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Ninja Bio


Name: MacDom

Clan: Kuraen

Specialization: Tai+Water

Rank: Jonin

Family: Skypen Kuraen (mother), Niti (father),

Slaughter (twin), Ohiya (brother), Ljones (brother), EZNinjaBaller (brother)

Hekla (son), Liria (daughter), Jasmine (wife)

Unloyal Submeister MacDom. Pawn of Leaf and Kuraen Clan.


How did this happen? Let's start from the beginning…


1. The Beginning



MacDom was born in the

Leaf Village. Nobody knows more about the parents except that they were shinobi of village. Mac doesn't like to talk about them.


In the academy, the boy stood in the middle, i mean, his grades were neither low nor high. He wasn't the most popular, but he wasn't an outcast as well.


The boy was impressed by such a shinobi like Mikecw or Fred Lucha, so he also took the path of ninjas specializing in melee combat.

Continuous improved Taijutsu and his physical fitness allowed him to perform his first missions quickly and efficiently. Unfortunately (and maybe even fortunately), not every task he was able to do alone despite his determination and great efforts. Luckily, there were several good and helpful people. One event was particularly memorable ...

Day like any other. Mac is just back from Hokage office (then it was the Lord Second, Shirou). At that time, the population of tigers was growing dangerously, so the boy received an order to kill these less dangerous, ordinary ones (for clarification: In addition to ordinary tigers, there were also white, much more dangerous). The young shinobi didn't waste time. He wanted to be noticed and appreciated by the village, that requires work. The boy went to a place where his goals usually reside. Mac wasn't experienced yet, so rush wasn't indicated. He decided to attack individual targets. It worked quite well, until ...

For a change, but also cause the lack of another option, the ninja faced two tigers at once. The fight was not easy, but the boy managed to win and apart from a few scratches, nothing happened to him. Then suddenly! Two white tigers came out from behind the bushes! Facing one was already an challenge, two at once was sure death. The boy quickly started to run. He was running as fast as he could, but the tigers did not seem to move away. To make matters worse, another white tiger jumped out. With one swipe of his paw he sent Mac to the ground, seriously injuring his left eye...

The boy was unable to do anything. He was too exhausted, and his field of vision was limited by the wounded eye. Ninja was waiting for death. Three tigers stood over the lying boy for a moment, then attacked at the same time. The boy would have been killed there for sure if someone else had not come in to the action ...

His name was Katsuki. He was a medium-sized boy with gray, protruding hair. He was wearing white armor, ordinary black ninja pants, sandals and gloves without fingers.

With one release of the raiton element (Chidori Nagashi) he sent all three tigers to the world of dead. Mac was in shock, as if he had been hitted by that jutsu as well. He wasn't entirely aware of what actually happened.

- Yo! Is everything alright? - asked the stranger.
- Yes ... Thanks for your help. - answered MacDom. Moments later he noticed that the boy was wearing the headband of the Leaf village. - Also on a mission?
- No, the last order to kill tigers i had about a month ago. I was bored, so I came. As you can see, you had luck - said Katsuki and then laughed.
- Yep. I would be like Whiskas for these tomcats - MacDom replied, smiling at the same time.
Katsuki looked at Mac, noticing the wound on his left eye.
- These "tomcats" have scratched you in an unfortunate place ...
- Yea ... But don't worry, it will heal quickly. - Mac said, covering the wounded eye with his headband.
(The eye healed partially, but it doesn't matter much, because the boy has never regained sharp vision in this eye)
- If you say so ... Ok, I'll help you complete the mission. It's definitely too hard for as inexperienced as you are. Anyway, I have nothing better to do, - said Katsuki with a hearty smile on his face.
- Would be great. Thanks in advance for help.
- You're welcome. After all, in the group it's always better, right? - replied gray-haired with the same smile as before.

They did as they said. It would be time-consuming to deal with the rest of tigers alone. As duo, they managed to end this mission in almost a few minutes.
After the end of the job, Mac thanked his savior for saving his life and helping in the mission. He only answered something like "You're welcome," and he went his way. The young ninja has never met Katsuki anymore on his way, but the raiton user showed him that there are be some cool guys in the ninja world.


2. The Growth



There is no better way to gain experience than to improve skills in field conditions. Supervisors who are commissioning missions in the area even newbie genins, know it well.

The Mac also knew it. He was trying his best to complete all tasks entrusted to him. He took part in most fights between the Leaf and the Sand or missing ninjas (although often they combined forces against the leaf).


Afternoon. Mac goes to the village street with his hands in his pockets, looking at the sky. He did not find a signle white cloud there, though he sought them from 2 hours. It should rain, despite this even single drop didn't fall... The boy has already reached the main intersection in the village. On the left there was a swords salesman, with strange club instead of some variation of a katana. On the right it was a shop with ninja tools: kunai's, shurikens, senbon needles, etc. Mac didn't use such things, he preferred to focus on melee combat.

Ninja was about to go to his home when he heard:

- Gather at mini! - shouted in a low, strong and firm voice. He belonged to Deathmall, the later third Hokage, and the founder of the Sasayaki clan. At that time he was one of the few chunins.

As a regular genin, Mac had to obey the order, so he went to the assembly point.
Leaf was getting ready to invade Takumi - by definition, an independent and passive village in which refugee and missings of a leaf and sand village can hide himself. By definition, because the vast majority of "missings" is an enemy of village. Death knew that ignoring them wouldn't be sensible. They could not be allowed to parade everywhere they can. And we still can't.

Future Hokage managed to gather pretty big group of shinobis. Though most of them were rookies like Mac. The numbers were on Leaf's side, but skills... Well, let's not talk about it.

Few minutes after Mac reached mini, Deathmall gave order to move out.

The road was pretty clear. Aside of some aggresive Bears, ninjas didn't meet any difficulties.

Little army made stop in front on the river. Takumi village is on the other side. The leader was probably forming plan. Though there weren't many options. Takumi village have only one entrance.

While (not yet) old man was forming a plan, the rest of group was getting more and more bored. Peeps were training their jutsus on near trees, walking on water without particular reason, and other wasting chakra things.