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 "Engage in combat fully determined to die and you will be alive; wish to survive in the battle and you will surely meet death."

BIRTHPLACE:      Sunagakure_Symbol.png.f6a143844db89c6657166f6051affe59.png

AGE: 24 08/09


HEIGHT: 5'11 (180.34cm) WEIGHT: 189 lbs. (85.73 kg)


MASTERY: Nature Icon Wind and Weapon_(2).png.c3c8689078a9f87ca7ad814e1ec23c55.png



Crescent Moon Beheading
Risky Blade
Wild Slashes
Wind Mask
Slashing Tornado
Wind Barrage
Blade Piercer
Body Flicker




Ninj was born in the village Hidden in the Sand surrounded by mounds of Sand and vast desert. As a Child Jun took on missions to save pets and returning scrolls to the academy as he trained and begun to grow. As he grew thinking he was a regular shinobi like the other ninjas he was actually an irregular one. Thus finding this out he started to find out why and begun his life after part of it was a lie.

After getting older and stronger Jun begun preparing for the Chunin Exams with his team. Learning new techniques and going on different adventures from taking on spider bosses to fighting Fan wielding bosses. When came time for the Chunin Exam Jun showcased his talents, smarts, and skills in the test showing that there is such a thing as a perfect being. Winning all his fights except 1 and passing the written test and trials Jun became a Chunin and started to lead new genins into becoming some themselves.

After becoming a Chunin Jun got even stronger and eventually lead a team of young genins to the Chunin examinations with him along as a Sensei and exam proctor. Even though his team failed the written test which he scolded them for, he still became a Jonin for his guidance and help through the time within the Sand Village. After becoming a Jonin Jun became a symbol within Sand and a guide to the future generation of ninjas. Jun seeking to climb even higher and the urge to lead the village completely; he sets his eyes on becoming a Kazekage one day leading his village to a prosperous time.