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  1. A couple of months ago I found old footage of some of the spars I used to have with my friend @Wave daily. I wasn't sure what I should do with them but watching them fights kinda gave me a nostalgic feeling. Then I remembered that Wave and I told each other, at the end of alpha, that one day we would record our "final fight" with our advanced chakra natures. Sadly it never came to be. So, instead of a final fight, this will be more like clips from our spars and training sessions out of alpha. But most importantly a tribute for a great player and friend named @Wave. Oh and thanks too @Shigure from who i stole this thumbnail haha (Note: These fights are mostly from Alpha) So without further ado, enjoy!~
  2. Good old bounty days, and the second one was my entry for the winter&new year picture event back in 2016.
  3. Didnt want to get in this, im a huge fan of both X and Pac but you cant say X was more lyrical then Pac. Many rappers talked about Pacs lyricism, even B.I.G gave him props for that: 0.32. So if somebody like Biggie says this even tho they had beef, you know its true. But this thread wasnt created to create an arguement who was the better artist, its to mourn the death of somebody who died way to young and had so much potential. RIP X
  4. Ayy this looks lit
  5. you are a fuccin god take my babies already dont worry people think im a female so no will find OUT Mai secret


  7. Very interesting clan concept.
  8. Nice Song!Hope you attach another when you reply me!:DEminem - Berzerk.mp3

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      ye its good

  9. @Rory You should also add Luke Cage to your watch list
  10. That really depends on the server, i remember having some ping problems playing on the hawk server back then, only time will tell tho
  11. I hope europe xD, most players are also european so i think that would be the best option
  12. Feature

    Hmm let me think, why did i knew how your reaction to this would be?
  13. It was a nice journey watching these characters evolve and become stronger
  14. Happy birthday.

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