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  1. Like my profile song?

  2. I don't like the economics idea and I'm fine with whatever happens with exp. The economics idea sounds absurd to me, but if it was about supply and demand now I could see something to work with here. Basically if there is a supply of 2000 wolf fangs in circulation and the demand for them is only 1000, the price will lower, now if there is a supply of 1000 wolf fangs in circulation and the demand is 2000 then the price will rise. Another example, rare drop, there is a supply of 2 wolf paw gloves in circulation and the demand is 100, this item will cost a lot more. If you need me to explain why I don't like your economics plan let me know.
  3. "It is now, or never!"

  4. Is it safe to say that Anarchy is our lovable community pervy sage?
  5. adventuresinkonoha2

    From the album Adventures in Konoha

  6. I hope I can play within 3 hours. I have school tommorow :/
  7. I just found out about the game. I am working all day when its released. I will donate to support the game. -cheers-