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  1. Great Water Shark hitbox is at the shark's tail instead of it's nose. @Ueda Please fix this since it's been like this for a while now.
  2. How would their scaling be 1.2 if they have no other means of doing damage other than landing jutsu and shuriken?
  3. I think a big part of why elements struggle so much against melee masteries is because how much stronger melee masteries end up scaling than elements. Taijutsu and Gentle Fist have short cooldowns and jutsu that are easy to combo into warps, Weapon Mastery has insanely strong melees and two homing warp jutsu that make those melees rather easy to land. Fan mastery has really strong base damage on weapon that knocksback on every melee. Compared to them, element masteries which mostly rely on landing your jutsu which are sometimes rather hard and when they hit, you'll end up doing less damage than melee masteries, along with having higher cooldowns than melee masteries. For example let's take a Weapon Master with 110 STR and a Bone Sword. A melee will hit for around 73 damage, a Risky Blade will hit for around 92 damage. Since the mastery can land jutsu and melee at an equal rate it ends up outdamaging elements by a huge margin. A melee+Risky Blade which hits really often ends up doing 165 damage on 110 STR, compare that to an element mastery which will do around 95 damage with jutsu on average at 110 INT and it's obvious which one will have an easier time winning. Gentle Fist has 0.6 scaling on jutsu, 0.33 scaling on melee. On 100 STR it ends up getting 93 damage from scaling compared to intellect only getting 60. Even Taijutsu which is supposed to be weak in damage has 0.31 scaling on melee and 0.33 scaling on jutsu which on 100 agility ends up being 64 damage from scaling. Fan mastery with Blue fan and 60 STR ends up doing damage with it's jutsu that corespond to having 60 int on an element mastery, while also having 31 base damage on their weapon that knocksback on every melee. Elements have much higher cooldowns and do not have any melees or flicker combos to deal consistent damage while having only 0.6 scaling per jutsu. I think that PvP would be balanced out a lot if either Elements scaled harder or Melee masteries scaling was toned down a bit.
  4. If you use a jutsu too fast after a warp jutsu like Body Flicker or Substitution, the jutsu goes in the direction you were facing before the warp rather than going in the direction that you are facing after warping. @Seth
  5. The jutsu is not fine in any way considering the map switch cooldown. Someone can camp an entrance and you have no way of avoiding getting map locked by sensory. Give it a 2 second cast time and increase the range if needed.
  6. Give it a 2 second cast time.
  7. This started happening when Seth released a fix for the bug that made Lightning Cutter go full run cast if you chained it with an instant cast. Now, when you use an instant cast and try to go for a cast time really fast the cast time jutsu cancels itself. This can even happen with instant casts, you use a shuriken and go for a jutsu like Vacuum Sphere that selfstuns, Vacuum Sphere doesn't cast but it still selfstuns you for 1 second.
  8. Gates are supposed to be large buffs that have a strong backlash on the user. Like 50% agility buff that has a DoT on user or gives you BI once it ends.
  9. When you are hitting mobs with melee it makes a sound but when you hit a player with a melee it doesn't. Swords and Fans make sounds when they hit players so it would be nice if punches did too.
  10. I feel like this will get locked as another "nerf Flicker" topic while it clearly doesn't change Flicker in any way, it only puts the instant cast jutsu which are an issue on cooldown.
  11. Vacuum palm should prolly be faster with smaller range.
  12. Like the title says, remove instant cast Body Flicker combos. There is no way to react to an instant cast Flicker combo, you can react to stuff like Flicker+Whirlwind Kick or Flicker+Lightning Feast for example cause it's a cast time jutsu but it is literally impossible to react to Flicker+Instant Cast. I've never heard people complain about getting hit by a Flicker into Cast Time jutsu, people only have a problem with the instant cast combos. Make it so that when you use Body Flicker your instant cast jutsu are put on a 1 second cooldown. This way there can still be Flicker combos, just not instant unpredictable ones.
  13. It's easier to land a 6 tile homing than it is to land a 2 tile one, just cause you see people that have played Tai for ages land them doesn't mean they are easy. Why would a mastery that is made to be good at 1v1s and have single target focused damage not have a perfect kit for 1v1s? Taijutsu in group fights is not something that does much compared to a mastery like Earth which can homing CC anyone within 9 tiles range. Take away the CC from Taijutsu and what is it? A low range, low damage mastery that gets punished heavily for going into it's effective range.
  14. Taijutsu is the fastest mastery in the game that is balanced out by having lower damage and a lot of CC. The whole playstyle of Taijutsu relies on the player using his casts and timing them to stop the opponent when he casts. There are masteries in this game that have 2-3 run cast homings on 6 tile range along with god knows how many other jutsu to back them up. I do not know how do people expect Taijutsu to fight without it's low CD instant cast CC against masteries that have double the amount of jutsu you have and much bigger ranges. I do agree that Flicker combo from Taijutsu is not really balanced but the mastery without Flicker is harder to play than most of other masteries. Why are people comparing Intellect masteries to Taijutsu when they have 10+ tile range projectiles to a mastery which relies mostly on it's two 2 tile range jutsu? Why are people complaining Weapon Mastery has no instant cast CC like WM when WM has two cast time Flicker jutsu which can warp and CC, along with having much stronger damage per melee than Taijutsu? Why are people complaining about Seismic Dash being a homing that stops casts when it's 2 tiles range but they're not complaining about Intellect homings which have better scaling and 6+ tile range?
  15. I think it would be nice if there was an option to reroll your charm for 500 ryo. Since the charms are RNG you would potentially need to reroll a lot of times to get the charm you want so this would be costly in case of bad RNG. I reset an account 60 times trying to get the charm I want and it's really a pain to have to keep walking from a village to Takumi and then having to reset the account and walk there again. Since a bad RNG like mine cost 30 000 Ryo I don't think that you should also have to waste time walking from a village and resetting...