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Name: Bmore92 [ B ]      Rank: Sand Genin      Age: 24     

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Bmore is an individual who never thought he would become a ninja.. yet alone a ninja of the Sand Village but has become very dedicated to the Sand. Bmore's past memories with his family are dark.. His Father was known from the Blood Mist Village or also known as the Village Hidden by Mist, not much is known of Bmore's mother except she was from Kirigakure. One day as a very young child He overheard his mother and father talking of a son they had sent away right before the great war would begin. Unfortunately Bmore's parents both died in the war leaving him orphaned. After months of confusion He was taken in by The Sand Village.. Years would past and he would pass his Academy test and become a Genin of the Sand. Bmore's goals include: Becoming the best swordsman the Sand Village has ever seen and to find out what happen to his brother he overheard about, if he is even alive. His Nindo: Is to never run from a fight, scars on the back are the biggest disgrace to a true swordsman.