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Name: Arubaro

Age: 17

Rank: Genin

Clan: Kuraen

Kekkei Genkai: Akuma no Okami

Organization: The Order Of The Golden Scrolls

Mastery: descarga.jpg.1216395c940f7bada728cfc7b08a2ff3.jpg /5c0eaa4388a5e_unnamed(1).jpg.4333be7722c5a4981e2d019786cf2b4b.jpg

Likes: Training, Reading and Being Alone

Dislikes: The Liars, Traitors and Working on team

Title: The Burning Wolf Of Konoha



Chapter 1: The Birth Of A Legend


In a hill inside a dark forest, there is a young shinobi looking at the horizon, a boy that would change the destiny of his village and the entire world, a boy that has embarked into a journey in search for his destiny.





20 years ago...

In a small cottage inside a snowy valley, a boy whose tale would be told among the youngsters, had been borned:

Satoru: Is a boy

Satoshi: Great, a little brother

Hiriko: And how we could call him?

Satoru: His name will be Arubaro


That's how this young one's life would start and how it would change in some years. 


5 years later...

The 3rd Great Ninja War had started some couple of months ago and Konoha was in a extreme conflict against Kirigakure. The war even reached the little cottage. A group of Kirigakure's ANBU arrived. Satoshi and Aru were so scared but Satoru and Hiriko tried to calm them:

Satoru: Don't worry kids, it won't happen nothing, but you two must run and go to the farthest place you can. You must take care of each other. 

Hiriko: *Crying* Satoshi, take care of your brother and protect him at all cost. 

Satoshi: I'll do it Mom, I promise. Let's go Aru.

Satoru: Go through the back door, they won't see you.

Arubaro: But I don't want to go.

Hiriko: Listen Aru, I know that all of this is happening too fast but you must be strong. I know you can.

Arubaro: I don't want to leave you and Dad.

Satoru: Please Aru, go with your brother. I promise you that we'll see you two in a couple of hours. Now go.


Satoru and Hiriko came out of the cottage while Satoshi and Aru ran with all the energy that they had:



Satoru: What business do you guys have in my house?

ANBU Captain: You know perfectly why we are here, we know that you have sent information to your village and now you're going to pay for that.

Satoru: Then you don't leave me another choice, let's go Hiriko

Hiriko: Right


The couple tried to fight the entire ANBU squad, using all their available jutsus, but it was in vain. They both died:

Satoru: Sorry Aru... it seems that I won't be able to fulfill my promise... 

Hiriko: Sorry kids... I won't be able to see you two grow into a great men... *crying*


And with their last breath they sacrificed for their sons:


ANBU Member 1: Captain, they were two kids with them, they've probably ran into the forest

ANBU Captain: We must get them fast!


While in the forest...

Satoshi: Come on, Aru!

Arubaro: And what about Mom and Dad?

Satoshi: Don't worry we'll meet them later


But that promise was never fulfilled. Finally, the ANBU reached the two brothers:

ANBU Captain: You're not getting away you brats. *The ANBU Captain attacked Aru but Satoshi received the attack in his place*

ANBU Member 2: One less

Arubaro: No... big brother... *crying*

Satoshi: Don't cry Aru... you must be strong... I'm sorry I can't stay with you... but I'm sure you'll become a great man...


And with that words, the last breath of Satoshi was expelled. Aru was quiet, pouring out his last tear, until an enormous rage overran him, awaking a powerful fire aura that would burn all the near trees and melt all the snow:


ANBU Members: What's this power?!

ANBU Captain: Retreat fast!!


But since Aru didn't have so much energy left, it doesn't lasted too much, and because of that amount of effort he fell to the ground, remaining unconscious:


ANBU Captain: He, it seems that his power has finished. Time to kill this brat too. 

???: Shuriken Kage Bunshin No Jutsu!! *Suddenly, a rain of shurikens killed all the ANBU squad except the Captain*

ANBU Captain: What its happening?!


In that moment a whole squad of Konoha's ANBU surrounded the Captain:

Leaf ANBU Captain: You're doomed. Katon: Goryuka No Jutsu!! *A giant flame with the form of a dragon kills the enemy Captain*


ANBU Captain: Gaaahh!!


After that, the squad would begin to analyze the bodies:

Leaf ANBU Member 1: There seems to not be any survivor Captain

Leaf ANBU Member 2: Wait Captain, this kid is still alive, its only unconscious

Leaf ANBU Captain: We'll carry him to the village's hospital


The next day, at Konoha's hospital, Aru wakes up and a unknown man with a white jacket, red eyes and long hair observes him:

???: You're finally awake

Arubaro: Uh? Who are you? *Showing an agressive attitude*

???: Be calm young one, I'm not your enemy

Arubaro: Where am I?

???: You're in Konoha, one of the Five Great Villages in the world

Arubaro: Konoha?... Wait, where are my Mom and Dad?! And where's my brother?!!

???: Sorry... we couldn't save them. You were the only survivor.

Arubaro: No... *Aru started to feel depressed and poured some tears*

???: I know how you feel, I've lost a lot of comrades in this war, but at least its finally over.

Arubaro: ...

???: My name is Kuraen Wilkor, I'm the leader of the Kuraen Clan and I was a friend of your father. I'm also sad for your family's death

Arubaro: A friend of my father? He never mentioned you

Wilkor: I know, its a long story but your father told me to take care of you and your brother if this event happened, sadly your brother didn't make it...

Arubaro: My father knew that this would happen?

Wilkor: Yes, he predicted all this, he also ordered me to tell you the truth about his past.

Arubaro: The truth?

Wilkor: Your father was also a member of the Kuraen Clan, so that makes you one too.

Arubaro: I'm a Kuraen?!

Wilkor: Indeed

Arubaro: And what I'll do now? 

Wilkor: Don't worry, you'll come with me. I'll take care of you like your father wanted and make you a strong shinobi like he and your mother were.

Arubaro: *Aru started to remind his family's words, he had to be strong* Ok, I'll do it. I'll become the strongest shinobi in the world and I'll make my father's dream come true!!

Wilkor: Well then, let's go *Wilkor smiles*


Aru and Wilkor left the hospital and started to walk to the Kuraen's house:

Wilkor: I have also two adopted sons, they are older than you. His names are Jellal and Nichiro.

Arubaro: Understood


After walking for some minutes, they finally arrived at the Kuraen's house and two boys suddenly appear:


???: Hi Father!!

???: Who is that boy?

Arubaro: *Aru hiddens behind Wilkor*

Wilkor: He is Arubaro, he'll live with us from now, he is also a Kuraen.

???: Hi, I'm Jellal and he is Nichiro

Nichiro: Nice to meet you

Arubaro: Nice to meet you too...

Jellal: Do you want to play with us?

Wilkor: Don't worry Aru, they're very nice

Arubaro: Ok...

Jellal: Let's play being Shinobis *Jellal and Nichiro start running* Come on Aru!!

Arubaro: Yeah!! *Aru smiles and follows Jellal and Nichiro*

Wilkor: Can you see him Satoru? Maybe he has found his second family...




And this is how the story began. The story of a boy who would change the world.


To Be Continued...