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  1. This looks pretty dope, i like how the wind chakra starts swirling up around the users feet. Would love to rock that jutsu
  2. Do the videos have to be made recent? like made in the past few days? if not i would like to use these 3
  3. So recently ive found a video that i had been working on a while ago, it was meant to be a sequel to the first random moments video i made over 3 years ago. I wanted to get more clips together but thought it was about time to release it for it gets even more dust lmao Random Moments 1 Random Moments Part 2
  4. Ayy this looks lit
  5. @Rory You should also add Luke Cage to your watch list
  6. That really depends on the server, i remember having some ping problems playing on the hawk server back then, only time will tell tho
  7. I hope europe xD, most players are also european so i think that would be the best option
  8. Feature

    Hmm let me think, why did i knew how your reaction to this would be?
  9. It was a nice journey watching these characters evolve and become stronger
  10. My cold winter pic
  11. @Wave @Saku TEAM 7 in the Building! XD
  12. Art

    Daym those new Jutsus looking lit as hell! cant wait too see the new jutsus for the other masterys!
  13. Welcome Gronkh!:D had to stop when i was scrolling trough the site and saw your name xD

  14. Art

    daaym that looks cool
  15. its probably going to look like this
  16. They will,ill try to show you
  17. Great news:D cant wait
  18. It was needed believe me, if you would have pvped you would have seen it coming from a WM
  19. yo man i just realized we joined on the same day XD

  20. its happening!:D
  21. yooo youre profile song is dopeeee

  22. Music

    The Sand Canyons really sounds amazing,It gives a good feeling!
  23. Still trapped in the Infinite Chat-box Jutsu D:

  24. 29 Googled Naruto MMO:D