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Name : Known as Savagelli

Age : ???

Birthplace : ???

Organization : ???




Found alone and accepted by a family on top of the hidden leaf mountain during a night-breeze where he was star gazing. The family took great care of him but soon found out the kid was not only haunted by visions of both the past and future, but was also able to see people's true intentions. As a consequence of this gift, he grew apart from his family, realising the darkness he was surrounded by. It forced him to return to solitude which triggered the reappearance of his visions. Time passed by in much loneliness while flawlessly passing the ninja academy, so a genin he became. Chose to master the medical field and fire element as he wanted a balance between destruction and preservation just as he had always felt like being a walking yin and yang.


He told them every night: 

  1. Can you fight
  2. Or have you lost the light? 
  4. Don't you see the enemy laughing at you ?
  5. Of course not
  7. Being confused while you grew
  8. Never had a chance to see through
  10. Now darkness has taken our wisdom
  11. Having eyes and ears but unable to save our Kingdom




Angry yet exhausted of no one being able to see the injustice and corruption, he left. Solitude triggering visions yet again but this time he used them to create a plan, so the wind he followed to start his own ideal justice. On his way he met a mysterious man known as Anborn who shared a similar vision of justice. Together they created the Red Lotus in an attempt to shine a light to those who have suffered impaired vision of reality. However, he shortly after went on a journey and the only message he left was his inevitable return.

His last known words were:

"The line between fantasy and reality is very thin, the difference between the two is created by a lack of imagination and wisdom. Those that know the truth hide it under the cloak of fantasy to keep you away from it. "

As a ninja

"I so envied the weak. The weak can always find others to be around. I want to be weak. And if that's impossible, I at least want to find companions who are as strong as I. "