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  1. @Rory - When is Mist Village going to be released? Any date guess? The best estimate I can give is by the end of 2018. Even then, it might not be as complete as the Leaf village because of how long that has had time to mature. Similarly to how the Sand village was far behind the Leaf village when it first launched. - Whats the plan on Lightning Mastery? Lightning Cutter 1 sec Cast for advance mastery? You will have a better version of that in advanced lightning! - Release date for Advance Tai,GF,WM ? If no do you have any guess when? I don't like giving guesses because they're exactly just that! A lot of factors are beyond my personal control, but I plan to launch Combined Masteries (eg. Weapon Mastery + Fire Mastery) before Advanced Masteries (eg. Advanced Earth Mastery). - How many new jutsus will advance Tai,GF,WM each have? When the new masteries come out, the level cap will increase slightly to make way for the new content. Depending on how much we have ready on launch, eg. if we push advanced masteries with 3 jutsu each, the new level cap will be around 65 to match. Then we'll continue to add more mobs, missions and other content before pushing the level cap further and adding more jutsu per advanced mastery! - Whats the plan on WM? Why is the Damage so low? Is it getting buffed? Simply out of circumstances, there's a lot of balancing being done and sometimes it takes awhile to get to 1 out of 12 of the different sub-masteries. - How do you make money irl? Right now, It's a mix of the Nin Online and freelancing for various other game projects. I also teach dance classes part time. - Puppet Mastery? Any release date? Whats the plan? There are plans for a really bare bones puppet system which is also based around a future system for summoning. Summoning will allow players to create NPC pawns that fight for you. We will eventually also use this for puppets! But there's no release date or solid plans at the moment. Before you actually see a puppet system, you will see Puppeteer Mobs though.. - Why doesnt DOT apply on monsters? Right now NPCs don't have the ability to hold Buffs/Debuffs which is what burns/poisons are based on. Programming a way for each mob to hold buffs and debuffs is a lot trickier than it sounds because we have hundreds of mobs for each player online at a time, which means doing it poorly and unoptimized could result in severe lag problems. It is high on our priority list to implement buffs/debuffs for NPCs/Mobs. - Is Curse Mark getting removed off Medic? Whats the plan? Is there a replacement? Cursed Seals will become a forbidden technique once the whole system is launched, but it will still be a Medical Mastery technique. It will just be obtained differently from the other normal medical mastery jutsu. - Rasengan and Yellow Flash teleportion? Whats the plan? Are they going to be drop from monsters? It is also a forbidden technique! - How are ninja able to obtain Forbidden Justu? There will be a sort of ancestry/rebirth system implemented where you will gain a different forbidden technique upon rebirthing based on what kind of ninja you were before. That technique manual will be usable and tradeable. - Why do we get missions like kill snow wolves at Lv30+ when they can 1-2 shot us? The limited amount of Daily Missions and their variety and variety in difficulty is intended. Some missions are easy enough solo or meant to be done alone, while others are meant to make you team up. It's still being balanced as a lot of content that I didn't create personally can be a little bit off the proper balance charts. It has been nerfed twice before to make easier. - When will EU server come? Or even better, when will servers be fixed? When will server stop crashing? When major changes are being made, short periods (days) of above average downtime is to be expected. Once those phases are past, you should expect to see the game online for most of the day. Right now the server crashes about once a day and restarts itself in about 10 minutes. An EU server or any expansion in numbers of services relies heavily on stability and so we have constantly held back on expanding. I don't have any estimate on when the server will see better stability. An EU server might still happen, but it would have to be under the right circumstances, like if a publisher or a whole team is willing to take on running a separate instance of Nin Online all together. It is however, unlikely to happen, as the game doesn't make a whole lot of money (not enough to be a viable business model). There's no plans on how this will improve any time soon, and cosmetics and fair cash shop items is how I hope the game to continue to sustain itself. - When will the afterimage get fixed? New Engine? When is it coming out? Tell us something about it. I think multiple times before, Seth or other developers have promised that a new engine would replace the current one and that it would somehow solve problems that are unsolvable right now. I've never said anything of the sort because I know it's simply not true. The current engine may be based on dated technology, but a lot of work has gone into it that simply would take ages to recreate in any other engine. I don't personally spearhead any of these new engine projects, and you might hear from future developers on more attempts at new engines. But my experience tells me that it is unlikely that you will see any such engine take over Nin Online in it's current form in the next 4-5 years, perhaps never. - Does the game plan any bigger advertisements to get bigger playerbase as it is needed? We don't spend any money on advertising at the moment because of it's still beta. Up until now we've relied on players to spread the word of the game, and we don't really have plans for that to change. As the game service improves, we will try to advertise more! A new trailer is in the works! - Will there be advance medic? If yes tell us about it? When its coming out? Yes, it will be more advanced than just healing up wounds! The same time as all the other advanced masteries. - How soon do you see advance masteries ( Elements) coming ? Sometime after Combined Masteries, but sometime before Mist village! - Is there planned other way to level for medics? Yes, healing missions are long overdue! - Will kages be able to control NPC's in Future? AKA Guards? We only have ideas. But no solid plans on this! - Will Hokage be able to close the Entrance gate in the future? The plan is to allow this only during special war events, because having a closed sand village where you can't finish your missions as a level 20 ninja who needs to retrieve something from within the enemy village is bad.. and locking half the player base in the village is bad.. - Why doesn't Nin Online hire people that are willing to work for free? We're always looking for new talent, but when recruiting new team members there are various things I have to consider. Firstly, experience in game development or the field they work in. It may not look like it to non-artists, but the art in Nin Online takes years of practice before you can actually create graphics up to standard. If we had 5 artists who could create sub-par art that still had to be tweaked and improved before they can be implemented, it would become more work rather than more help. There is also the issue of time commitment for those who are experienced in their field and can contribute more than burden the development of the game. Things which seem simple enough like adding a new sword actually consists of hundreds of different animation frames that can take hours. Most artists who can create art up-to-standard wouldn't work for free simply because those hours are worth a lot of money. As a rule of thumb, most artists are told to charge between $30-60USD per hour of work once they can start freelancing. There is also a general lack of artists, musicians and programmers who would be willing to work on a fan-game because they don't end up as good portfolio pieces or enhance their resume as much as an original IP would. More team members also means more management issues, and so for each member that is not contributing enough to make up for that, it is a net loss in productivity, instead of a boost. That being said, if you are a decent artist, musician or programmer who wants to work with us, we have always taken in applications. For artists willing to improve and learn, I've offered mentor-ship to many community members in the past, some of which have contributed back to the game. Even if they don't always pay off, I don't mind teaching new artists if they're passionate to learn - How will clans ingame work? They will be chosen at a certain level out of a selection of clans designed for each village. Each clan will have something unique, like a forbidden jutsu available only to them, or slight bonuses in other areas of gameplay. - Will we get skins like Shark skin in cash shop in future? Nope, but they might appear again in future events as prizes. - Will the combo system change in the future? If yes tell us something about it, how will it work? The way combos work is how the game was designed. It was designed back in 2013, and with each passing update, with new features like Snares/Silences/Slows and new Jutsu, we will slowly start to make sense of everything, and the game's vision will be fulfilled. - Are you going to allow acc transfer to mist village when it comes out? Nope! There are many reasons why but short and simple - it's is going to have it's own missions, quest lines and overall different experience, I don't want to provide the option to skip all this and somehow become a max level Mist ninja. You have to become a Mist ninja through rising in the ranks and power level as a Mist ninja. - Last question that people always ask not only in forums but on discord aswell, is Nin online? Nin Offline sometimes
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