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  1. You would need a hard cap on how much faster casts can be or have a diminishing returns on cast speed increases unless you want tai+element/medic running around with instant cast cloaks, cell regeneration, lightning cutters, etc, otherwise they would simply be unstoppable.
  2. It doesn't make sense to split medic. It's always been a cohesive mastery. Why would anyone go int medic now? You have limited offensive and support jutsu (nobody even uses antibodies) and you won't get any advanced masterys with elements, and once curse seal is made a forbidden jutsu, int medic won't even have that.
  3. Pour one out for all the hybrid WMs out there.
  4. 1. Make Body Flicker put Seismic Dash, Breaking Kick, Palm Bottom, and Mountain Crusher on cooldown This by itself would fix tai. I would go a step further and make all instant cast jutsu go on CD after flicker (with the exception of basic jutsu like substitution) just to avoid any balance problems in the future. 2. Increase Breaking Kick cooldown Increase the cooldown to 8 seconds. This isn't a big issue now, but it might be once we get more jutsu. 3. Remove Critical Hit rate scaling off agility Agility increases critical hit rate for melee and projectiles for some reason. I would just prefer all crits to be removed from the game tbh, but if you're not going to remove them, just make them less common on Tai. 4. Increase the stat requirement for Speed Mirage Hybrids can get access to speed mirage with only 35 agility, increasing the stat requirement would make them less overpowered as Tai/GF hybrids run low agility high strength to maximize damage. Advanced masterys won't fix this problem with Tai/GF.
  5. Output RNG like crits, deflects, and miss should be removed imo. @Weapon Wizard That's what I was going for. I was never against nerfs, just not "add cast time to everything" type stuff because that will just make tai not fun to play.
  6. Current blessing doesn't let me cloak away and heal faster. Also, you suggested solo blessings, not world blessings.
  7. They affect pvp.
  8. No, having blessings increase drop rates and health regeneration is obviously p2w so I didn't feel the need to say why.
  9. The current blessings affect the whole server, not one player.
  10. Reaching pay2win territory with this.
  11. And you blindly complained about the scaling which was fine.
  12. You literally mentioned tai and gf in your first post in the thread. Do you have memory loss? Every time I talk you poeple go "B-BUT TAI!"
  13. Tai was affected by the chakra cost increase. Tai can not go 200 chakra. I had 260 BEFORE the chakra cost increase, I need ~350 now unless I want to charge every 2 jutsu, and I had to lower my AGI to increase my chakra so I did lose damage. WM can go low chakra because they only use 2 jutsu because the rest of their kit is trash. Their kit needs to be rebalanced, changing scaling won't solve how lopsided WM is. It would be best to just reduce chakra cost and cooldowns for int jutsu and increase the base damage for the weaker jutsu. My build is the most balanced agi tai build in the game, it is a good reference point. Yami could only do that much damage because he had 150 agility. His build is only viable because of the speed increase, not the damage scaling. He had barely any HP or chakra which makes the build a lot more vulnerable than a normal tai build. Tai melee scales the lowest out of any attack in the game, kunai scales higher. What other attack or jutsu does 30 damage with 100 int/str/agi? Meanwhile fan users do more melee damage with like 50 str AND they CC.
  14. I said buff the base damage on jutsu like Water Shark, I didn't say only Water Shark. A lot of int jutsu have mediocre base damage. Either way, increasing base damage or scaling will make fan hybrid even stronger with high damage melee that interrupts and snares with high damage int jutsu. And before you guys even bring up tai, my melee only does 27 damage, my senbon does more than my melee and I'm not even a medic. The problem isn't the int scaling, it's the new weapons making fan and wm scale higher than they usually do.
  15. Changing the scaling won't make it easier to land either. Do you even know what this thread is about?
  16. Just increase base damage for hard to land elemental jutsu like Water Shark.
  17. Eight Gates needs a DOT on the user to balance itself out.
  18. 1 tile instant cast
  19. Instead of nerfing flicker, why not just make instant cast jutsu (specifically Seismic Dash, Breaking Kick, Palm Bottom, Mountain Crusher, and Poison Scalpel) go on a short cooldown after flicker is used? This would solve the problem without changing flicker.
  20. It would be cool if they had different movement speeds. Like slugs move slow and weasels moved fast.
  21. Remove the stun from bears. The maps are way too cramped to have a ton of mobs that can stunlock you and ignore subs. PVPing there is an absolute nightmare.
  22. I'm getting an issue with the game's sound effects where they will start echoing for no reason. This started a few days ago and happens every time I play.
  23. That solves it, but it just starts again a few minutes later.
  24. I'm to the point where I would rather it be removed completely.
  25. After a recent patch they don't work anymore. They will attack a mob or player once and then just stop.