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  1. Just leaving this here. :3
  2. Don't push yourself, take all the time you need! Make sure it doesn't affect your health either :3
  3. Konahri i love you! happy new year =)

    1. Konahri


      Happy new year to you too o/ Thank you :3

  4. Would you help RP Mission 1?
    How will I do ?

  5. Nice! I really do hope we get a few more Feminine hairstyles as well ' u'!
  6. The Problem in that Idea is: Its too late rofl. Leaf already has all possible resources to get yourself a nice boost to level 30+. Snakes are at the moment probably the best and most comfortable spot to level at. Yet you can't really take that spot with 2 level 30's versus 5-6 of them. ' -' That Idea shoulder have appeard in the beginning :x
  7. You can't just beat people up and ask them to help you. You do that before you attack them. Beside that, you attacked me right at the borders, how many Sand Ninjas could you have asked in that map? lol. No, but a Council is still below the Kage. If the Kage tells you to not attack low levels, you should respect it.
  8. So, I just met Indra raiding Suna again, shouldn't the "War Council" hold on the words of his Hokage? In my opinion, Loyality sure has a low priority in Leaf hah. I expected you guys know who you select as a Council! Attacking lower levels against the order of the Hokage, is not really leaving a good light on the Village.
  9. For sure, beside that. You're not alone! I'm sure alot of people at Leaf can help you out if you got questions. ' -'!
  10. Don't worry, You was not the only one getting that message. Hah
  11. @Oniikage, I hope you're not being serious with that silly comment. Open Beta isn't something you can go easy with. They did mention unexpected issues that delayed the progress. Yes, you might want to play for free. but I can imagine as a player you would want some quality as well. Beside that, Gold/Silver members are not playing for free. This is why they get to test it early during the Closed Beta phase. Instead of going all offensive, you could show some respect yourself and ask nicely for a Closed Beta-Access Event.
  12. Fire/Water only tournament? I'd watch it :3c
  13. Sounds like a 1sided war. XD
  14. Feature

    I did! - Reason why i dropped a like on that announcement :3c
  15. Well, thats the question. If we want the Beta to happen this year - we might shouldn't tell them to host another CE. ' -' that would be 2 projects to work on = more time to finish both. I guess some small Events might be more of a refresher xP