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Name: Arubaro

Age: 18

Rank: Jonin

Clan: Kuraen

Kekkei Genkai: Akuma no Okami

Organization: The Order Of The Golden Scrolls

Masteries: descarga.jpg.1216395c940f7bada728cfc7b08a2ff3.jpg /5c0eaa4388a5e_unnamed(1).jpg.4333be7722c5a4981e2d019786cf2b4b.jpg

Likes: Training, Reading, Learning and Being Alone

Dislikes: The Liars and the Traitors 

Titles: The Burning Wolf Of Konoha/The Earth Defense Specialist



Chapter 1: The birth of a legend


In a hill inside a dark forest, there is a young shinobi looking at the horizon, a boy that would change the destiny of his village and the entire world, a boy that has embarked into a journey in search for his destiny.





16 years ago...

In a small cottage inside a snowy valley, a boy whose tale would be told among the youngsters, had been borned:

Satoru: Is a boy

Satoshi: Great, a little brother

Hiriko: And how we could call him?

Satoru: His name will be Arubaro


That's how this young one's life would start and how it would change in some years. 


5 years later...

The 3rd Great Ninja War had started some couple of months ago and Konoha was in a extreme conflict against Kirigakure. The war even reached the little cottage. A group of Kirigakure's ANBU arrived. Satoshi and Aru were so scared but Satoru and Hiriko tried to calm them:

Satoru: Don't worry kids, it won't happen nothing, but you two must run and go to the farthest place you can. You must take care of each other. 

Hiriko: *Crying* Satoshi, take care of your brother and protect him at all cost. 

Satoshi: I'll do it Mom, I promise. Let's go Aru.

Satoru: Go through the back door, they won't see you.

Arubaro: But I don't want to go.

Hiriko: Listen Aru, I know that all of this is happening too fast but you must be strong. I know you can.

Arubaro: I don't want to leave you and Dad.

Satoru: Please Aru, go with your brother. I promise you that we'll see you two in a couple of hours. Now go.


Satoru and Hiriko came out of the cottage while Satoshi and Aru ran with all the energy that they had:



Satoru: What business do you guys have in my house?

ANBU Captain: You know perfectly why we are here, we know that you have sent information to your village and now you're going to pay for that.

Satoru: Then you don't leave me another choice, let's go Hiriko

Hiriko: Right


The couple tried to fight the entire ANBU squad, using all their available jutsus, but it was in vain. They both died:

Satoru: Sorry Aru... it seems that I won't be able to fulfill my promise... 

Hiriko: Sorry kids... I won't be able to see you two grow into a great men... *crying*


And with their last breath they sacrificed for their sons:


ANBU Member 1: Captain, they were two kids with them, they've probably ran into the forest

ANBU Captain: We must get them fast!


While in the forest...

Satoshi: Come on, Aru!

Arubaro: And what about Mom and Dad?

Satoshi: Don't worry we'll meet them later


But that promise was never fulfilled. Finally, the ANBU reached the two brothers:

ANBU Captain: You're not getting away you brats. *The ANBU Captain attacked Aru but Satoshi received the attack in his place*

ANBU Member 2: One less

Arubaro: No... big brother... *crying*

Satoshi: Don't cry Aru... you must be strong... I'm sorry I can't stay with you... but I'm sure you'll become a great man...


And with that words, the last breath of Satoshi was expelled. Aru was quiet, pouring out his last tear, until an enormous rage overran him, awaking a powerful fire aura that would burn all the near trees and melt all the snow:


ANBU Members: What's this power?!

ANBU Captain: Retreat fast!!


But since Aru didn't have so much energy left, it doesn't lasted too much, and because of that amount of effort he fell to the ground, remaining unconscious:


ANBU Captain: He, it seems that his power has finished. Time to kill this brat too. 

???: Shuriken Kage Bunshin No Jutsu!! *Suddenly, a rain of shurikens killed all the ANBU squad except the Captain*

ANBU Captain: What its happening?!


In that moment a whole squad of Konoha's ANBU surrounded the Captain:

Leaf ANBU Captain: You're doomed. Katon: Goryuka No Jutsu!! *A giant flame with the form of a dragon kills the enemy Captain*


ANBU Captain: Gaaahh!!


After that, the squad would begin to analyze the bodies:

Leaf ANBU Member 1: There seems to not be any survivor Captain

Leaf ANBU Member 2: Wait Captain, this kid is still alive, its only unconscious

Leaf ANBU Captain: We'll carry him to the village's hospital


The next day, at Konoha's hospital, Aru wakes up and a unknown man with a white jacket, red eyes and long hair observes him:

???: You're finally awake

Arubaro: Uh? Who are you? *Showing an agressive attitude*

???: Be calm young one, I'm not your enemy

Arubaro: Where am I?

???: You're in Konoha, one of the Five Great Villages in the world

Arubaro: Konoha?... Wait, where are my Mom and Dad?! And where's my brother?!!

???: Sorry... we couldn't save them. You were the only survivor.

Arubaro: No... *Aru started to feel depressed and poured some tears*

???: I know how you feel, I've lost a lot of comrades in this war, but at least its finally over.

Arubaro: ...

???: My name is Kuraen Wilkor, I'm the leader of the Kuraen Clan and I was a friend of your father. I'm also sad for your family's death

Arubaro: A friend of my father? He never mentioned you

Wilkor: I know, its a long story but your father told me to take care of you and your brother if this event happened, sadly your brother didn't make it...

Arubaro: My father knew that this would happen?

Wilkor: Yes, he predicted all this, he also ordered me to tell you the truth about his past.

Arubaro: The truth?

Wilkor: Your father was also a member of the Kuraen Clan, so that makes you one too.

Arubaro: I'm a Kuraen?!

Wilkor: Indeed

Arubaro: And what I'll do now? 

Wilkor: Don't worry, you'll come with me. I'll take care of you like your father wanted and make you a strong shinobi like he and your mother were.

Arubaro: *Aru started to remind his family's words, he had to be strong* Ok, I'll do it. I'll become the strongest shinobi in the world and I'll make my father's dream come true!!

Wilkor: Well then, let's go *Wilkor smiles*


Aru and Wilkor left the hospital and started to walk to the Kuraen's house:

Wilkor: I have also two adopted sons, they are older than you. His names are Jellal and Nichiro.

Arubaro: Understood


After walking for some minutes, they finally arrived at the Kuraen's house and two boys suddenly appear:


???: Hi Father!!

???: Who is that boy?

Arubaro: *Aru hiddens behind Wilkor*

Wilkor: He is Arubaro, he'll live with us from now, he is also a Kuraen.

???: Hi, I'm Jellal and he is Nichiro

Nichiro: Nice to meet you

Arubaro: Nice to meet you too...

Jellal: Do you want to play with us?

Wilkor: Don't worry Aru, they're very nice

Arubaro: Ok...

Jellal: Let's play being Shinobis *Jellal and Nichiro start running* Come on Aru!!

Arubaro: Yeah!! *Aru smiles and follows Jellal and Nichiro*

Wilkor: Can you see him Satoru? Maybe he has found his second family...




And this is how the story began. The story of a boy who would change the world.


To Be Continued...
















Chapter 2: Friendships and rivalries


1 year later...


It has been 1 year since the fateful events in the life of that young child: the loss of his parents and his brother. But nevertheless, He could find a new home, a new light and hope to cling to, in order to fulfill his goal. Aru has become an inhabitant of the Leaf, living under the tutelage and protection of his mentor, Wilkor, and the company of his brothers Jellal and Nichiro. But they are not the only ones, new friendships were forged. The first was Elodin, 1 year older than Aru. With a characteristic red hair, which was uncommon within the Kuraen, as they usually had jet black hair. At an early age, He had a deep lip and a great capacity for conviction. Native of a small village near the Leaf. His parents disappeared during the war, but it is known that his father was a great friend of Wilkor, with a relationship similar to the one he had with Satoru himself.


The second was Skypen, the only Kuraen woman of this generation. Born in a small peasant village, whose fame was due to her perfect rice, capable of making a Sake worthy of the gods. Of the same fifth as Elodin, with a characteristic blue hair and an iron will, besides a great force. The third was Nine, the generation's veteran. A boy with an exciting and lively interest in Medicine. He lived in the orphanage of a villa to the east, along with his cousin. Despite their separation, they still keep in touch. The last one was Roodraak, a true genius strategist at a very early age. His level of lip was slightly higher than that of Elodin, adding to his premature military capacity. Without a doubt, the most brilliant of the group. Wilkor was bringing each of them to the clan, preparing them to make them all great ninjas, besides giving them a home; at the same time that I would forge them to assimilate the events that would happen in a few years...


In a forest near the village, all the young Kuraen play together, jumping without stopping the trees. Aru is the last one.

Jellal: Come on, Aru. You are a snail. * Laughing *

Roodraak: Be careful what you say, Jellal. * It advances *

Jellal: Hey!

Skypen: You are such for which

Elodin: You're just like them, Sky

Skypen: That's not true!!

Nine and Nichiro are slightly ahead of Aru. They proceed to turn their gaze towards him.

Nichiro: Come on, Aru. With a bit of teamwork we will show them what we are worth. * Smiles with determination *

Nine: Exactly!!




Arubaro: All right!!

A few minutes later, everyone is lying on the ground, panting from the fatigue of the race.

Jellal: Those three have won us. Nichi, I thought you were on my side.

Nichiro: * Laughing * I'm sorry, but Aru is the little one, so you have to take care of him.

Arubaro: Hey, I'm just as strong as you guys !! Age is not everything.

Nine: * Caresses Aru's head * That's true.

Roodraak: The truth is that yes. Jellal and Nichi are the best examples. 8 years and you still sleep with your stuffed animals.

Jellal and Nichiro: *Blushing with embarrassment * If they are not, we can't sleep!!

Roodraak: Yes, of course *Smiling*

Elodin: And what about you, Rood? I catch you many times eating the leftovers of dinners secretly

Roodraak: *Surprised and nervous * That's because... I'm hungry!!


*The whole group starts to laugh out loud * 

Skypen: Anyway, it would be better to go home. It's getting late.

The rest: Yeah

After a while, the entire group arrives at the village and they head towards their home. Along the way, they begin to discuss the future.



Skypen: Classes will soon begin at the Academy again.

Nine: Yes, I and Rood have 3 years left and we'll be able to become Genin at last

Jellal: Me and Nichi, 4

Elodin: And 5 for me, along with Sky.

Roodraak: Aru, are you nervous? It's going to be your first year.

Arubaro: A little. But I know I will measure up. I will try my best to be the best in my class.

Elodin: It's good to know. Keep calm. We all know that you will do well.

Skypen: By the way. Have you heard what they say? I heard that a few days ago the second Hokage adopted a child orphan.

Jellal: Really? Wow. He will receive a good education. Surely he'll become an elite ninja.

Skypen: The boy seems to be your age. So it will be in your class, Aru. He will be a tough rival.

Arubaro: I see. And what's his name?

Skypen: I think his name started with E, but I do not remember it.

Nichiro: The competition will be tough. A few Mirana are going to start the Academy as well.

Elodin: The Mirana? The elite clan of the village?

Nichiro: Yes, they say they are born being great prodigies of combat. Shotoho Mirana is supposed to be your leader.

Roodraak: There will also be some members of the Suwa clan. They are not elite fighters, but they have an iron will and ability to adapt. If I remember correctly, their leader is Sour Suwa. I think Wilkor is a friend of his.

Nine: And what about that Sasayaki boy? The one they speak so much in your class, Jellal.

Jellal: Dairuto Sasayaki? Yes, he has a great talent for combat. A great future awaits him. He is already capable of overcoming our teacher in combat.

Nichiro: That guy is not normal, he has a kind of gift.

Arubaro: Sasayaki? The noble clan of the Leaf?

Jellal: The same. Its leader is Deathmall Sasayaki, one of the 3 legendary Sannin, member of the Council, and candidate for future Hokage. They are very skilled in the military field, although their true hobby and power lies in politics.

Elodin: Then there's that orange-haired boy too. Atrane was his name?

Jellal: Yes. His negotiation and strategy skills are incredible. He could be a great military commander, or even a great politician. It could surpass Deathmall himself.


Nichiro: And without forgetting ... mmm?

A white-haired boy leaves the Kuraen house, with a lively and animated smile. At the same time with a serene look. While running, the boy passes by the group to make a small greeting.

???: Goodbye Jellal, Nichi !!

Jellal and Nichiro: Goodbye!!

Arubaro: Who is that boy?

Jellal: He? Is Ishyn Sasayaki. He is the son of Deathmall Sasayaki, and our classmate.

Roodraak: And what is he doing here?

Nichiro: I think Wilkor is training him privately. If I remember correctly, Deathmall was the one who asked for it.

Jellal: Everything points to that boy being Deathmall's successor. Maybe even a future Hokage.

Nine: Is he good at negotiating?

Nichiro: And fighting. It is slightly above our level.

Skypen: It seems you'll have several rivals shortly, uh Aru?

Arubaro: Yes, but that excites me even more. You will see, I will defeat everyone, whoever my opponent is, and I will proclaim myself at the top. * Aru points to the sky *

* The rest smiles *

Elodin: First start at the Academy, tough guy. Then you can fight with whoever you want.


Night falls, and everyone sleeps. Everyone, except Aru, who is watching the stars, while the rhythmic song of the crickets sounds.




???: What are you doing up at this time?

Arubaro: Eh? * Turning his face, he observes that the mysterious figure is Wilkor * He could not sleep.

Wilkor: I see * He sits with Aru *. In a week you start the Academy. Nervous?

Arubaro: A little ... I will have many rivals as I go on my way. I want to measure up.

Wilkor: Calm down, you'll do fine. I have prepared you for this. Also, you have a natural talent, do not forget it. 

Arubaro: And what are you doing with Ishyn Sasayaki? * Aru stares at him*

Wilkor: I only train him at his father's request. That is all.

Arubaro: I see. Will I really do it right?

Wilkor: * He hits a light blow *

Arubaro: Auch... 

Wilkor: What if. The more you think, the more nervous you will get. Just relax.


Arubaro: Hey, Wilk. Do you have any pending objectives?

Wilkor: The truth is that no. I am a Jonin like any other.

Arubaro: And haven't you thought about being a Hokage?

Wilkor: Politics are not good for me. After training Ishyn I will have done everything I had pending.

Arubaro: I plan to fulfill my dream. I know it will be full of obstacles, of rivals and enemies, of difficulties and problems ... but I intend to achieve it. First I will graduate of the Academy, then I will get to be a Chunin and a Jonin. When I get it, I will fight with people from all over the world, from all places. And when he has defeated them all, I can make my family happy. * Smile looking towards the moon *

Wilkor: Let me ask you one thing. What your parents wanted was for you to become a powerful ninja, but not the strongest one. Why do you want to be the best?

Arubaro: To protect my loved ones.

Wilkor: Uh? *At that moment, Wilkor sees Satoru instead of Aru*

Satoru: To protect my loved ones. *Smiles with determination*

Wilkor: ... *Satoru disappears* *Wilkor smiles slightly* You know? I just came to the head another goal.

Arubaro: Which one?

Wilkor: Help you to fulfill your dream.

Arubaro: Ah... Then you will train me like Ishyn ?! *Euphoric*

Wilkor: Calm down. You're still too young for a training like Ishyn's. But we will start with the basics.

Arubaro: When do we start?

Wilkor: Tomorrow

Arubaro: Great!

Wilkor: For now, let's go to sleep. It's late. * He gets up and goes to his room *

Arubaro: * He gets up and before starting to walk, points with his left fist towards the starry sky, throwing a serious and decisive look * Just wait ... Dad, Mom, Satoshi ... There will be no one able to defeat me. I promise. * He proceeds for going to his room *


To be continued...