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  1. It is a good idea, but I would say, that it would just cause more problems within the community. Also, it would be most likely be difficult to add it to the game. Either it would be a simple buff like youthful spring, the gf buff or even a cs like buff, visual wise of course. Combat animation wise, it would be very difficult, because as far I know, you need to adjust all kind of character sprites to match the new moves. Sadly it is often underestimated.
  2. I did notice, that it would be kind of odd to say "smuggling would be a kind of fast traveling" Instead of having a "fast travel", you could combine the players interest with it as well. The travel scene on top of a boat across the water, could just be in a dirty dark room, with pvp enabled. (For the smuggling part of course.) Using this method of traveling has it's risk, but people should be aware of it, considering it is a shady kind of thing to do. For the risk of the normal traveling, a randomized arrival would be completly fine, I totally agree with that.
  3. As you said. Mini, dark bridge, south tigers & the bridge. Those are locations you can reach, without any disadvantages, you can fully prepare for what's coming without being surprised. If you try to get to mist, you either, lose your hp and chakra, by the attempt to use the long way. Or you sit in a ship, which is nothing but a trap for the actual trap. (Maybe I should mention that the Kraken hits for 910 damage & flickers..)
  4. Mhm, I'm not saying to just invite them, considering.. who uses that kind of way, is not going there to have a cup of tea. It will be either cause of a mission or personal reasons. But with the current content, the land of water, kind of seems like a fortress. It would make sense for the Village itself, but the entire territory..?
  5. Hey, thank you for the honest opinion. I'd like to try to clear it up a little, if I can. The overall topic is based about the fact, that both Sand and Leaf village are losing a huge amount of players. It leaves them open for attacks from outside, with a huge disadvantage to actually fight back. Currently, you can either just wait for them to arrive the Territory harmed and without chakra, after the long march and the contact with the Kraken.. Or you wait for them to get out of the boat, just to run into a trap. So, this "smuggler" suggestion, is more like a suggestion for an (easy to add) solution to make a change, without a huge amount of editing inside the game. (It is more than obvious that the Nin-Staff got enough work already). Considering the lore of the mist village & nin's setting for the mist, just offers a great platform to add such a thing, of course you should not see the way the smuggler uses, considering, it is a secret passage. (As an overall change of the boat feature, it would be acceptable to be in a small room wich should be inside of the boat/ship. As mentioned, the water obviously is no water pipe, so... why using a tiny boat? - That would add more freedom with the "alternate" traveling options.) Greetings.
  6. First of all, I would like to mention that I would enjoy seeing realistic ideas or changes to this kind of topic. Especially of those, who might feel touched by this. Hey Ninja fellows, Leaf and Sand village are both losing players to the highly awaited Mist village, which is no surprise, considering it is the village people have been waiting a long time for. Don’t get me wrong, it is not a Topic about equality or favouritism, it is more a reflection of a few discussions inside different Discord conversations, especially in Leaf Discord we recorded a huge loss. As in life, people come and go, it’s completely alright. Yet, we kind of do feel powerless in terms of the Mist village. This is not because the players moved over to the Village, but it is because of the highly difficulty in even reaching that Village. Yes, it is a village in the Mist, surrounded by Water, but let’s be serious. It is not a water pipe we’re talking about. So only having 2 possibilities of traveling over to the mist, is a bit... amusing. Without the intension to insult anyone of course. So, let’s take a quick look at the 2 options I mentioned above: The first option is the 5 minute ship ride with a very... small amount of space which literally ruins any kind of motivation to roleplay on there... I mean, have you guys never watched Titanic before? It becomes awkward if the boat is stuffed with people, even though there are max 2 seats on it. Imagine, you feel like going back to your village and suddenly share the boat with a group of 6 Akatsuki’s, it doesn’t sound logical to me. The second option is a long walk across multiple wide zones of water, where you encounter a Kraken that literally beats the crap out of the Ninjas who dared to challenge it. Now, since we all enjoy the game, and do understand that the staff team is having a big pile of issues to deal with currently, we tried to find a realistic and yet fair method to act as a bridge or solution for this kind of issue. The 2 suggestion which was formed inside the Discord channel of the Leaf: First, you pay a smuggler to bring you across the water. After the payment, your screen becomes dark, you receive a quick message and wake up in a small cottage at the mist-port zone. (should at least have 2 possible spawn points, so people actually can’t be welcomed with a huge number of traps and firewalls.) Second, you got to beat a boss (based on the smuggler scenario) to get an additional method to get over the water. Of course, this shouldn’t be a free ride for the Ninjas to have an easy travel over the water. You could simply create a small questline around it, pay the “beggar of the mist” a few times in a row an unknown amount of Ryo, and receive the information’s to start this quest line. I would love to see the feedback, feel free to correct me with your opinion and suggestions. Greetings. Special thanks to the Hokage @Vali who asks for a solution, instead of letting this sorrow boil over.
  7. Well.. there has been a lot of warnings about the fact that "Clan selections" are permanent. The only option you got after picking one.. is leaving it. They made it clear, that we will not get a second chance to pick another one.. I would guess that it is no bug. Yet, if it is, I won't mind taking back my words of course. (Not like you have to take me serious here either.)
  8. An auto loot system would kind of ruin a few parts of the game. I'd say, if people of the same village can pick up your items without a timer, then I'd suggest to allow friendly fire pvp in those zones too. You want it? Fight for it. Sounds fun to me at least.
  9. In my opinion this Topic is nonsense. Considering majority of this community is avoiding death once they got the option to do so. We could just replace the npc to a Panda who kills them instead. Don't tell me you won't use the boat as well, if there's no "suicide" option around.
  10. Oh. I can't say something about what you have done to have this happening. But as almost any active person in this community, we won't look down on you. You might have changed something to cause a few problems for the development progression, but in the other hand, you did spend a lot of time with the community and the team of NinOnline. I can't speak for everyone but I want you to know: All the time you spent in NinOnline as an impressive artist, a really kind moderator and most importantly, also a part of the player community will stay alive with every single person that crossed the path with you. I really do wish the best for you, don't let this experience drag you down. And maybe, just maybe, we might see you again in the future.
  11. With the risk to sound weird. Why don't you just create a Tutorial that teaches your strategy? Offering lessons sounds like a Platform for toxicity and annoyance.
  12. Well, I think that it could be added, yet I'm sure it would be though to Script it. You could just reduce the character sprites to head, hands and hair to get the swim effect.
  13. Maybe. Its a good reason at least.
  14. You're welcome. Already got an idea, what mastery you would like to use?
  15. It would not be smart to give a time. As always, huge updates consume time and patience. Things never go as wanted. With a time given, the stress on problems is increasing a lot. Nobody would be happy with it. Use the time instead, to plan your character, new Journey and try to figure out where to level. Its a topic that has no risk to get out of hand.