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  1. Bears for sure needs some changes. Those stuns can make someone go 1k to 0 easily, especially without a good PC. Another thing is the fact that some low level missions make low level ninjas go through bear maps constantly, getting easily killed just by acumulated bear stuns/damage, and sometimes even one stun is enough to make them die.
  2. Introduction: Mirana was the first clan born inside of the Leaf Village and it is made of individuals genetically bred for the art of war. The members usually take the path of joining the Leaf Military Police Force where they can support the village by using their strenght and courage to bring justice and peace inside the Leaf territory. Mirana shinobis are also always ready to fight for the Hidden Leaf Village in any war against other villages or factions. Name (OUT OF RP): Since Mirana isnt a Japanese word, we decided to apply Mirana in here with a new name: MUTEKI wich means Invincible/Unbeatable.So if our clan submission is accepted, we will change the clan name to Muteki. Founding and Leadership: The clan founder and first leader is well known to be the strongest shinobi of all time, Aghila Mirana. The leadership of the family has been passed down to Shotoho Mirana and it's now held by Caio Mirana. Achievements: 3 Jonins, 5 Chunins. 2 Council members, 1 LMPF Leader, 7 LMPF members and Classified ANBU members. Lore: Details about the Mirana lore can be found in the clan post here Clan outfit: Started but never finished by Sezu unfortunately (The first version created by Sezu was in black/purple/red colors and i changed to black/purple/green later on just to create family pictures like this one below to our personal use). Main colors being Green and Purple (Applies to the hair that family members are born, and the clan outfit too). Mirana Moon Sage Mode (Fan Art still being developed):
  3. Joseki, you're tripping. If there's any Chunin+ in Leaf who wants to be recruited to LMPF they can tag me in this post, or message me in private, i've been chasing them, trust me i'm the one who wants more recruits in the organization. And no, there's no point in recruiting Genins when they actually have no way to work inside LMPF due to Rory's Chunin+ restriction on the arresting jutsu. Also, i'm not in LMPF since Deathmall, Ishyn and Fritzo times. By the time Deathmall was Kage LMPF didnt even exists, let's start there, Also i was recruited to LMPF 1 Month after Ishyn got Hokage, wich means my 6 month period as leader will be over when Fritzo is at 1 Month as Kage. There's no favoritism when it comes to this topic, there's no reasons to recruit Genins and i'm more than welcome to recruit Chunins who wants to join LMPF. And yeah if you have talked to Chunin+ Leafies who wants to join LMPF why havent they talked to me? Interesting.
  4. More than half are in Mirana clan because no one else who's Chunin+ wants to join. we have opened a recruitment wave and no Chunins except the 2 last Miranas applied. Nothing much i can do bro, dont spit facts when you dont know the true reality,
  5. It was a long and cool walk with you @Ishyn Sasayaki xD it was my pleasure to work with you throughout these years to make leaf a better place, you served your purpose as a Kage very well, now it's time to rest along side with all of us oldies. I'll leave this picture of when we first served leaf in a high ground position, it was intense but fun at the same time
  6. Where's the Mirana one?! @Magatama offended. Hue
  7. Atrane was a Missing Ninja for 11 days what you're talking about xD
  8. How long until we see sand village full of GF's and Leaf village full of Fan users? Or GF + Fan users (can you imagine how OP would that be) ? In a RP standard it makes sense to be able to village swap, but in terms of game mechanics (every village having its own set of exclusive jutsus) it wouldnt work that well unless they somehow restrict it.
  9. I do understand what racism is, and i know you're racist and homophobic, dont make me have to prove it. You're just making yourself more dumb in everyone's eyes every post you make. Lame
  10. The racism level of this man is above 9000.
  11. Looks cool xD
  12. Gonna leave this one here.
  13. As it was announced before, the Leaf Military Police Force was starting a third wave of recruits. After many applications we have decided the 3 Leaf Villagers that will be approved on this wave: @Aramos Mirana @Zuh @Godric Hiruzen ( We decided to stick by only recruiting Chunins this time due to increase of crimes happening inside the village and the constant need of Officers that are able to jail, hopefully in the next recruitment wave we can recruit some Genins too ) We would like to thank everyone that applied and if you havent been chosen yet, be patient, dont lose your hope, there are still spots left to fill up on the next recruitment wave. Caio Mirana, Leaf Military Police Force Leader.
  14. Leaf Military Police Force

    Introduction The Leaf Military Police Force (LMPF) is the judicial organization of The Leaf Village. Introduced by the Third Hokage, it is the force that brings justice to the village, being regarded as "Elite shinobi who monitor fellow shinobi". Rules All shinobi who are members of the organization has the goal of bringing equality, peace and justice to The Leaf, and so unwavering rules are put in place for the enforcers and organization in general: The LMPF will have no overall "bias" when regarding political views, the force is a neutral party as to hold an impartial view to all cases they deal with. Just because you are being given the duty of serving justice, it does not give you the right to flaunt it and abuse it: you are being trusted with an enormous responsibility. All members must be impartial when on duty, you are loyal to the leaf and must enforce our rules to everyone in the village. Members of the force cannot arrest ANBU members without a warrant for the arrest. When off duty, officers are considered as their normal ranking within the village. When off duty, officers must not wear their LMPF uniform. Officers should only arrest fellow ninja if they have committed an RP crime as determined by the law of the village set by the Hokage. Each crime is only valid for an arrest once per instance of offense, unless stated otherwise. Rankings This organization has a ranked infrastructure: Chief: The chief is responsible for the entire police force. Every rank below the chief answers to him/her. All awards, recognitions, promotions, and firings within the force are approved by the chief of police. Supervisory positions report daily to the chief. Deputy Chief: The second highest rank within the force, the deputy chief assists the chief of police in his/her duties. Ultimately, the chief of police has the final say in any and all decisions, but the deputy chief holds considerable power and influence in the organization. Often, the chief makes decisions with their counsel in mind. Colonel: Colonels bridge the gap between individual units in the force. Each unit captain/lieutenant is supervised and directed by the colonels. They also are responsible for doling out cases/missions to each individual unit, as well as hiring and assigning new recruits. Captain: The captains are individual unit leaders, responsible for overseeing their squad and ultimately held accountable for their squad's successes and failures. Lieutenant: Ordinarily, lieutenants are subordinate to the unit captain, often acting as the secondary leader in a unit. However, if there are not enough shinobi in the force holding the rank of captain, lieutenants will serve as acting unit leaders until more captains are available. Detective: Detectives are the shinobi that make up most investigative units. They are the senior foot soldiers of the force, having proven their worth by serving at the lower officer rank. Officer: The introductory rank of the police force. Officers are often assigned to the most low-risk, inconsequential cases that the force handles. Most officers are young shinobi new to the force; it is uncommon for a skilled member of the force to remain at the officer rank for long Joining the LMPF The Leaf Military Police force is open to applications, however colonel's may also scout new members if they see great potential: If you would like to apply to become a part of the force, please complete the application below and forward it to either the Chief or Deputy Chief, it will then be considered and one of us will let you know if you have been accepted. Arrests can only be performed by ninja of Chunin rank or higher! Application Name: Gender: Rank: Masteries: Reason for applying: Aspirations: Current members Chief - @Caio Mirana Deputy Chief- @Kamakura Suwa Colonels: (N/A) Captains: (N/A) Liutenants: (N/A) Detectives: @Persona Kurama Officers: @Godric Hiruzen @Josh Suwa @Aghila Mirana @Shotoho Mirana @Leevi Sasayaki @Midnight Mirana
  15. Go Mirana's
  16. As it was announced before, the Leaf Military Police Force was starting a second wave of recruits. After many applications we have decided the 4 Leaf Villagers that will be approved on this wave: @Kuraen Keen, @Persona Kurama, @XXXRUMAKI. We would like to thank everyone that applied and if you havent been chosen yet, be patient, dont lose your hope, there are still spots left to fill up on the next recruitment wave. Caio Mirana, Leaf Military Police Force Leader.
  17. My sensory jutsu indicates a heavy amount of saltiness coming from this direction
  18. Yeah the same have been happening to me, i have a really nice PC and used to play with no FPS problems, but the past few weeks i have been facing some fps drops and moments where the fps drops to 2 wich makes impossible to play
  19. As time passes by, everything changes, and with that it's time for new faces to shine. Today is the last day of the 3rd Leaf Village Council ( @Caio Mirana, @Ishyn Sasayaki, @Hawt ). As a councilman of the 3rd Hokage, it was an honor to serve him and the leaf village. I’m sure the other council members can say the same. We had an amazing time working for the benefit of our villagers and our great democracy. We would like to thank the Leaf Villagers for being patient with us, believing in our potential and working with us to build the great village we have today. On behalf of the 3rd Council, I would like to congratulate @Deathmall Sasayaki for completing his cycle as a hokage, and for being the most beloved Hokage we had so far. With that, the 3rd Leaf Village Council says goodbye and may our village continue to prosper, as our terms end, and the torch gets passed down to the new Council Members and the new Hokage. Best Regards, The Hidden Leaf's Third Council™.
  20. Game

    Totally agreed make leaf gates smaller or increase sand gates LMAO
  21. This council was active for the entire 6 months not only logging to deal with meetings but to play and help the village on all aspects. the only member that went inactive for some time was Hawt because he moved and had no internet connection.
  22. Leaf's Medical Elite Division. @Senketsu @XXXRUMAKI @Nitche (Combat Force) @mav @Fritzo (Support Squad) @Caio Mirana (Leader)
  23. Nice one xD
  24. Epic picture hehe