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  1. Sorry for the bump. Here's some moar. ;-; Quick sketch of one of the lead characters in the first arc:
  2. > doesn't ever notice me pls
  3. hi
  4. Hey there! Just thought I'd share some art for an original story I'm making with a few people. Shinjitsu no Karada is going to have a bit of a different take on how a story works. Taking some elements from a visual novel and light novel, readers will have the option to choose one route from the story and read that route of the story all the way to the end. Esentially, it's a new and original adaption called a "video novel", which is also similar to how a story is told in a VOCALOID PV. More details coming soon. Without a further ado, here's the art: Please be sure to leave your opinions, more art will be posted soon. If you're interested in what you see if at all, please be sure to leave your opinions. Thanks!
  5. I would like to enter the raffle.
  6. Welcome back Amazi. ^^
  7. Don't see how it would be a 4/10 then, but yeah thanks.
  8. Hey guys! It's been a while, finally got some time off classes, so I'll try and post here alot, hopefully. Don't know if this is in the right section, but the description seemed a bit fitting for it. Anyways, here's an AMV I made recently: I played around a bit with After Effects, and this was the outcome. I might make a full version, not sure yet. xD CnC is always appreciated. ^^ P.S. Watch in 720p60 for full effects.
  9. Conserving energy e_e

  10. Looks good, keep working. ^^
  11. Hinata and Toradora.
  12. If only all box arts are like this.
  13. If you have any anime merchandise don't hesitate to take a picture and post it here, whether it was homemade or bought from somewhere, post a picture of it here. I actually made most of my merchandise, but I have a few things I bought but am too lazy to post. Here's something I made (I was like 7 when I made this okay. :c): I have a few other things, I'll post them here later on. Now it's your turn. P.S. It doesn't just have to be Anime/Manga, it can be comics or any japanese related merchandise.