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                                                   Current Alias: Shadow Sage      Known Alias:  Pervy Sage - White Fang - Mischief 

                                                                   Age: 35     Rank: Sand Village Chunin - Sand ANBU Leader 

                                                            Birthday: Sept 23   Sign: Virgo/Libra  Element: Wind/Kenjutsu/Fan

                                       Titles:  Heart and Soul of Sand - Master of the Sword - Liberator of Sand - Destroyer of NSFW

                                                                                       Weapon: Twin Fangs and Twin Fans


                                                                                                   The Early Days



Rumors have it that Pervy Sage originally came to the Sand Village under the name Mischief, back then he was known for being a lightning element user that wielded a sword..  He quickly became friends with a Sand Ninja named Tetsuhawk, together these ninja trained non stop.. But after a while Mischief noticed that he needed to train just his sword skills because he is a natural talent to wield one..  After that he was no longer known as Mischief, he then became White Fang..  A fitting name for someone skilled with the blade..  This is when Tetsuhawk and White Fang met Sand Lee, he was the last man to the 3 man team..  The 3 of them became really good friends and would have died for one another..  There was another ninja in the Sand Village that had the name Silver Fang, his actions were causing trouble for White Fang and he decided to once again change his alias, this time to the one we all know him by today Pervy Sage.


                                                                  Leading Up to the Wars



Leading up to the wars a band of enemy Leaf Ninja that constantly attacked Sand Village came together to form Yoru, this was mainly led by Artwork and Riley..  The members of Yoru decided to go rogue and they began to attack both the Sand and Leaf Villages.. Yoru was even able to get certain key Sand Ninja that were very strong to support there cause and go rogue..  These were tough times for every ninja back then...

Team Hawk trained together honing there ninja skills, each of them offering something different from the other..  Together they became one of the stronger teams in the Sand Village.. Sand Lee with his Tai Jutsu, Tetsuhawk with his Lightning and Pervy with his Sword.. He also had this Hot Chick that would follow him around using medical ninjutsu on him..  This was also around the time when a ninja from the Leaf Village Deathmall declared that he would be Pervy's rival,  another rival of Pervy was the great missing ninja Itachi Uchiha, they became great friends through this rivalry and had many battles.. Many fights took place between them helping each other grow into stronger ninja, tho they had respect for one another and even  sometimes help each other out..  Up to today Pervy only took on 2 students during his time in Sand Village and that was the Ninja now known as Mist Demon who he trained in the ways of the sword and Vaga who he trained in the ways of self control..  Sadly Pervy was unabled to help his friends Sparkzz and Dona with self control..   Team Hawk fought countless battles against enemies of the sand and spilled there blood to protect there village.. Pervy Sage was mentored by Indra of the Leaf, they became friends when Pervy got into the Snake Venom selling business..  They were both always at the snake lair and would share knowledge with one another about the ways of the sword and fighting in general..  The only competitor that Pervy had in the Venom business was a sly pillar named Vesta Orion, he preferred to sell his venom at 15 ryo a piece..  Pervy always sold his at 20 no matter what..

Around this time the First Kazekage Argo stepped down and named Konahri his successor..  Yoru was at its strongest at this point of the conflict and it was trying to exploit this situation to there advantage.. Team Hawk lent her there support, but Konahri's efforts fell short, there was to much resistance from the rest of the Sand Council and Organizations..  When Konahri stepped down as second Kazekage no successor was named and Sand Village was left without a leader..  She quickly left the Leaf village seeking exile from the Sand Village, leaf gladly took her in and she betrayed the Village Hidden in the Sand..  Quickly Kaguya Light, Miki, Nassim and a few others put together a shadow council to maintain a leadership of the Sand Village..  In total at the start of around 17 ninja but soon the numbers fell to about 8 or so after a week due to leaks of information.. Around this time Pervy started to spar with Dareem on a daily basis, Dareem was a very strong ninja and Pervy knew that training against someone like that would make him stronger as well in the process.. During these times he earned the title "Master of the Sword", and Dareem naturally became the 4th member of Team Hawk over time and helped fight many battles together against both Leaf and Missing Villages.. This was when Nick named himself the 3rd Kazekage...

                                                                                              The Ninja Wars



Leaf Village held elections of a new Hokage, and one was finally to be named in Lord Firsts absence..  The whole Ninja World was shocked when Yoru Co Leader Riley was named Hokage..  Sand Village laughed, Missing cheered and the Leaf Village was turned upside down in a matter of minutes..  During these confusing and very "political" times a new Hokage was named, Shirou.. and instantly all records of Riley being Hokage were wiped away never to be spoken of again..  Shirou is really the 3rd Hokage, but dont mention that in the Leaf Village..

A Ninja known as ReubenNick presented himself in front of the whole Sand Village, Pervy and Team Hawk were present to this announcement...  Nick announced himself as the 3rd Kazekage and pleaded with everyone present to trust that he would make Sand Village great again..  There was instant resistance from Team Hawk and the Sky Twins, they also pleaded with the people present to reject this decision that ReubenNick was forcing upon our village..  Nick pulled the Sky Twins and Team Hawk aside in the Kazekages office and assured them that he would take this role seriously and do everything he could for the Sand Village..  So the Sky Twins and Team Hawk put there trust in him and gave him a chance..

Soon after the Kazekage took power he made use of the Shadow Council that had been formed, the Kazekage named Hoshen leader of the Sand Military Unit and Kaguya Light and Pervy the head of the Sand Assassins..  The Sky Twins were in charge of the Kazekages personal security..  At this time Pervy became detached from his team, he became to focused on his tasks at hand and wanted to do right by his village..  Which he still sometimes regrets to this day.. Under the new Kazekage the Sand Village was able to gain stability and things seem to be going as the shadow council and the village had planned before the new Kazekage..  Sand Ninjas were working hard to become stronger so they could take part in all the activities happening within the village.. A truce between the Sand and Leaf Village had been achieved, Pervy worked tirelessly with his old rival Deathmall and Zintosso from the Leaf Village to keep the truce between villages alive..  The truce with the Leaf Village made fighting Yoru easier which eventually led to Yoru having to go into hiding pretending they disbanded..  This was when Pervy became very close friends with Hoshen, they would hunt bounties together and train constantly on there combat prowess.. Knowing Hoshen was the back bone of the Sand Village at the time he stood behind his friend in support of him becoming Kazekage..  It could be said that Hoshen also became a unofficial member of Team Hawk..

After Yoru went into hiding everything slowed down and the Ninja world had peace for once..  But The Kazekage quickly became bored of this peace, he then started to plot ways in which we would be able to break this treaty..  Completely ignoring the fact that the Sand Village had about half the man-power that Leaf Village had..  He was advised by many people that war with the Leaf Village would not be a good idea, but he did not listen to us..  So the Shadow Council played along, and some of council did in fact want a war between leaf.  So the Great War between the Leaf and Sand Village started, it was hard fought on both sides..  Many battles took place and the Sand Village fought as best they could being as out numbered as they always are..  Sand Village endured raid after raid and even made attempts to invade Leaf Territory, but Leaf Villages numbers reigned supreme and Sand Village fell short..  Pervy Sage realized that young ninja could no longer train during this war and worked with the Kazekage to set up a agreement with the Hokage to allow young ninja to train without being affected by this war..  Slowly stability with the Leaf Village was achieved once again, but that damage had been done to the Sand Village..  There number which was already low to begin with became even lower due to the war..  The Kazekage took this chance to try and bring new people to the Sand Village, this was when he declared that Artwork would seek refuge in the Sand Village..  His plan was to get as many Yoru members into the Sand Village as he could..  Pervy Sage and others became suspicious of the Kazekages actions from this point on..  Pervy Sage warned the rest of the shadow council that things were going to become sketchy in the near future but he played along with the rest to see what plans the Kazekage had..  Pervy was named acting Kazekage in the place of Nick for a couple nights and was placed in charge taking care of the village..  With no real power to have he did the best he could to keep the village together..  When the Kazekage returned he unveiled his master plan and tried to name Artwork who was a Leaf Ninja at the time as 4th Kazekage..  Even tho the plan all along was to name Hoshen as the 4th Kazekage..


                                                       As Good As Exiled   

                                                                  599bab75e6509_sandexile.jpg.3074b88cdec94b025f97f883a7fb4718.jpg                                                            Pervy had warned everyone that this was Nicks ultimate plan from all along, since day 1 when Nick named himself Kazekage to the naming of Artwork as Kazekage..  This wasn't the only thing the Kazekage had lied to the Sand Village about, all the plans to establish Sand Assassins, Military, Medical Orgs and Hoshen being Kazekage ended up being a complete lie..  Pervy was stripped of all authority and power he had worked hard for after stepping in when Artwork was named Kaze, he was out casted by his peers and reduced to nothing but a normal Sand Villager..  But the snake Nick was still slithering through the Sand Village, Pervy knew in his heart that Nick had been playing the village all along so he took it upon himself to expose him to the village..  He put his life on the line to accomplish this mission, in the process was BANished to the other realm from the Ninja World in the process.

While Pervy was banished from the Ninja world the 3rd Chunin Exams took place, sadly Pervy had to watch these exams from the sidelines..  This was when Pervy had to say good bye to his long friend Sand Lee, who decided to leave for a journey which he has not seen Sand lee since..  These were hard times for our beloved Pervy Sage, nothing hurts more then being a Top Figure within the ninja community then overnight having your name and reputation dragged through the mud..  It was about as hard as seeing the team you had put together successfully complete the exams and become Chunin..  Just another blow to Pervy's will to endure the pain that comes with being a Sand Ninja..  The 3rd Chunin exams were a complete shit show tho, and the results and people determined to by the winner are suspect at best..  Lets put it this way the team that actually performed the best were not granted the rank of Chunin, it was such a shit show that even Artwork put on a pink afro wig to pretend to be Booty Gang Captain in the final round of the exams..  He lost and both were BANished to the other realm with Pervy Sage who was there for a just reason, defending his village..

From this point on Pervy became less involved with Village affairs and would even leave the village on his journeys to find himself and his place in this world..  He would always keep a close eye on the village and its affairs tho..  His care for the village and its members never changed, but it was almost embarrassing for him to show his face around the Sand Village during these times..  Pervy endured and waited patiently for his time to rise again..  Tetsu and Dareem never left his side, and never gave up on him.  Sadly Hoshen also went off on his own journey around this time..  Miki had become the 4th Kazekage after the shit storm settled and the clouds cleared..  He was a good choice and a well respected Sand Ninja and also powerful, tho he took the title because no one else at the time was in the position to claim it.. He stepped up when Sand needed a leader it could trust and rally behind and Pervy Sage will always respect him for that..  

Pervy Sage was able to acquire specific details of the 3rd Kazekage betrayals with great detail in his journeys in the other realm after being BANished..  He presented this information to the one ninja he knew he could trust and also had influence in the Sand Village, Kaguya Light..  Kaguya presented this information to the Kage and the rest of the village and Nick was then also BANished from the Sand Village for good never to return..  For this act of selflessness risking his own life for the good of the Village Pervy is known as the "Liberator of Sand" 


                                                                                   The Legend Returns



Pervy took some personal time to reflect on everything that had happened up to this point, he went traveling from hot spring to hot spring obtaining as much research as he could..  He also began writing this Novel during those times..  He started to doubt his decision to Master the Sword Technique and really didn't know where to take his further training..  Pervy during these times was at a loss with both himself and the ninja world..  He kept hearing word that his comrades were training and getting stronger by the day, thus further distancing himself from his village..  Its not easy knowing that your peers you grew up with are now surpassing you while you need time to decide what is best for yourself moving forward..  While he was out on his travels he received multiple messenger hawks from Tetsu and Dareem informing him that the Sand Village was going to be hosting there own Chunin Exam..  At first this didn't interest Pervy at all who at the time didn't even know if he would return to the Hidden Sand Village..  But Pervy always wanted to become a Jonin and he knew he needed to become a Chunin to obtain that goal of his, so he started travelling back to the Hidden Sand Village to see if he felt like participating in the event..  He arrived a bit late to the village and registration was already taking place, Tetsu came running up to Pervy and informed him that his team was one man short..  Pervy could not let his old friend down and even offered to pay for the whole team to enter the exam, as the dice had been kind to Pervy lately..  Pervy also noticed his good friend Kaguya had become the Kazekage, this made Pervy very happy and motivated him to perform to the best of the abilities he had at the time..  The 3 of them registered into the exam with not a moment to waste as registration was almost complete..  What happened next has now become legend..


                                                                                    Sand Chunin Exams




So Team Hawk was once again back in action, this time a young medical ninja Chaz joined up with them and they faced the Sand Chunin Exam together against 9 other teams from the Sand Village..  Pervy was very happy to see so many Sand Ninja together at one time, he then realized coming back to the village was the right call..

The First Hokage Rory wasted no time explaining the rules and conditions for the First Round of the Exam.. All teams were to travel to the War Zone in Sands Desert, they were to then hunt down as many Ninja Hounds as they could..  The Hounds dropped bells which each team were to collect by any means they could, which also meant from other teams Ninja's..  Any tactic of a team's choosing was allowed and no restrictions were in place..

Once each team had made it to the War Zone, the Hounds appeared and chaos ensued..  At first Team Hawk did there best to stay clear of other teams trying to stick together and get as many bells as they could just taking out the Hounds..  It seemed a lot of other teams were following the same tactic, just trying to collect bells without fighting other teams..  Once Pervy had 100 bells and couldn't pick up anymore he realized that 1 team member could only carry 100 bells..  This was also when teams started to attack one another, Pervy quickly had a decision to make..  Stay and try and help his teammates gather more bells or make sure his team got at least 100 bells..  With increasing hostility between the teams increasing, Pervy chose to head back to the Exam Room where the First Hokage and the Kazekage were waiting..  

Once everyone had returned to the Exam Room each team presented how many bells they had to the First Hokage and Kazekage..  Of course teams that had the elder Sand Ninja performed as expected all giving really high numbers of bells..  Tetsu was jumped by multiple people during the end of the round and lost hit bells, Chaz was having issues during the entire round so when he returned Pervy didn't have time to check how many bells he had..  Team Hawk was the last to present how many bells they had to the First Hokage and Kazekage, they needed more than 100 bells to pass onto the next round..  Pervy put his 100 on the floor, starting to question his decision to come back early to ensure his team would have at least 100 bells..  Tetsu had lost all his when he was jumped by several ninja, Chaz then reached into his pouch and placed 4 bells on the floor..  With that Team Hawk advanced to round 2 of the exam, Pervy could not believe his eyes when Chaz actually had bells on him even tho he was having so many troubles during the First Round..  3 teams were eliminated in this round leaving 7 teams remaining..

The Second Round consisted of True or False questions, in the form of X's and O's..  If even 1 member of your team answered wrong your whole team failed..  There was a time limit on which you chose for your answer and it barely gave your team any time to coordinate your answer..  The first couple rounds seemed to be follow the leader as the questions were quite basic and any Sand Villager would know these answers..  The last 3 questions were tough, and it seemed the time limit to respond was shortened..  Pervy was the first to answer the last 2 and hardest questions in that round..  1 Team was eliminated in this Round and the 6 teams left then headed to the Sands new Theatre that was constructed just before the exam..

The Third Round was held in the brand new Theatre that was just built, the First Hokage then explained to everyone that they would be performing Poetry about the Sand Village and they had 20 minutes to prepare with their teams a act they must perform in front of everyone else..  This round drew many spectators and really put the pressure on for all 6 teams left..  Pervy couldn't believe it when he heard the First Hokage say this was going to be a Poetry Contest, because he happened to be a writer..  He knew he had this round in the bag, so he quickly drafted up a poem about the 5 Kazekage they have had in there village..  Pervy instructed Tetsu and Chaz to position themselves behind him act like they were fighting one another..  He did this to represent the fact that being a Ninja from the Hidden Sand meant you had to endure long struggles from many enemy..  You were always fighting for yourself and your village to train and become stronger, out of all the villages in this world the Sand Village has had to endure the most hardship..  From constantly having to defend against raids to having to deal with never having stable leadership..  Team Hawk was up and the poem went like this:


Welcome to the village hidden in the sand 
Where lord fifth kaguya is in command
His leadership is always for the good of the village
Because us Sand Ninja aren't afraid to pillage
Our lord 4th Kazekage was Miki
Slithering from village to village he was very sneaky
But he did right for our village when it was in need
And he was never afraid to make a Leaf Ninja bleed
Then we had Nick the lying scum 
He tried to stick it in every Sand Ninja bum
We had wars and we had truces
But I was glad to give Nick the deuces 
Kona was our Lord 2nd but her efforts fell short
She left our village without a retort 
Argo was our first and deadly leader
Mess with him and he will drop a heater


Cheers and applause was heard throughout the crowd from all the Sand Ninja in attendance..  It was a great moment for Sand Ninja to celebrate together on the struggles and hardships we had all endured..  The Top 3 teams were selected to pass onto the last and final round..  Team Hawk won the round and passed onto the final round..

12 Ninja remained for the Final Round..  The Ninja were brought to a strange location none of them had been to before, but it was obvious what this area was meant for..  Combat, 1 vs 1 to be more specific..  Each match in the first round of this Final Round was chosen by the First Hokage and he actually did a really good job of making the fights as fair as possible..Tetsu was up first, but the Teleportation Jutsu he used sent him to a location he was not suppose to be the fight should have been restarted..  The First Hokage ordered the 2 to continue the fight leaving Tetsu at a disadvantage because he was getting attacked while asking if they were going to restart the match..  Sadly Tetsu ended up losing his fight on the water below where the actual arena was..  Pervy was eliminated in the first round of the Final Round, he fought a Ninja named Big Dan who used the Wind Element along with the Fan..  Pervy gave the fight the best effort but was injured early on in the fight, but he never gave up..  He kept fighting and ending up making a really close match almost coming back and winning the fight..  

The top 3 that won the Final Round were made Chunin by the Kazekage, unlike in other Exams in the past were certain Ninja like Mikecw from the Leaf won the exam but was not rewarded with the rank..  The Kazekage honored the 3 winners of the exam with the rank of Chunin and he was given a choice of 1 Ninja to become Chunin that showed good leadership and performance in the exam..  In the end he chose Pervy Sage to be his last Chunin promoted from this exam..  

Up to this point Pervy had shown the village that even if you get knocked down to the bottle of the barrel it is still possible to pick yourself up and keep on trying to obtain your goals..  Pervy's goal was to become a Jonin and help lead the village and assist the Kazekage directly..  He showed that remaining loyal to one's village over a extended period of time and always doing what's right for the village and putting the village before themselves can and will be how this village survives..  This was a great day for the Pervy Sage, his efforts and his dedication to his village had been rewarded..  For never giving up on his goals and his village and himself Pervy was also now known as the Heart and Soul of Sand..


                                                                                                 Rise to Power





(to be continued) 






 ((This will be a ongoing tale, as the official Pervy Sage of this game I will continue to tell this story so please Subscribe and Comment to give feedback or something you would like to add to this tale..  Become apart of NiN Online History.. ))