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  1. The explosion doesn't proc if the initial hit kills the target. The same thing happens with Dragon Fire Technique where the second part doesn't proc
  2. Just restrict fans to fan users.
  3. Remove the stun from bears. The maps are way too cramped to have a ton of mobs that can stunlock you and ignore subs. PVPing there is an absolute nightmare.
  4. No, Takumi is not a ninja village.
  5. You didn't even have the jutsu until after you learned it was given a teleport, so how would you know if its better this way?
  6. Your home is the Leaf Village, Atrane.
  7. If your opponent has their back to a wall when they hit you, your substitution won't go off.
  8. The problem is that GF does not exist in a vacuum separate from flicker, when you're discussing balance you have to take into account how the jutsu will interact with other jutsu, including body flicker. Finding any kind of proper balance for Tai and GF is almost impossible because of how flicker works. Jutsu are either weak as hell to the point it doesn't matter if you flicker with them, or they're too powerful because flicker makes them unavoidable. @Ueda needs to realize that even after all these nerfs flicker is still a problem.
  9. Yeah it would make it harder to flicker+jutsu, that's the point.
  10. Making it teleport at a fixed distance instead of homing in on another player is also a good idea.
  11. That doesn't happen anymore. And missing nin weren't the only ones who got banned, I got hit with a ban for killing at the bounty station. Rory already addressed this.
  12. Or just remove the unnecessary teleport.
  13. SS

    Increase the travel speed back and remove the teleport.
  14. This is retarded. You NEED cancelling jutsu more than ever now because of all the fucking casts and chakra costs. Without it you can't approach anyone at all without having your jutsu go on long CDs and wasting large amounts of chakra. The game totally favors passive play. Every fight is just people running around until their homings or flicker is off CD because every action, even minor ones, require insane amounts of commitment with enormous chakra costs, cast times, and self stuns. Even Lumy is using flicker now because of how much the game discourages aim and skill now. Jutsu cancelling is the only thing that allows a fight to actually go forward, and if you change that then people won't even fight anymore.
  15. Cloaking is actually easier to use now because of the high chakra costs creating long pauses during fights. And he's right, homings are way too strong right now. There is no strategy, aim or skill required in using them and you can't interrupt them anymore with all the new casts that were added. You have no idea what you're talking about.