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  1. design

    Are there any plans to differentiate Gentle Fist from Taijutsu to a more significant degree. Right now they are both mostly focused on the same type of jutsu, Gentle Fist will mostly spam Crusher into Palm Bottom while Taijutsu will spam Sesimic into Breaking Kick. I like Gentle Fist cause of the whole "slower but hard hitting" playstyle and I'd like to see it be focused more on Vacuum Palms and 16 Palms since they are the more unique and iconic jutsu of this mastery.
  2. I strongly agree with this. Those Jonin guards could easily be placed on the Safe Zones where lowbies level to prevent camping lowbies too much.
  3. Since most of the GF jutsu are within the 1-3 tile range I think that rather than having this jutsu be a 5 tile one with slow projectile speed it would find a lot more use and be way more accurate to what it did in the anime if it was a 2-3 tile projectile with a really fast projectile speed and possibly a 1 tile knockback.
  4. It would be good to have it updated with the latest scalings, maybe even add stuff like tool damage. I use even the old one pretty often.
  5. A melee mastery taking a Sub in melee range is fine tho, an element user has no place trying to melee a mastery that is actually made to do so.
  6. WM excels in 1v1s with only one sub cause it has 2 run cast homing warps, you don't even have to get close with it as long as you just spam those. A melee mastery takes more risk going into melee range, you're easy to hit with any jutsu, you shouldn't also fear having your sub taken by a melee attack or being fanned away off a cast by a 20 STR fan.
  7. INT melee does only 2 damage, yes, but it is used to take Subs away from melee masteries which already risk enough to go into melee range with all the jutsu that elements can use against them, which is why it's unfair that they are able to easily land a melee (and possibly take a Sub) on a mastery which is made to go melee range. Yea, I agree. Doing bosses as a melee mastery is close to impossible in most cases.
  8. Miss and Deflect rate should take into account your opponents stats. I found it silly that element users are able to consistently melee masteries which invest a lot of points into their melee stats. The 20 STR Fan is really meta for element users and they are able to land those melee hits consistently onto users which have more than 100 points in STR/AGI. With Tai/GF having more cast times it is easier than ever to land melees and Fan melees into them. I have no problem with masteries which have invested enough points into melee stats to be able to damage me but it's just wrong for someone with a 2 damage melee or a 20 STR Fan to be able to consistently hit me. The 2 damage melee is mostly used to break Substitution but the 20 STR Fan can consistently stop casts or be used to knockback people, snare them and then combo easy damage into it.
  9. Yes, which is why I said it should teleport to a random location near the enemy, but not as close as it does now, a few more tiles distance.
  10. Something needs to be done to prevent people from abusing the Substitution snare to land jutsus without any need to aim. It is very unfair that even after you have used Substitution to avoid a high threat jutsu that you can get snared and take crazy amounts of damage. Either make it so that the opponent is silenced for a short duration or make Substitution warp you to a random location near the opponent to make it less predictable.
  11. With the latest balance update a lot of CC jutsu have gotten a cast time. This was a good change but it has made run cast homings rather hard to deal with. A lot of masteries can barely do anything to stop run cast homing spam and even masteries like GF/Tai which are supposed to disrupt have a hard time stopping them without the usage of Body Flicker (Which a lot of people want nerfed but that's a different issue). Something needs to be done to prevent run cast homings and homings in general from being stronger than jutsus that actually have to be aimed. It is rather unfair for a homing jutsu to have the same cast time like an aimed projectile or aimed AoE jutsu. Being able to run with a 6 tile run cast can effectively increase it's range to 14 tiles since you can run with it for around 8 tiles, stand cast homings with 1 second cast time have 8 tiles range only so this is a big balance flaw. I've thought up 3 different ways ways to fix it. One would be to make these homings slow run casts so that they can be avoided/stopped more easily, another fix would be to give them a 2 second cast time, the last one would be to reduce their range.
  12. When an opponent has their back turned and you are behind them on the maximum range your warp homing jutsu has, the jutsu won't land and it will not go on cooldown. For example Mountain Crusher has 2 tiles range, if I am at exactly 2 tiles distance from someone who has their back turned it will never land nor go on CD. This most likely happens since the jutsu is made to exclusively warp to the front of the opponent. I think that jutsu of these sort should check if the back of the opponent is within range and warp to the back in that case. The animation is me using Mountain Crusher.
  13. Game

    It still hasnt been fixed... @Rory@Seth