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  1. sandboxie
  2. damn you cant fking answer just a question lightning scales with int for build above 1k hp and 300 chak dependds on what you prefer
  3. in a rp side ninjas dont choose their mission but i agree that getting three times a mission is kinda stupid
  4. buff wm thats fking all
  5. design

    second hotbar pls tired of switching in fights to put traps
  6. Content

    hiraishin *0*
  7. Content

    i wish that the map would be bigger
  8. ooh thanks mate
  9. actually for me its the night my gf is sleeping but i'll join it later why not ( i"m just an old school chatboxer xD but i'm french and my english is ahem laughable)
  10. i know its out of the topic but we should have a chatbox when the server goes down xD