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Name: Aghila Of the Invisibility  

Also Known as: Leafies often called him the " Nightmare of The Sand " or " Nightmare of Sunagakure "  Got his nickname for killing a lot of sandies without anyone stopping him. He even killed most villagers and ninjas in Hidden Sand Village on his own during the war. He was also called a "God" for being the strongest ninja of his Era/Generation.

Age: 236

Gender: Uknown

Children: @Ram Mirana @Pegasus



 - Aghila is very independent and self-confident, at times hes arrogant and condescending. Sometimes selfish. He has trust issues on helping

people.  Aghila is greedy individual, arranging goals in terms of the highest profit he could gain from them, and was often unwilling to involve

himself in something if there was nothing to gain from it either money, knowledge skills in combat or power. He would do anything for money.

Though sometimes he does things when he feels like doing it.

Height: 6'6

Weight: 190 lbs


Drawn By:  @Crowlock

pasted_image_at_2015_11_12_10_20_pm.thumb.png.2dff60cbd92dc8e7f7668958f8355eea.pngRank: ~ Mirana Clan Leader

Village: Hidden Leaf Village

Nature Type: Lightning | Water | Medic



       Clan:  Mirana




@Aghila Mirana is an Orphan from Hidden Leaf Village, his mother from the Uzumaki clan died 

during his birth and his father from the Senju Clan who was a hero died saving the village

during the 1st Great War. @Aghila Mirana was a genius in the Academy like his father

and was considered Jonin tier at age 10. He mastered Sage mode at 

the age 14 with the help of the massive amount of chakra he possess he got

from his father and mother.


~ Aghila In Sage Mode ~


@Aghila Mirana was also a Captain in Anbu at 

the age 18 when it was first created providing and improving

 it with a lot of information about teamwork and how to operate

a successful mission during the 3rd Great War.





As @Aghila Mirana grow older he wanted to become stronger and master all ninjutsu and to be the strongest

"but whats the point of becoming the strongest and mastering all jutsus

if youre going to die anyway?" He experimented on immortality which he

achieved at the age of 35 not long before he established a new clan. 

Not long after the 3rd Great War ended he travelled across the world to search and restore

the remaining people of the Senju and Uzumaki clan with but he couldn't find any to restore the clan with

so @Aghila Mirana made a clan called the Mirana Clan, it’s population grew larger not

until 4th Great War where a lot of them died fighting. After the war the Mirana clan were

scattered throughout the world and @Aghila Mirana is in search of the members to unite the clan

he created,trained and took care of to keep growing and protect the leaf village.



~ The Mirana Clan ~


The Mirana clan is praised as the most noble clan within the Hidden Leaf Village. Its shinobi consists of individuals genetically bred for the art of war. It is in this they have gained their rightful respect along the battle field as some of the most formidable ninja to walk the face of the earth. While this clan stands as the general standard as to what a prodigal shinobi is capable of, very few are aware of the intense methods of training these shinobi deal with behind closed doors. Its either step up to the plate or be disowned for nothing but the absolute best is accepted within the walls of the noble Mirana clan.


Having recently been formed, the Mirana clan has already risen to undeniably the strongest clan within the leaf village. These shinobi are typically built to manipulate mostly the water element given the fact their bodies have a high tolerance to exposure to this substance both internally and externally thus making it easier to comprehend how to mend this physical nature when exposed to them. It is in these extreme durabilities are these ninja able to withhold so much excess chakra and pose as an enemies worst nightmare on the field. 


PvP Pictures:


2 Lv50 and Lv 32 vs Me Lv50

Kuraen Josh,Corgee Sasayki and Kuraen Jellal


Lv 50 Katsuo Lee and Lv30 Snake Yagyu
4 vs 1