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Age: 19

Birthday: 17th of December

Residence: Konohagakure

Clan: Hinode

Rank: Genin

The Beginning

Born to the Hinode clan Kotaro was a young academy student that focused greatly on his studies and combat abilities.
Well versed in his knowledge of the village and clan he went on about his days dreaming about the lessons he had been taught from his parent. Discipline, strength, knowledge were all things his parents required of him. He could never reach the standards his parents had set out for him. Continuous rigorous training helped him through those days. He always used to be a failure compared to his siblings. But as time passed by his goals changed and his motivation grew.

"Im done being a failure. If I'm not born with talent I will work my way up to there and you'll see I will succeed!"

His days of being an academy student were coming to an end, the time to prove himself that he could become a genin grew closer. Anxious but ready he took the test and passed it with flying colours. So he thought... "I should have finally proven myself to my parents for once they should look at me and not my siblings now it's my Time to shine... finally." But nothing changed, they didn't acknowledge it as an achievements, they didn't care that he had passed his exams. All they cared about were his adopted brother Yamamoto Takeshi and younger brother Hageshi. they were always the ones getting all the attention. But he didn't hate them for it, all it did was leave a void inside of Kotaro that never disappeared.

Wandering around the village he met a weird white haired man who noticed he was in distress. He reached out to Kotaro, listen to him, helped him trained and make him a lot stronger. He felt good having someone finally look out for him. From that day onwards he wanted to become someone like him. "when I grew up I didnt know who I was, now after years of doing missions and training myself trying to follow the path that had been set out for me, This person finally helped my find my own path. The current hokage of the hidden leaf village... The man I see as my teacher. I will make you proud of what i become!" 

From that day onwards he followed the guidance his teacher and mentor Shirou gave out to him.


Endless fighting didn't help. War was horrible but I needed to do something about it. Killing was necessary. It wasn't the time we could just be lazy and think that the next day would even come for me or any of my family. Life in war was hell continuously having to worry if you'd make it out alive or not. the only good thing was that there were clan members that were there for me. But one day it didn't end so well... I got mortally wounded, the survival rate was low but there was a chance I could survive and it could also make me stronger but there was the possibility of losing my mind and I took the risk. I went to one of our clan doctors and allowed him to go through with it. It was painful this curse mark helped me regenerate and helped me get back on my feet. but it also awakened some kind of power inside of me. it changed me, it's made me more ruthless, less kind but it was worth it. the power felt great when using it. there was no way I was going to give it up. It saved my life and made me stronger. Now I will use this power for my clan and the village.

Life in the leaf village

First chuunin exams

Second chuunin exams

Hidden curse

Elder of the Hinode clan

Uncontrollable bloodlust

Balance and inner peace


Dont really care anymore.