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  1. Sand will go extinct if you break the Alliance. So many have already left the village, there's not a single top pvp player left at this point. The choice is yours, do you get demolished or you suck it up.
  2. Sadly I can only appreciate the Art you produce and not the actual gameplay, nonetheless good work. #buggedClam #BubbleAwfulDesignButNotArt #boattrip
  3. No.
  4. Please don't joke around like that. You are disrespecting the true masters of the sword.
  5. Wipe the current friend lists while you're at it to clear things out.
  6. Increase base damage by at least 6-10 for all. Increase fan attack speed and fan projectile range by 2 tile. Tweak! [Tornadoes] Replace stun with snare. Increase travel range, increase travel speed, make tornadoes less visible. New! [TASK OF THE DRAGON] Add a decaying slow debuff on target hit. New! [Wind Barrage] Add a 3-4 tile knockback on all targets hit + decaying slow debuff. (A better version of mud river, if you may) Reasoning: Fan should offer more reliable CC. By replacing tornado stun with snare gives a good chance to balance it with greater speed and range, making it more reliable jutsu for the fan user. Task of the dragon has always been useless 2s homing with low range, tho greater range but its not balanced. Giving it a slow effect makes it more like a vile wind that distrups opponents movement and cuts their skin, which is what wind element with tornado theme should be about. Buffing Barrage is the cherry on top of the cake, I daresay it might even make fan a bit obnoxious but this is what this mastery needs after losing it's knockback melees. This is my vision on how to fix fan without simply buffing every damage there is to buff with huge steroids you find in some gym rat shelf.
  7. It happens to majority of the playerbase, if not everyone. Please look into this more throroughly.
  8. I reset my character and stopped playing because of how bad the lag has been for so long now. #NOMORELAG
  9. This one is pretty cool.
  10. Seems like an update that would buff villages heavily against missings as I dont see a valid option to make filter function for them except for organizations. A clear no.
  11. I like the suggestion but I don't feel like the damage is what fan is missing although it does require a boost. In a simple way of thinking and this goes for bubble as well, fan the way it is designed up to this point is a group-pvp support mastery, unlike gentle fist that is built to dominate 1v1. With that said, I still disagree with a lot of fan's mechanics and most importantly it's lack of reliable CC. There is little to no reason to pick fan or bubble, the team-fight support ''CC'' masteries when they pale in comparison to earth, which is not only better at everything they do but also deals more damage and can be used with another element, almost anything works with Earth at this point. I personally like the idea of new fan basic attacks but I feel like they are too clunky to use, the attack speed nerf wasn't justified in any way. Also they are very difficult to land with the exception of blue fan's basic attack. Fan can work without massive reworks but the numbers have to change, it needs a bit more damage, faster attack speed, more CC be it snare or stun or slow and less self stuns, nothing justifies the amount of self stuns you get with fan now that hybrid builds are gone and it can't be abused as much as it was before.
  12. Give this man a warning for toxicity.
  13. Close this topic.
  14. I don't think you did.
  15. Same way with warp homings like crescent and cutter.
  16. Imagine not reading the note I left below. Mindblown.
  17. Taka: You are Bi Warrior with larger numbers. Take L. Also Taka: Damn, we got them this time really good! Take L.. [After BI warrior-ing on their own with larger numbers in Takumi] You can take ninja out of leaf, but you can't take leaf out of a ninja. The hypocrisy will always remain. - Wise and Old Takumian Ninja. Edit: dont reply to this trying to instigate an argument. I know better than to start arguing with you.
  18. What a fucking shitshow. Edit: If dollars are right, maybe Rory will let you.
  19. It's good in the way that it does serve as a cast time jutsu cancel but the range is really iffy and if you run on a high ping/low fps it really becomes non-viable jutsu.
  20. Fire vortex does need a range buff, stop saying it's fine.
  21. Lag

    It's been like this forever now, why make these topics? They are not capable of getting rid of the lag. It's not even worth buying 3rd party programs anymore because even they do not help as much as they used to, and without that it's not worth playing seriously if you intend to PvP a lot.
  22. Yes. It is bad. Worse than fan.
  23. No.
  24. Utakata is one of my favorite characters and you don't know how much disappointment I felt after Bubble style came out. Not only it doesnt resemble Utakata in any way, except of it's form being a bubble, it is also extremely weak mastery. Like Shabon already said, almost everyone chose to re-stat because of how bad this mastery is. My suggestion to save this mastery would be either a complete rework because I feel like even if you buff the stats it's still bad, kinda. Or Add 2 more pipes into the game. 1 would be middle ground, 60 STR requirement. The last one would be end game 100 STR requirement. Now with each pipe your jutsus would unlock a further advancement similar to how explosive kunai or lightning cutter or earth prison advance, I have few ideas of my own as to how the jutsu would advance and how they all should be balanced overall but will leave it to the developers to decide, unless they want to hear what I got in mind.
  25. Probably because a large margin are hybrids of both, also int wm is not as populated. Not sure about medics as both sides have a lot of players.