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Ninja Bio



Name: Jellal 

 Age: N/A

Rank: Jonin 

Clan: Kuraen 

Mastery: Lightning & Water 

Titles: Student of the Third Hokage, Order Of The Golden Scroll's - Master of Lightning, 4th Council Member (Retired).


Chunin Exam Participations:

Jellal is a man who wields the power of Lighting and Water. Training at his best by his Sensei;Deathmall Sasayaki along with his sparring partner Kamakura Suwa he mastered lightning at its finest. He's been through countless adventures with his friends and lost a lot of people along his way, being The Elite Leader for ANBU taught him a lot and helped his battle performance. He is now a ninja reaching for greater heights.


He continues to undergo training with Deathmall Sasayaki and Wilkor Kuraen as he tries to master his lightning ability and water techniques he strives to pass the Chunin Exam.

The Kuraen Clan Family Tree



Kuraen Family Tree

Kuraen Wilkor - Father (Adopted)

Kuraen Migifu - Past Leader

Kuraen Nichiro - Brother (Elder)

Kuraen Rorokuna - Past Elder (Jellal's Grandfather)

Kuraen Roodraak - Family Member

Kuraen Arubaro - Family Member

Kuraen Keen - Family Member {Deceased}

Kuraen Nitche - Family member {Deceased}

Kuraen Zintosso - Family Member

Kuraen Elodin - Family Member

Kuraen Nine - Family Member {Deceased}

Kuraen Sky - Family Member





*The Kuraen Clan relaxing in the woods*




The Kurean's Past,Present and Future



Kuraen Clan Lore

''The Kuraen Clan, a clan of ninja's with demonic eye's they share their loyalty to leaf.''

''But you've yet to know about their past a man who led a group of people.''


Rorokuna The Wandering Wolf

The Kuraen Clan was led by a man Kuraen Migifu, he was a strong ninja who was able to perform The Black Wolf's black flames. Jellal's Grandfather Rorokuna was involved in the war during thoes times he was a fierce man willing to do anything to keep his people safe 


*Rorokuna at the age of 22*

Rorokuna was good friends with Migifu, he always tried his best reaching his wolf form at a brilliant state but using too much chakra would other flow and cause a disaster. ''Roro come here for a sec will ya?'' Rorokuna was meditating in the forest channeling his chakra trying to make it pure his ears twitched as he heard Migifu calling him he headed straight towards him using a flicker move ''alright where here to discuss the commotion with the villages'' Roro looked at a photo of a village capturing Kuraen people ''Well what the hell are we waiting for let's go kill them'' Rorokuna headed straight to the village Migifu followed him to make sure he was safe the the two witnessed the Village abusing the Kuraen's and torturing them ''thoes, bastards'' Rorokun couldn't control himself and let his anger overcome him Migifu was in control and developed a way to create the Okami No Akuma form with a human form


They slaughtered the enemies with their claws Migifu used a legendary technique a killed the whole crowd ''Perish disperse into oblivion!'' Rorokuna took the Kuraen's held hostage and retreated back to base ''Wait!'' an injured man survived Migifu's attack ''damn you Kuraen's I should've knew what this will lead to'' the man threw a knife to Rorokuna's chest without him knowing, Rorokuna pulled of the knife calmly and used a lightning technique and finished of the man ''Lightning Style: Full Burst!'', Migifu - ''Thank you Roro you've done well assisting me, what do you plan on doing now?'' Rorokuna looked to the sky and took out his back ''Im leaving.'' Migifu sighed ''Oh well it would be nice if you could stay longer, i'll be waiting for you once again'' Roronokuna set out on his own to venture out the world.


''Im not done yet looking for you''

To Be Continued


The Caged Kuraen

''A true story about a Kuraen who killed his own allies and family''


A young Kuraen who was always care living was having a conflict with the Murumasa Village, the young Kuraen, Igami liked to sort things out with talking he was not a fighter ''please we don't need to sort this out with war'', Igami and his wife Inabi were discussing a peace treaty with Kuraen Elder's they pin pointed a way to send their children out of the Village without being hurt ''Igami they're gonna kill us all we need to leave and end this conflict already'', Igami stood up and refused ''I know there's a way to solve this believe me, and the Village leader are friends i'll go talk to him tomorrow'', the Kuraen's gave Igami a look in the eye and turned away ''alright Igami go speak to him, but if he refused were sending troops in to kill him and leave''. ''Igami wake up get ready for your visit with the Village Leader'', Igami got up and went dressed, he over heard the Kuraen Children talking about war and violence ''I can't wait to grow strong and fight other people i'll be the strongest'', Igami looked at the mirror and spoke in thought ''(Im gonna settle this once and for all we will be safe Inabi don't worry)'', he headed out to the Village and saw them giving Igami a bad look to his face, knowing Igami was kind hearted he gave them a smile back, he rushed to the Village Inn and met the leader there ''good to see you Kodota'', Igami gave him a shake in the hand as Kodota smiled back ''Let's get down to business Igami, my people aren't happy with your Kuraen Family being around they see them as...animals,demons who'll do anything to get what they need, they want too eradicate you...'', Igami stood quiet and looked through the window and looked at the towns people ''I understand you see us as a big threat but none of the event's has occured yet-'' ''that's the thing Igami we don't know if someone's gonna go berserk and kill us all'', Igami got up gave Kodota a serious look in the eye ''look her pal, if you think my people are that evil then we might as well salughter you all'', Igami's eye's were demonic red his teeth grew fangs but then he stopped and was in control, ''Im sorry Kodota for that what you said was pretty cold I promise you we won't do anything wrong'', Kodota gave Igami a smile and scratched his head ''Im dearly sorry Igami, im just really in connect with my people and wanted to protect them,'' ''Oh thats ok I feel the same way too it's getting late I'll be heading out now''. Igami walked back, Inabi was happy to see him return safely ''so how did it go?'', Igami was pleased ''It turned out great were going to be safe and our children can grow happily here''.


Kodota: ''Were going to kill them at around night make sure you get them all at the same time, leave Igami to me''   

Village Elite: ''Yes sir''   

Kodota had a grin on his face, him and his Elite's went to the Kuraen Home they searched the area's of their where abouts they saw the children sleeping in the top and the others in the 2nd room,''HELP!'' Igami woke up and heard a scream and rushed down he saw Kodota choking Inabi by the neck and saw the Kuraen's sobbing pleading for help on the floor Kodota - ''Morning Igami, were sorry we woke you up so early we were just doing our business'', Igami's nails grew sharper his eye's were demonic red and his teeth enlarged to fangs ''Kodota...I never would do something like this'' Kodota laughed and slit Inabi's chest with a kunai ''Inabi, I've always hated you and your people I've told the people rumors about you and your people how evil you were and what you were capable of and they hated you for that'', Igami's body changed a form he grew taller and his hair grew


Igami used a jutsu no one's ever witnessed before ''Kintamono Shinjoro!'' he let out  flame's formed with lightning covered around it, it destroyed the whole area leaving Igami there, he calmed down and went back to his normal state ''The Elder was right this was a stupid Idea nothing would solve this only violence and war'', Igami cired his tear fell upon Inabi. He dug the Kuraen's grave and left them from afar for no one to discover, Igami dug a hole far down beyond he made a hideout and there was a cage he locked himself in he placed himself in an unbreakable bandage and rested for eternity. ''Some where out are more Kuraen's who will become great people''. 






Chunin Exams Arc


Chunin Exams 7

It was the day Jellal was eager he was pumped for The Chunin Exams being open today and he felt as if nothing could stop him on his way he was quiet nervous but told himself ''never back down from a challenge'', and as he too search for his teammate Kamakura and Nitche to set ready to pay in their fee's. There Jellal met a lot of strong contestants he had the slightest doubt on passing through the test paper exam till his allies from Leaf helped him, he waited for a moment to see if the test scores we're all correct as he saw his Father - Kuraen Wilkor raising his thumbs up to him as Jellal saw he had more hopes into passing. As the test papers results came in Jellal passed and so did his 2 team mates Kamakura and Nitche. They were getting ready for the next stage Forest Of Death, the team planned their tactics on winning this stage until a commotion happened and the Forest Of Death was off limits the team were confused and wondered what would happen next until they heard an announcement saying they're switching it up to a three on three match Jellal thought this was a good chance to see how his teamwork was going. As they all transferred to the next stage they went on the feilds and faced their opponents they prepared for battle and as the host called the signal the two teams clashed and Jellal used his lightning techniques as a distraction and managed to chidori his foe but sadly he was the first to get out not knowing he was lead to a one on two but his team managed to prevail and go onto the final stage. Jellal's father walked up to him and gave him a thumbs up he was proud of him making it this far as a ninja and gave him his war armour he placed it on Jellal and Jellal shed a tear and wiped it off and gave a big smile he promised he will pass the Chunin Exams they both gave a fist bump and headed to their places. They called Jellal to head to his position as he was facing Josh of the Suwa Clan he possessed the same elements as him, as the match started Jellal used a Kuraen fighting stance to focus more on his foe he charge to him and opened his pouch and took his kunai and used his might to try catch Josh they both were at an even state they couldn't move an inch till Jellal threw a shuriken but Josh uses a substitution technique and he was behind Jellal, he quickly reacted and formed a water style jutsu making his foe lose. He went to sit down and rest to take a breather for his next match everyone crowed him to congratulate him and he smiled and got up and raised his fist in the air, he walked back to the field to face his foe and it was Tobi Suwa a water and earth user, he thought he was gonna have some trouble with this match with his lightning not being effective with his earth style as they both took place they both threw kunai's and he thought it'd be best if he went all out and used his strongest technique to finish this quick but this was an unfortunate turn as he gained fatigue and lost the match, he felt sad but was happy at the same time seeing he came this far his teammates also were the top three winners he exited the arena with his team and went to celebrate with ramen and wait for the results his father rubbed his hair and gave him a smile as he was called to head to the Hokage's estate and was presented a Chunin Vest he cheered for him and his teams victory and swore he'd become a greater ninja than he is now.


The Breath Of Ninshu and The Rouge Ninja Chapter



The Breath Of Ninshu and The Rouge Ninja

''The Leaf Village ain't giving up! Not to the likes of you''



*In a world filled will devastation two Ninja's awaken from their long slumber* 


Jessica : Soon they will pay for what they did to me in the past.

Emiya : Indeed, it's been long since I have had a practice.

  0184d900f392b7a4dfdc912bd54059cb.gif.21e300713782a8468a059de5cef558d2.gif                                                                           67a6072fbc37ad17f84e005a61d89c24e203b4a8_hq.gif.b8f4f63d73a51615bf8865a230eace2a.gif 


*The Ninja's get up and teleport to a nearby area of a small Village*


*Meanwhile in the Hidden Leaf*

''Their have been reports 2 people have been around The Land Of Fire extracting chakra from Ninjas and destroying small villages 1 female the other male''. Jellal woke up as he saw the sky dimming darker he went out to see the problem, ninjas of the Hidden Leaf began to spread rumors of whats going on, he went to the announcement board and saw a warning sign he took the sign and read the details, ''WARNING, do not leave the Hidden Leaf their have been reports of 2 Ninjas causing trouble around the area's visit the Leaf Meeting Room for further more information.

Jessica: I hear they're preparing for our arrival let's see how strong they are since I've last faced them.

Emiya: It's been so long since i've visited them I can't wait, to meet the Lord Hokage himself again. 


The Arrival

Everyone arrived to the Leaf Meeting Room Jellal gathered around to see what was going on he saw the Hokage and The Hidden Council discussing on whats going on, ''Hey, do you know whats going on?'' the ninja replied to Jellal ''There's going to be an invasion so where waiting for the Hokage's orders on whats going on'' Jellal sat down waiting for the crowd to go silent he was talking to his team members of Team 1, Masake - ''We gotta be careful and stop these guys'' , Fred - ''Yeah, we'll send them back to where they came from'', The Hokage silenced the crowed and discussed on what's going to happen Deathmall - ''Their have been reports that 2 Ninja's have destroyed 2 villages and they're headed this way, im going to set you in groups and number them'' as Deathmall set the teams Jellal looked outside and noticed thunder clouds gathering up, ''Jellal line here, your team 4'', ''got it'' we waited until the troops gathered up and ventured to the Leaf district area.

Jessica: Well, well look who we have here the Hokage and his people I've been waiting for this day to come I hope you all please me as you do.

Emiya: Tch, seeing this reminds me about my past with them lets get this over with and done. 


The Hokage gave his signal to attack and Jellal's team headed for Emiya and attacked him from behind the, Team 1-3 attacked Jessica, they destroyed parts of leaf and aimed for the Hokage, ''Lord Hokage watch out!'' the Hokage charged his chakra and sparked a current of lightning and paralyzed Jessica, Jellal witnessed the team cage Jessica putting her down and stopping her from destroying the Kage Building, Emiya - ''Weakling let me show you what true power is'', ''Wrong will show you Leaf's might and give you a royal beatdown!'' Jellal charged his hands focusing to cast a chidori the others grabbed Emiya and weakened him from casting a forbidden jutsu, Emiya was trapped in a water prison which gave Jellal some more time ''Ready Jellal?'' ''Yes, Haaa!'' Jellal hit Emiya's chest and he hit the wall, Sour threw a poison senbon weakening Emiya's guard, Emiya - ''What is this?! I never..thought I would be this weak'', Jessica - ''Emiya you fool! I need to give you some more training when we end them'', Fire users let out a Fire Dragon along with the Earth users trapping them in Prison Of Earth,  they put the two to rest...but Emiya and Jessica called upon the sky and let a huge Kirin roar on the leaf ninja's damaging their bodies.


Jellal got hit and collapsed to the floor, he tried commanding his body to move but it was like it moved on its own ''Dammit! Move body c'mon!'' a Medical ninja arrived and healed Jellal, ''Be careful one more blow and you would've died'' , Jellal got up and rushed infront of Jessica and grabbed her stopping from moving ''You think will give up like that? The Leaf Village have gone through many problems and faced them we won't lose'' the whole leaf casted a jutsu of its own ''Hidden Leaf Style: Immense Roar!'' Emiya and Jessica trembled on their knees and the huge ball of elemental chakra finished them.


Jessica: Lord Hokage I see why the Village picked you, here are 5 Blessing Orb's, think of this as a treat from me use them wisely, me and Emiya will go back to our slumber we will meet again soon.

Emiya: Hmph, I need more training that's all i'll be back soon and show you true power, till next time Lord Hokage.

The Leaf Village Celebrated and the sun came out the destroyed part area's were rebuilt by the Truth-Seeking Sibling's power.

  Jellal continued off to meditate in the forest and hone his Lightning Techniques 







 A Ninja's Tale: Jellal  


The Ninja Way

Rule 6 - Never back down from a challenge


Jellal was a young spirited child with a goal he wanted to attend to the Graduation Test that was being hosted by Yori. He walked to the Academy with his permission slip and there he saw a massive line it took a long while for him to wait but he snuck in the first line and entered the paper test room, the ninja's who knew what to do followed the rules but Jellal was clueless as he remembered he was supposed to steal the slip and write down the answers he was sweating with embarrassment. As moments passed Jellal got his results and with the shame look on his face he got a satisfactory (10%) the other ninja's laughed at him for the score he was given but that never stopped Jellal from succeeding to be a Genin ninja. As he was announced to head to the playground Jellal grabbed his pendant and shined it onto the sun as a sign of luck and headed on. The announcer was a chunin ninja Kuraen Wilkor he was told to exeute 3 shadow clones and collect a scroll, Jellal was set in a team of 5 to collect them the other students saw Jellal slouchy and lazy but he didn't want to show his image the others predicted. The 3 shadow clones headed straight for the other students and grabbed the other students Jellal quick thinkingly used a cloak jutsu and trapped the clones in string wires, the students were amazed at what Jellal could do and escaped. They collected all of the scrolls and headed back as they headed back Jellal jumped on a weak tree branch and fell the others were too focused on heading back they left him behind Jellal got up and searched his surroundings and noticed he was at a wolfs biome he quickly moved to a tree and rushed back a wolf bit Jellal's arm and ran off, Jellal weak armed headed back to the safe zone with blood flowing down his arm the teachers rushed for aid and Jellal fainted. Later on Jellal woke up with a Headband on his for head and the students who thought wrong of him gave him a cheer, the others walked home with their parents but knowing Jellal's father was a busy man he walked on his own and celebrated with a cup of ramen.


Enter Jellal!

Rule 7 - Never show your weakness


Jellal has always wondered what it means to be a ninja, what is the purpose and value he'd always go train on the wooden logs he was trying to perfect a jutsu his father taught him ''Chidori One Thousand Birds'' he would be able to attack people with and reach up to them with amazing speed from a far. Jellal once entered the Kuraen Temple and asked his father about the Kuraen Clan as young Jellal knew nothing about his ancestors from the past and was curious to ask his father but his father was dealing with something going down in the Sand village as he was occupied he gave Jellal a symbol of the clan and gave him a smile. 


After days of practice Jellal mastered it and decided he was ready to surpass his father, he ran to the Kuraen Temple and interrupted his father writing papers he charged a surge of lighting towards his and and targeted him, Jellal didn't think out a strategy properly his father grabbed his hand and numbed it to make it stop a straight position Jellal quickly summoned 1 shadow clone to take his place and quickly escaped ''that boy doesn't know when to stop''. Jellal noticed something wrong his arm was filled with scars during his training he was too focused on testing it out he didn't care about his safety, he then decided to continue training but not alone he would go to people asking for sparring matches to test his strength and learnt Lightning Mastery from the book in the Kage office, he surely knew which road he was heading for.


The Kuraen Clan

''In this world those who break the rules are scum, this is true,but those who abandon their friends are worse than scum."


Jellal grew up and learnt a lot in the past few months, he was called by a Kuraen member to enter the Temple as he entered there he saw his father he was talking with a Kuraen Elite ninja on Jellal becoming a full blood Kuraen member he was sent to kill someone with his father far out of the Leaf Village, Jellal put on his Kuraen uniform and set out with his father at night. It started to rain, Jellal and his father reached their location ''Remember son do not show the enemy any mercy kill him...''  Jellal grabbed a kunai and hid behind a tree to be hidden from the target, the target was a business man delivering goods to a bandit he was buff and had a slick back hair, the area was open Jellal stayed in position till he could get a better strike...but Jellal's father was caught not knowing there were more people around they stabbed Jellal's father in the back and left him there to die Jellal watched his father bleed, as tears came down dropping from his eyes he was full of rage... 


Jellal's mind went back and showed flashbacks the good time he had with his father as a young child, he grabbed his kunai his arms started to spark lightning, ''Look at this weakling who does he think he is to step into our bandit territory'' Jellal rushed to the bandits ''die all of you bastards!'' his arms moved at its own and severed their heads using the surge of lightning coming from his kunai their body's collapsed to the floor they pleaded for help but as they kept shouting their voices became silent, Jellal rushed to his father's aid he tried to find words to speak to his father but he was too sad looking at the damage he was in, his father gave him a smile ''Son...I never thought I would see you a full blood...the ninja world isn't a safe place to be stay safe...''. The rain stopped Jellal carried his father and picked up the goods and headed back to the temple the Kuraen members were pleased to see Jellal but didn't expect to see his father dead Jellal cried and sobbed into tears he was taken to the Kuraen Leader, as he entered the room he saw Kuraen Wilkor ''I am sorry for Toshiro's lost you have avenged his death I am sure he wanted you to become a great ninja, how would you like me to adopt you?'' Jellal accepted he was given his father's kunai to remember him.Till this very day Jellal knew what he had to do... They gathered to his father's funeral Jellal placed a rose his mother gave to him ''Thanks Mom and Dad for raising me I won't let you down.''


The Outburst

''The difference between stupidity and genius, is that genius has its limits.''


Jellal grew up to the age of 12 he went off to visit his mother and father's grave ''Dad thanks for the kunai and Mom I won't let you down, Wilkor is taking great care of me he's helping me grow strong and teaching me new thing's'', he placed a rose on the grave Wilkor came by to see Jellal and offered him a training session. As they arrived to the Training Grounds Wilkor asked Jellal how he learnt Raikiri ''oh..I don't know what went through me my anger just escalated sparks surrounded me and the lightning charged on my kunai it felt like I knew what I was doing'' Wilkor was impressed how Jellal acquired the skills he wanted Jellal to hone them to make him control it. ''Alright Jellal let me show you something'' Wilkor takes out a piece of paper and shows it to Jellal, Wilkor held the paper with his two fingers and the flare burnt the paper ''Whoa! Wilkor you burnt the paper with your two fingers'' Jellal gasped and amazed of seeing Wilkor's ability Jellal tried to do it too but the paper scrunched together ''Hmm so your ability is officially Rakiri'' Wilkor looked at Jellal's hands and notice there were some scratches ''Jellal have you thought of any lightning jutsus? ''Yes i've learn't one called Chidori'' Jellal charged his hands and a surge of light covered his hands ''Now just need to concentrate'' Jellal focused his hands to sharpen it and charged to a tree but something was different the lightning grew bigger and the surge was uncontrollable Jellal's eye's changed into a red like color and destroyed 2 trees as he released his hand he looked at his surroundings and saw Wilkor from a distance ''W-what happened?'' Wilkor examined Jellal and took notice of his eyes dimming back to blue ''Hmm looks like you've awakened of whats in you'' Jellal gave Wilkor a confused look ''eh?'' Wilkor slapped Jellal in the back of the head ''Don't destroy our village resources doing that'' he took Jellal's arm and carried him back to the Kuraen hideout.   


Hidden Potential

''Rule 8 - Never abandon your mission''


The Kuraen Family were having a practice session Jellal was absent that day as he was studying The Book of Kuraen - Kekkei Genkai, Jellal made notes on the past of the Kuraen's he discovered an evolution page art photo's of Kuraen Member's transforming in to Wolf's with demonic eyes, Book - ''The Kuraen's transformation Ōkami No Akuma is a form of a demonic wolf that goes berserk and eliminates its enemies'' What feared Jellal is that he saw a text saying ''One Kuraen Member transformed into a state of wolf form and it went horribly wrong he killed his allies and anyone around him, as soon as the Kuraen Ninja realized what he did he trapped himself in a cage and was unkown for eternity. 

*Knock, Knock*

A Kuraen Elite Ninja notified Jellal he was missing out on training, Jellal hid the book beside a shelf and followed on to training. The sun was really bright, Jellal arrived at a dry area seeing the Kuraen's train ''Jellal wanna spar with me'' Jellal accepted and took out his Kunai from his waist he focused the chakra and there a surge of lightning covered the Kunai ''Ready 3,2,1 GO!'' 


My Brother
''Brother, Lets see who can become Chunin first''


Jellal continued meditating in the forest he was concentrating his chakra becoming one with it, ''jellal-kun, lets spar'' a figure of a red haired kid tapped Jellal's head waiting for him to finish, Jellal got up and replied ''Sure Nichi-kun, hey how about this if one of us wins they buy the winner some ramen'', ''Sure! get your ryo ready Jellal because im gonna win this''. They raced each other to the Kuraen Temple, Jellal got his kunai out and Nichiro took out his Senbon's as moments past they took a brief moment of silence ''KOI!'' they clashed each other looking in to each other's eye's and saw a wild creature both inside of them, Nichiro - ''Fire Style: Fireball Jutsu. Jellal concentrated chakra and emitted lightning to it ''Chidori!'' Jellal ran inside of the flames and the lightning-sparked and gathered around the flamed ''Crap, im gonna get smoked'', ''Ha, how was that Jellal?'' Jellal ran inside used a substitution technique and jumped out of the bush and threw a senbon and charged a lightning spark to it ''Take this, this is a new jutsu I've been working on Lightning Style: Chidori Senbon!'' Jellal took out senbons from his pouch and charged lightning chakra through it making it sharper and agile he threw them all waiting for Nichiro's next move.


''Heh, two can play it that game'' Nichiro formed a hand seal Jellal has never witnessed before, Nichiro blew a small flame and started doing more ''Fire Style: Phoenix Flower Jutsu!''


The flames took half of the senbons away but the rest grazed Nichiro's arm Jellal covered his arms to protect himself from the flames and used a flicker technique and teleported behind Nichiro ''Not bad, Nichi but here's where it ends!'' Jellal took out a kunai and charged a lightning spark around it to paralyze Nichiro but then Nichiro's focused his armed then immense chakra flowed around it ''Nani?!'', Nichiro hits Jellal's stomach which blew Jellal away and knocked him out ''Hehe guess your buying me that ramen good game bro, your Chidori Senbons had me there'', Nichiro gave Jellal a hand and they walked to the ramen store. As they arrived Jellal paid for Nichiro, Nichiro put his hands in his pockets and got out a ramen coupon ''Two for 25 Ryo's how about that'' they both ate and filled their stomach's ''thanks, bro, by the way, how did you channel your chakra to your hands?'', ''Oh it's quite hard it took me a lot of meditation to do this'', ''impressive, Nichi-kun I wanna ask ya something'' Jellal got up and raised his thumb ''Let's see who'll become Chunin first! it'll be a competition, so what do you say?'', Nichiro smiled and gave Jellal a fist bump ''challenge accepted''  



 The Fierce Proud Kuraen: Wilkor

''Try, try and try again''


In the Kuraen Temple, there was Jellal meditating trying to focus his inner abilities he tried focusing water chakra ''damn it Jellal focus'', there was KuraenWilkor observing Jellal on what he was doing ''that kid's meditation seems a bit off he needs to pull himself together, Jellal stood up and took out his Kunai he started swaying it left and right trying to figure out what's keeping him down Wilkor - ''What's up Jellal? seeing your meditation and kunai skills like this seems off, Jellal startled by his entrance and greeted Wilkor ''Father, how are you doing? I see you've been busy with the missions Lord Hokage gave you Jonnin is a hard work after all'' Wilkor smiled and scratched his head ''well yeah the ninja life isn't that easy, anyways whats up with your training?'' Jellal looked at the sky then looked back down to Wilkor ''I'm out of fighting spirit I need motivation'' Wilkor smacked Jellal in the back of the head ''Ow'' ''What are you saying? You are a talented ninja you've proven your strength in the last Chunin I'm sure you can do It again'' Jellal rubbed his head and smiled ''Your right, during Chunin us Kuraen's have proven what we are capable of and so far what happened 3 Kuraen's earned Chunin not only that a Jonin too'' Wilkor smiled and took hold of Jellal's shoulder and he used the body flicker technique to teleport to the Kuraen Training Grounds. They both walk in their position they took a moment of silence and charged for each other ''KOI!'' - ''KOI''. Jellal threw a big fumma shuriken and threw it at Wilkor, ''Is that all you got?'' Wilkor formed hand seals causing a great flame to come out of his mouth ''Fire Style! Majestic Flame Destroyer!'' a great flame came out.


''What the! such a huge flame!'' Jellal stood for a moment with fear until he stood straight and formed hand seals ''I don't know if this will work yet tch'' The water level rose and there came out a dragon ''Water Style! Water Dragon Missile!''


The two jutsus collided causing a steam to arouse the atmosphere, Jella gave a quick look to see his surroundings and jumped to a high tree to see if Wilkor was in a position he saw him out in the open and took out his kunai and performed an aerial attack ''take this!'' Jellal hit him but then *poof* it was a shadow clone ''you thought It would be that easy huh?'' Wilkor took out a line wire and tied up Jellal to a wooden log ''Dammit I'm not going down like this not today!'' Jellal's eye's emerged from blue to red and his body became buff he hit the ground causing the ground to shake he charged for Wilkor and it looked as if Wilkor was a wolf his eyes were demon red and his movement speed was fast he grabbed Jellal and knocked him from a distance causing rocks to tremble ''Never thought you've come all this way with Okami no Akuma'' the rocks ruddered and Jellal came out injured ''this is my last resort'' Jellal got up and formed hand seals as he sureged lightning to his hands and charged straight for Wilkor 


Wilkorerupted the ground causing Jellal to be trapped in a prison the lightning faded away and Jellal fainted. Moments later Jellal woke up in the Temple and there was Wilkor meditating by the waterfall ''Got some rest?'' Jellal nodded and looked at his arms the grazes on it caused by the lightning ''Father your...too strong I see why the Hokage picked you'' Wilkor got up and raised his thumb ''Jellal you still need more practice next time you better win me that chunin rank if not your training gonna be like hell you got that?'' Jellal shivered with a smile on his face ''hehe sure'', ''I told Arashi to go hard on you don't have to ask him'' Jellal and Wilkor continue meditating in the temple 

''I hope someday I'll be like you father''







Jellal's Personal Life And Family


Jellal like's eating dango's and ramen he likes to spar to hone his ability's, whenever he feel's down he like's to have a 1 on 1 to express the way he feel's in a sparring match. He also looks up to @Kuraen Wilkor and @Dairuto as role models to him, he feel's there is a hope for anything that comes his way. Jellal's brother Nichiro is a strong ninja his use of medical abilities and Fire techniques blow his enemies away, Jellal likes to spar with Nichiro to reach his limits. Jellal's will is to one day become Hokage and to lead his people and carry on the will of fire he'll never give up till the one day reaches his goal he acknowledges the people around him so he can learn more to become an awesome shinobi. He is really creative when it comes to making jutsus he likes to use the Flicker Technique and Chidori at the same time he calls it Dancing Hakushen Chidori, he's currently trying to master the Flicker Technique and studying on how to control it properly. He uses hand to hand combat at times but relies on his trusty kunai his father gave him when he passed away he's talented when using it hitting his enemies and he examines their direct weak point's he's currently trying to master a kunai lightning dagger he's able to do at times when he's in a full concentrated mode anything that disturbs him; a stone anything will put him off. He's stubborn at time's when it comes' to him being a failure but he see's that it's a sign telling him he has more to do in the ninja world and enjoying his times and hanging out with his friends make's him reaching them even closer.



''The time I retire as a ninja I wanna find a student and teach them the ways of a ninja and sure the'll be me being strict at times of course but the image I see of them is bright and they will carry the will of fire, he'll be like a son/daughter to me I can see it''