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  1. Instead of nerfing flicker, why not just make instant cast jutsu (specifically Seismic Dash, Breaking Kick, Palm Bottom, Mountain Crusher, and Poison Scalpel) go on a short cooldown after flicker is used? This would solve the problem without changing flicker.
  2. The only way to reduce the amount of instant casts is to give a jutsu a cast time.
  3. I'm saying it would be bad if it was 2 tile with a cast time which is what you guys are suggesting for seismic.
  4. So tai shouldn't have jutsu worth using? What kind of complaint is that? Why don't you buff jutsu that aren't worth using instead of nerfing ones that are? This mindset is why the meta is so based around homings and flicker because the jutsu are so trash you can't land them without a teleport. And a tai user has to run towards their enemy to land every single jutsu they have. If you can run from 6 tile homings, you should be able to run from Tai's 2 tile homing. Because short range is a drawback people like to ignore. Why should seismic dash have the same cast time as risky blade, water prison, or earth pillar? It is only 2 tile range and does less damage than all of them. Seismic doesn't hit 100% of the time, what are you smoking. I miss it more often than not. How is range meaningless? So risky blade would be just as good if it was 2 tile? It would be impossible to land.
  5. Dona is the only one in this thread crying about WM. All you people do is cry about masterys. And how many of those tai users in tournaments are hybrids and use flicker? Rory already stated those are going to be addressed.
  6. But it's not. This is just so dishonest. Tai can only fight Manda and Kiemon, it cannot deal with any of the other bosses in the game. Tai does not fair well against any mob with strong melee attacks. You're just making shit up at this point. I actually made an all tai team in a 4v4 a while ago and we lost. I didn't even win in the semifinals in the 3v3 tournament last week. If you actually think tai is stronger than lightning, earth, fire, water, or fan in group fights you're just salty and bad.
  7. I said Tai was bad at group PvP and PvE, not just PvE. Masterys are balanced to have different roles, tai specializes in one-on-one fights and is bad in group based PvP and PvE. Saying it's the "strongest mastery in the game" because you lose 1v1s is retarded. Most fights are not duels. This also applies to WM, just because it is really good at 1v1s doesn't mean it's overpowered, because 1v1s aren't everything. Yeah and intelligence is the highest scaling damage stat and makes your cloak harder to detect. Chakra increases max chakra, scalpel damage, medical jutsu effectiveness, and detection. Strength gives you access to weapons and increases your deflect chance. The melee damage output even with the increased speed is still lower than a WM's and doesn't cancel casts like Fan's, and the cast time reduction is so small it is not even noticeable unless you go like 150 agility. Both Breaking Kick and Seismic dash have 2 tile range, they are not free hits at all. They are a lot easier to bait out and kite. You can't compare them to WM homings. Even if you do get hit by them, they do low damage. My seismic dash does 49 damage and my breaking kick does 56. Tai/gf and flicker are separate problems I find it hilarious how a guy with 4 homings has the nerve to say other people don't aim.
  8. It would be cool if they had different movement speeds. Like slugs move slow and weasels moved fast.
  9. Taijutsu has two subs and two instant CC because it is a close range mastery that specializes in 1v1s. Taijutsu has the lowest damage output in the game with no weapons to make up for it (Tonfa don't affect jutsu damage, and lowers your melee DPS) and no tools that scale with agility with the lowest range in the game. Taijutsu is particularly bad in group fights (and PvE), which make up the bulk of PvP. This is why you can't just look at 1v1s, but even if you did, it shows that Tai is beatable. A lot of the other stuff is just wrong. Agility isn't the only stat to increases properties besides damage, int, chakra, and str do as well. Agility doesn't make you move faster either. Taijutsu was affected by the cast time patch, peacock, vacuum palm, and revolving heavens were given cast times. Speed mirage's CD got changed to 33 seconds. Seismic dash's range got reduced. Whirlwind kick and Breaking kick got damage nerfs. All the chakra costs were doubled, and yes tai uses way more chakra than most masterys, the only ones that use more are lightning and medic, maybe earth. I agree with these, these should be changed. Tai is not a problem without flicker+seismic/kick.
  10. That solves it, but it just starts again a few minutes later.
  11. I'm getting an issue with the game's sound effects where they will start echoing for no reason. This started a few days ago and happens every time I play.
  12. I'm to the point where I would rather it be removed completely.
  13. Summons still don't work @Ueda
  14. People having alts is not a valid argument for wiping everyone's accounts. None of your reasons for wiping were good. The difference between now and then is that we knew in alpha there was going to be a wipe once we transitioned into beta. We were explicitly told there would be no future wipes afterwards. In alpha it also took only one day to reach level cap. It takes over a month now. Wiping would not bring in new players, it would set a precedent that we're willing to wipe for any arbitrary reason and people won't play so they don't waste their time just to lose everything a few months down the line when you want to wipe again.
  15. Those problems won't go away with a wipe. People will always have alts. People will always play new content when it comes out. Do you want to wipe everytime we get more content? People would just drop the game because they wouldn't feel the time they've invested went towards anything. People trading items with alts isn't really a problem, most quests aren't based on gathering mob drops, and new players would still have to start from scratch anyways unless they had some friend helping them. Even if we did wipe, veterans would still have an advantage over new players with prior knowledge of the game. A wipe wouldn't even the playing field in that sense, it would just destroy the work people put in the game.