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Name: Anakin  Age: 19  Rank: Leaf Rogue

Organizations: None. 

Clan: None.

Anakin is a Taijutsu user who focused on a defensive fighting style and studied medical ninjutsus to aid in his style. After graduating from the academy, Anakin was set on becoming the greatest support ninja in the Leaf village. When he was thrust into the ninja world and fought in the endless war, his goal was protecting and saving as many leaf ninjas as he could. Whether it be by reviving and healing them or using his taijutsu to control and push back enemies while other medics worked. He was quickly rising through the medic ranks and showing himself as one of the best. 

However, after many battles and losing many friends, Anakin began wondering if the path he had chosen was the correct one. With each passing battle, Anakin found himself ignoring his injured comrades and taking down more enemies. Leaf's medical org questioned whether he deserved his position among their organization, and eventually Anakin left on his own. He stopped practicing his medical skills and his healing suffered because of it. He could no longer heal major wounds, regressing back to a skill level of a first aid medic. 

However, he spent the time away from his medical training on training his gentle fist technique. After an argument with one of Leaf's top medics, Corgee, Anakin started questioning his place within the village. He never aspired to rise to something like anbu, chunin, or even hokage. A shadow of his former self, he only wanted to fight. No longer caring about the protection of Leaf, Anakin left the village.

At first, he was still peaceful to some of his old Leaf friends, saving them from ambushes or even coming into the village to help defend against attacks. However, he was still a Rogue ninja and Leaf started losing their trust in him. Anakin cut any remaining ties he had and now only fights for himself, with no allies. 

"My speed is unmatched!"