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BIO:                                                                                           Uchiha Symbol BALCOIN Uchiha Symbol

Name: Balcoin 


Hair: Purple

Eye Colour: Snake-like

Skin color: Pale

Hight: 5'10

 Age: 25

Gender: Male & Female

Sexual Orientation: Gay

Rank/Classification: Genin 

Clan: Jakusha

Alignment: Neutral 

Masteries: Nature Icon Wind Nature Icon Fire 

Family: Chinome/Kurama/Jakusha

Titles: Queen / Leader

Place of Birth: Hidden Leaf Village

Konohagakure Symbol

Place of residence: Takumi 

                                                                                                   Konohagakure Symbol Past Konohagakure Symbol   

Born and spend most of my life in the hidden leaf growing up wasn't as bad as it was ages ago due to my bloodline or should I say, my mom and dads, people are more understanding and they grew to accept us do to our power a power i have yet to gain since i left the hidden leaf due to taking part in a war that changed my way of thinking i have always been a person of peace until i killed someone it changed me and haunted me so I left the leaf and went to the hidden sand village hoping to be at peace little didi know the change of leadership would have open my eyes to what was really going on the war was simply the misunderstanding and effort of trying to make peace as I was exiled for not sharing the same views of the Kazekage I tried to make a life in Takumi a small town protected my missing ninja it's not perfect but I lived as fought to defend the many innocent lives living there.


                                                                                                    Uchiha Symbol Now Uchiha Symbol