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  1. Conserving energy e_e

  2. I didn't choose the GM life, the GM life chose me.

  3. 2 Kawaii to live 2 Sugoi to die.

  4. Decided to make another drawing. Some of the parts didn't appear dark because of my camera, so I had to darken them a bit with Photoshop. Not my best work, but I'm proud of it. ^^
  5. Stahp man, don't do it. ;_; EDIT: It's up to you I guess. xD
  6. Found some time to sketch something in class, so here it is (It's an OC of mine): The head actually looks more thinner on paper, I don't know what my camera did.
  7. Conserving Energy e-e

  8. Are we allowed to post manga colorings made in Photoshop or anything like that?
  9. Happy Anniversary, Hope to see NinOnline proceed further into the future. ^^