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 "Engage in combat fully determined to die and you will be alive; wish to survive in the battle and you will surely meet death."5dcf975f38772_junpngnobackground.thumb.png.e05b53008a39e7025a93f16337c897f2.png

BIRTHPLACE:      Sunagakure_Symbol.png.f6a143844db89c6657166f6051affe59.png

AGE: 25 08/09


TITLES: Murderer-NiN

HEIGHT: 6'0  WEIGHT: 205 lbs. 


MASTERY:  Medic, Taijutsu, and Puppet Master



Been about the smoke since 2017, Pachi has been a force to reckon with since he trained in the arts of Taijutsu and Medic as he tore down every opponent he had fought. Hailing from Sand Jun embarked on a journey to train and grow stronger and wiser. Now that he has returned he begins to write a new story of his life going by the name of Pachi.

The Story
Pachi, born in the Neo Village Hidden in the Sand he was a loud obnoxious boy that always stirred trouble if not in the middle of it himself. Picking fights, going on rants, and annoying his fellow villagers Pachi was that ninja everyone liked but at the same time hated. Unlike his dad Jun, Pachi didn't become a criminal during the warring age of Sand v Leaf but instead aided his village in the war as a mere Genin. He proved himself worthy of such a feat by becoming very proficient in Medical Jutsu providing aid on the battlefield as well as being a force with his deadly precision through firing senbons. 

After the war ended with an alliance Pachi wanted to become stronger resulting in him embarking on a journey they required him to leave the village for a while. Wandering the ninja world coming across all types of ninjas including the deadly  Neo-Seven Swordsman of Mist; he fought battles win or lose in order to grow stronger. Receiving battle injuries several times and even giving them himself to people that dare attack him Pachi realized he had gained the strength he sought. 

When Pachi gained such strength he finally decided that he should return to his village by talking to the Kazekage Nauq and his council members. Upon his return to the village; it was being attacked by Mist ninjas who seeked the documents in the Kage office and he was forced to defend his village from these enemies. Several ninjas in Sand fought these enemies such as Viduus, Dr Jamon, Dona, Mylu, Slaughter, and even the Kazekage himself. Others also helped as much as they could and eventually we fended off the attack from Mist and protected our village. Since Pachi had helped defend Sand and continued to do so as time passed he was re-instated his Chunin Rank within the village and eventually led a team of Genins to the Chunin exams and had members of his team pass resulting in him becoming a true Sensei and ranking up to that of a Jonin. Time continued to pass and he continued to grow stronger by becoming experienced in hand to hand combat and becoming a Taijutsu master and 1 of the best in the ninja world. 

Upon becoming a known ninja in the world for his Medical and Taijutsu skills, Pachi became a Sage of the Arts and a universal teacher to the world whom he deemed worthy of his teachings. He partook in several tournaments and took place in many important events across the ninja world and because of this Pachi is a ninja people look up to still to this day. 

As time passed Pachi realized his ninja life coming to a stand still and reached out to the Puppet Master of the Neo-Sand Village to seek new teachings. Pachi worked hard, learned wood craft, and studied the artistry and craftmanship in creating puppets and eventually earned the title of a Puppet Master himself. His Puppet Master showed him how to infuse Chakra into puppets that wasn't of his nature and taught him how to control his puppet that he created. The end result was Pachi becoming the carrier of a Lightning Based Puppet and a Poison Based puppet. 


Now Pachi is a 25 year old Ninja and proficient in Medical jutsu, Taijutsu, and is a Puppet Master of the Neo-Sand, a Teacher, a Sage, and some even consider him a Deity in the ninja world while others debate on the titles that he's given. Pachi's dad name was Jun; Jun told Pachi after they're mother Carmen passed that he will leave this red scarf to his care and ever since Pachi is seen wearing said scarf. Later that year during the 3rd War Between Leaf, Sand, and Mist Pachi's dad was critically injured in battle. Before Jun died he also gave something to his son with a message. The message said, " To my son who has grown into a ninja even I would fear, I leave this robe to you but it does not mean wear it. This robe you shall only wear when the time is right and when you feel through your entire chakra system that you are worthy of such. Your father, Jun" After his death Pachi spent weeks trying to figure out what the message meant and now he understands. With both his parents still by his side through death Pachi is now a complete force to be reckon with and will show the world the torch he was passed.