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  1. i think so, Well better luck next time.
  2. I guess its okay. i can see all your hard work from the trailer! keep it up!
  3. LOL ACC= deathseconds (NA server)

  4. keep up the good work guys
  5. So... no Open alpha test 3? I want to play this so bad tho. college life still need money, cant spend more money on games D:
  6. LoL acc = deathseconds

    1. paramontana


      What region do you play?

  7. Wheres Rory? anyway seth. the max cap already increase right? i wait for a month to wait the max cap
  8. so can you tell the info about when you guys gonna do the big patch? hopefully around this week. ^^
  9. So your saying this gonna wipe? Dammit my ryo gone :< anyway what do you mean max cap level 20 but if you like to lvl up. Wait for few weeks?
  10. i did. in my way ^^
  11. please dont report here. as you can see we had a report bug thread provided. thanks for your cooperation.
  12. you guys should stop wooping asses and start to support this game XD
  13. haha ok! i meant to play the event tho. so no worries
  14. well. let me join ! i can be anything!
  15. Meet your new enemy rise upon you