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  1. Been here since the beginning however have taken a long break. I came to see if it was still around and it is
  2. I'm alive and will be on later. :3

  3. I have not played in a few days. Super ill and not sure when I will be back on. But hopefully soon. :)

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    2. Artwork


      Get better! Ninjas got that strong immune system. You got this!

    3. Ueda


      Get well soon!

    4. Ueda


      Get well soon, Hisa!

  4. Squish the scorpions. O.O

  5. Bye leaf. :>

    1. Zuten


      Have fun with dona and them lol

  6. I won't be all that critical of the game since I know things are still being worked on and the team is working to make things better. 

    My review: So far I think the game is good. Of course the bugs will get worked out. The art is great. The only big thing worth mentioning  would be gaining exp. Leveling seems rather torturous right now. I wish there were other things to do other than endlessly farm enemies. I do like how big the maps are though. 


    1. Ueda


      I totally agree with you!

    2. Hisa


      Thanks Rory xD

  7. Reached lvl 13  time for sleep. 

    1. Nassim Sr

      Nassim Sr

      This status update has been posted 13 hours ago by now. 

      You reached level 13, 13 hours ago on the 13th, whilst trying to get your 13th item from the 13th player.


    2. Hisa


      Yes. Lewd 

  8. No matter what side you pick (Sand or Leaf), I will still consider you my fran.

    1. Jazzberry Jam
    2. Shigure


      Leaf > Sand . That's all i'll say 

  9. I can't wait to play :3

    1. Vaga
    2. ZombieUnit


      I still have to wait 15 more days lol

    3. Vaga


      im sad for you ... 

  10. I'm on here entirely way too much. 

    1. Kuraen Wilkor

      Kuraen Wilkor

      There is no such a thing as to much of NinO

  11. Re-did my profile B)

    1. Vaga
    2. Hisa


      yes new music and all

    3. Vaga


      waw its nice