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My clan coming back up from the mud and ashes, my fears from long ago finally releasing its terrifying grip on me, and my ideals now strong I am now ready.



Sin has always known war, from everyone he knew knowing of the past horrors from the Rain Village's past destruction. Wishing the 5 Kage would send help to them, but help never came. To command respect you must be someone who deserves it, someone who is on equal footing or above those around him. Eighth is not one for war, but believes whatever path is necessary to take a seat at the table of power is the path he must travel. The Village Hidden in Rain, The Village Hidden in the sound, The Village Hidden in the Grass, The Village Hidden in the Smoke, all have their powers weakened and together they can all create a power to rival the 5 Kage. Such competition could create a better world for its inheritance. My Clan is my family, but they aren't involved in my business. May Truth and compassion prevail over the world like it never has before....


My Clan:




(Heavy Rain)

The Dàyǔ Clan cares about the growth of its members, its family. Learning from the mistakes and success from their elders, they are equipped to uphold the image of The Hidden Rain Village. To remain strong, but compassionate, Respectful, but stern, Kind, but truthful. The way of the Dàyǔ is not something to be overlooked, only those with strong wills And resolute minds can follow our ways.