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 "Another Ninja in a wooden box, laid out, in dressed clothes shot down by rogues"
"We Just want Justice"


BIRTHPLACE:      Yaku.png.0ca694831f3e6eb8dfbc3fc5bf728fbc.png

AGE: 25 08/09


TITLES: Murderer-NiN

HEIGHT: 6'0  WEIGHT: 205 lbs. 


MASTERY: Water.png.6954c3b5b2eff21d219ad08f8c7af40b.png and tai.png.7287195d29061f593b63bed54d0b2607.png



Been about the smoke since 2017, Pachi has been a force to reckon with since he trained in the Water Ninjusu as he tore down every opponent he had fought. Hailing from Mist, Pachi embarked on a journey to train and grow stronger and wiser. Now that he has returned he begins to write a new story of his life.

The Story
Pachi, born in the Neo Village Hidden in the Mist he was a loud obnoxious boy that always stirred trouble if not in the middle of it himself. Picking fights, going on rants, and annoying his fellow villagers Pachi was that ninja everyone liked but at the same time hated. Unlike his dad Jun, Pachi didn't become a criminal during the warring age of Sand v Leaf but instead aided his village in the war as a mere Genin. He proved himself worthy of such a feat by becoming very proficient in Water/Taijutsu providing aid on the battlefield as well as being a force with his deadly Water Arm. 

After the war ended with an alliance Pachi wanted to become stronger resulting in him embarking on a journey they required him to leave the village for a while. Wandering the ninja world coming across all types of ninjas including the deadly  Neo-Seven Swordsman of Mist; he fought battles win or lose in order to grow stronger to join the ranks of the Swordsmen but falling short. Receiving battle injuries several times and even giving them himself to people that dare attack him Pachi realized he had gained the strength he sought. 

When Pachi gained such strength he finally decided that he should return to his village by talking to the Mizukage @Veryweakhoboand his council members. Upon his return to the village; it was being attacked by Sand Ninjas and a powerful organization that backed them known as Taka. who seeked the documents in the Kage office and he was forced to defend his village from these enemies. Several ninjas in Mist fought these enemies such as @Feinz, @Carolinne, @Balcoin, @Maj and even the Mizukage himself. Others also helped as much as they could and eventually we fended off the attack from Sand and protected the village.