days so... If one staff member ignores you, try another one
  2. Hello Misties! Well, as most of you already know, my term as Mizukage is about to end. It was supposed to be short since the begining, just until people could actually be able to fight for the Kage spot... And that time has finally come! We will be hosting a 1v1 tournament on 13th of July (1PM EST) to decide the future of our village. It's going to be a battle to decide who is the strongest Mist villager, and that ninja will be granted with the 2nd Mizukage title. If you want to join, you must be at least level 40. Mist Missings are also able to join the tournament, if they win, they'll be able to come back to the village as it's leader. Registrations will start some minutes before the tournament. May the best Mistie win!
  3. I did try to make a Summon Battle, but the result was always the same. The first one to attack won (Unless it was a weasel, weasel was OP)
  4. I mean, if thats really a problem, then just making both ports Safe Zones would solve it. So people would not be able to spawn camp whoever gets off the boat
  5. 1 - Orders from the Mizukage are absolute. 2 - Respect and follow orders from higher ranked Mist ninjas. 3 - If you have an argument with a villager, and you are not able to solve it, contact a high rank Ninja (Council, Kage). 4 - It is strictly forbidden attacking or killing any Mist Ninja. (Obviously does not apply to spars, tournaments, etc.) 5 - Mist should always be your priority over anything (Organizations, friends from other villages, etc.). So it is forbidden to do anything that could endanger a Mist Ninja or the Mist village. 6 - You are not obligated to help each single Mist individual, unless there is a village combat going on (wars and raids). Then you must help your village. 7 - You are free to use identity concealing items inside the village, but if any Higher Rank Ninja requests you to show your name, you must obey. Breaking any rules will result in a punishment, decided by the Mizukage depending on the severity. About missings: - There is no way to leave the village under good terms. Once you went missing, you are a Mist enemy. - If you are a missing, and wish to return to the village, you must serve our village (in any way you are requested to do so, and for an indeterminate time) also show your skills in combat so the higher ranks can decide if your Skills are needed in our village. About alliances: - We have no allies at the moment. We are only loyal to ourselves, if you want to be nice to other villages, feel free to join them and get killed once you leave our village. THE BLOOD CHALLENGE: If there is any Mist ninja that you think should be exiled, you can try calling them for a Blood Challenge. It's up to them accepting or not your challenge, but if they do, you will fight and the loser leaves the village. Any Blood Challenge thats accepted, should be informed to the Mizukage so they can watch the fight (Best of three rounds). After it's done, the Kage will exile the loser. If you got exiled by the Blood Challenge, and want to come back, feel free to ask the Kage (after 1 month), which by agreeing, will set up a new challenge, where you'll be able to fight a Ninja chosen by the Mizukage. But this time, they won't get exiled if they lose. Mizukage's Memorial 1st Mizukage: @Kenock Shadow Council: @Ueda @Sezu -------------------------------------------- 2nd Mizukage: @Kureji Shadow Council: @Anborn @Deviax @VestaOrion
  6. Fixed players not being able to get jailed while inside Sand's Theatre. Removed Clone Technique from Scroll Shop until the jutsu gets fixed.
  7. Really nice. We need more guides like this
  8. Hello Everyone, do you want to host an event? Now players can host their own events giving Event Coupon as prizes! We will have an event schedule, being every week we will hold a player hosted event. The hoster can choose any day and any time of the week for it to happen. So for example, if someone is hosting an event this week, other person will only be able to host something at the following week. Rules to host an event: - All villages should be able to join. - Level ranges can be settled for it. - RP events are highly encouraged. But it's not a requirement. - Be free to plan events that require a GM help. (For example to warp players to a certain map) but then you have to host it during a time that the GM will be online. - Events can be hosted without the presence of a Staff member, but if that happens, the hoster must record the whole event and send it to me so I can validate it and give the prizes. Your event matches all the requirements? Great, now PM Kenock on Discord or via forums to talk about your event, If approved, we will define a day and the time for it to be hosted. All events will be annouced on forums and on discord a week before it happens, so everyone can prepare to join it if they want. With this, I expect us to have events happening every weekends. I hope you all enjoy this idea, and I'm excited to see what event ideas everyone has to offer.
  9. Because this post is not about that. This is just a warning for the currently org members. The post talking about general rules will be ready soon. Just need to confirm some stuff with rory first
  10. Dear Ninja, As the Community Manager, I will be watching all Official Organizations very closely from now on. I am doing this to keep track of everyone who joins an official org, this is to keep track of members that have been on their spots for more then the allotted time, and also to check if an org has more members then it should. I noticed a lot of reports about people abusing alts to hold spots in orgs, and that is going to end. This is so that other players have a fair chance in being in their favorite roles as well. All orgs will continue as they are for 1 month. After that I will be removing everyone that is in there for over 6 months (Limit to serve a high rank RP role), and will also be punishing anyone that has been trading spots with alts. Leaders will still the same, since their time is reset once becoming a leader. If you have any further questions, PM me here or via forums. Thanks for the attention Regards, Kenock
  11. Old players will be able to return after a certain time. Its just not settled yet.
  12. Yes I am, because it how it was supposed to be since the begining. there is a lot of people that were not supposed to be in those orgs anymore. They are taking other player's spots. Everyone must have a change to join an official org. Also the leader wont be a novice. If someone is chosen as a leader, their time will reset. So they will be able to stay for more 6 months.
  13. New leader will always been chosen by the past leader. Nothing is going to change about that. There is really no change happening, things are just going to be how they were always supposed to. And the new members will still have the people remaining to teach them. Only people with more then 6 months will be removed
  14. Fixed Wind Mask range. (It was 2 tiles, when supposed to be 3 tiles) (The change happened at May 20th's Patch Notes) Fixed Antiodies Activation self stunning it's user for 4 seconds instead of 3 seconds at level 3. Fixed players being able to teleport to Tanzaku by reloging inside the Akatsuki Hideout. Fixed map bugs at Takumi Village, Leaf Village, Into the Valley, Toad Mountain Passage and Leaf Village Sewers.
  15. Fixed Fire Dragon not stunning its user for 1 sec when the jutsu hits an enemy.
  16. Fixed bugs on the following maps: Water Crossing Larva Road Sand Sillage Northern Entrance Leaf Village Southern Outskirts Mysterious Rock Wall
  17. If your target has a DoT debuff on them, Fan attacks will hit from anywhere on the map. @Ueda @Seth
  18. Akatsuki Cave