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  1. One of the main things that bothers me about Taijutsu and Gentle Fist is how alike their Palm Bottom/Breaking Kick and Seismic Dash/Mountain Crusher play. I think a good way to make them "feel" different would be to increase how much these jutsu knockback for Gentle Fist users. Since Gentle Fist is the hard hitting mastery I think that giving it 3-4 tile knockback on Palm Bottom and Mountain Crusher would be cool way to make it feel more hard hitting and also prevent Flicker+Palm Bottom combos to be instantly landable since you'd knock the opponent out of your other jutsu range. Another thing I think should be changed is the fact that Mountain Crusher teleports you to the opponent. Seismic Dash is like the jutsu says, a dash, and the description says that it teleports to enemy, but Mountain Crusher doesn't say anywhere that it teleports, it only says that it hits the target at close range. Which is why I think that this jutsu should just do damage and knockback without teleporting to opponent.
  2. All projectile jutsu and projectiles can crit and it's not as significant to gameplay as you're saying.
  3. Masteries like Taijutsu and Weapon Mastery already crit with their melees and noone ever complained about that. I fail to see why the same wouldn't apply to jutsu.
  4. When the damage scaling was nerfed high damage builds became a really bad option to go for in most cases. I think that a good way to make high damage builds worth it again would be to enable all jutsu to critically strike. The critical strike chance of each jutsu would take into account the main damage stat that the jutsu uses. So for example if a Water/Tai user with a 100 INT and 50 Agility uses Water Prison and Seismic Dash, Water Prison has 20% chance to critically strike and Seismic Dash has 10% chance to critically strike. This would mean critical strike chance was equal to 20% of the jutsu damage stat, with the final level cap supposedly being level 100, someone would have to put all 100 levels worth of stat points into their jutsu damage stat to get exactly 100% critical chance so I think the numbers I suggested are fair. I think this would be a good way to seperate assassin and tank builds. Low damage gets you higher health but low crit chance while high damage means lower health but higher critical chance allowing for a high risk high reward type of play.
  5. For some reason, at this moment, only projectile jutsu can Crit.
  6. Still buggy.
  7. Then it dies.
  8. No. Do you not read what is being written in the post? It should attack whoever attacks it.
  9. It's not normal. :thumb_down:
  10. NPC will attack summoning if summoning attacks NPC first but after player attacks NPC it will become bugged again.
  11. A lot of people use summoning to kill all sorts of boss NPC (Guren, Gafuki, Fatman & Bandits) with ease because the NPC will not attack summoning, so it simply does work for you and gains immense experience from mentioned NPC that have large amount of health.
  12. design

    Are there any plans to differentiate Gentle Fist from Taijutsu to a more significant degree. Right now they are both mostly focused on the same type of jutsu, Gentle Fist will mostly spam Crusher into Palm Bottom while Taijutsu will spam Sesimic into Breaking Kick. I like Gentle Fist cause of the whole "slower but hard hitting" playstyle and I'd like to see it be focused more on Vacuum Palms and 16 Palms since they are the more unique and iconic jutsu of this mastery.
  13. I strongly agree with this. Those Jonin guards could easily be placed on the Safe Zones where lowbies level to prevent camping lowbies too much.
  14. Since most of the GF jutsu are within the 1-3 tile range I think that rather than having this jutsu be a 5 tile one with slow projectile speed it would find a lot more use and be way more accurate to what it did in the anime if it was a 2-3 tile projectile with a really fast projectile speed and possibly a 1 tile knockback.
  15. It would be good to have it updated with the latest scalings, maybe even add stuff like tool damage. I use even the old one pretty often.