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BIO:                                                                                           Uchiha Symbol BALCOIN Uchiha Symbol

Name: Balcoin 


Hair: Purple

Eye Colour: Gold and Snake-like

Skin colour: Pale

Height: 5'10

 Age: 26

Gender: Non-binary

Sexual Orientation: Gay

Rank/Classification: Genin 

Clan: Jakusha/Kazuki

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral 

Masteries: Nature Icon Water 

Family: Chinome/Kurama/Jakusha/Kazuki

Titles: Queen / Leader

Place of Birth: The Kingdom Nataris

Land of the Sea Symbol Land of the Sea

Place of residence: Hidden Mist Village

     Land of the Sea Symbol Story Land of the Sea Symbol
 Growing up in the kingdom of Nataris was peaceful only thing human were like my father Belcoin the fishermen or mainlanders that I would watch cross the oceans tho it was graphic to look at as a child as the guardian of the ocean it's name was Hafgufa many feared and respected it as it kept outsiders away from the island which kept us all safe to live our peaceful lives since we've all heard tales of the chaos on the mainlands within the lands of wind and the lands of fire my parents always told me stories of the times of war where man would come to our lands to wage war on a village on the other side of the island the kingdom of Nataris was safe due to the creatures that lived within the kingdom and the plants that men feared as they would experience things they couldn't expain if reaching our shores plants such as Ghost grass it would make anyone that touches it hallucinations making them believe they are being haunted by the ones they've killed or the most beautiful flowers on our island called the Dusk rose for they were known to be the most venomous plants ever encountered they also very much feared our locals since they've never seens such creatures before such the Gorgons which my mother Stheno was one of, the Naggas and the mermaids they lives in the waters below the kingdom always peaceful until threatened it was a mystical place to grow up in tho my parents wanted me to remain within the kingdom since I would be next in line to take the thrown but I wanted to have a full life with the experiences of attending the academy within the hidden mist village thats been under constant attack by ninjas of the lands of fire and wind never understood why they hated us but I wanted to learn and maybe pass my knollege of medical ninjutsu and practices to make the village safer since I know for a fact that if the hidden mist village falls it won't be long before men decide to come after my home and I can't let that happen.