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  1. You have to understand that at the end of the day it is a game. People don't have the patience or will to stand guard, just screen-watching and doing nothing else. The game doesn't offer players with anything for screen-watching. People login to PvP or do missions (if they're not level 50). It just simply wouldn't work without heavy rewards from Kage's side, even then people would most likely just afk like they do on Guard Duty missions. This is something the game has to reward people for else it wouldn't work. Many people stop playing because they find the grind too hard and daily missions not rewarding enough. The game mechanics aren't difficult to understand that people need their hand held until they're over level 20-30. If players are asking for help, whether with missions or general questions, it's up to the villagers online to help them out. But as you may very well know, Jero, the game is pretty much dead during certain timezone because majority of the playerbase is from NA and Europe. If there are no people online to help, players cannot do anything about it, wiki would be the next best option to look for help. If something like this was implemented, Kages would have a better way to help people in the village by adding short tutorials or description about the most common missions new players ask about. This was attempted during Deathmall's time as Hokage but wasn't fruitful. Again, it's a game and people login when they have free time or when they feel like playing. Getting people online at the same time even if they're from the same timezone is not as easy as it sounds. This just doesn't happen. If it were to happen, you'd have even more people complaining about Kages giving out those rewards to their friends or people who don't deserve, whether true or not. Staff is very well aware of this and that's why Kages are not even given Event Coupons to give out as rewards during village events. Regarding RP missions to be conducted by ranked ninja, it's a whole different topic. A good RP missions takes a minimum of 30-40 minutes to conduct. If people are not being rewarded for it, they won't do it. Even people that ask for RP missions, if the missions didn't exist to give people exp, they wouldn't want to do it. So, it's harsh to blame ranked ninja for not conducting RP missions. It's easy to say that you would host lots of RP missions when you're Chunin, but when you actually attain the rank and power to host RP missions you realize it's exhausting and not rewarding enough. Ishyn tried to pay Chunins ryo for conducting most RP missions in a month, but again, it didn't work out because at the end of the day he would have to be paying out of his own pocket and without a system of taxes set up, personal ryo runs dry very soon. Most players aren't playing the game for its RP aspect, they are playing for its PvP. Without help from the staff RP missions will continue being held at the same rate they are being done at now.
  2. Hello Leaf! Elections have finally concluded in the Leaf Village and the village has chosen their Council and Hokage. We present everyone with an opportunity to meet their new Council and Hokage tomorrow at 1pm EST in a short inaugural ceremony to be held outside the Leaf Academy. The ceremony will serve as the official beginning of the term of the 4th Leaf Village Council and the 5th Hokage and give an opportunity for the villagers to get to know their Council and Hokage. Hope to see you all there! -5th Hokage @Fritzo -4th Official Council - @Sour Suwa @Nitche Mirana @Corgee Sasayaki
  3. A lot of players have been facing the same bug recently. Using /mapcache usually fixes the issue. You just might need to do it on almost every map you go but once you do it, you won't have the problem anymore.
  4. There's a jutsu called Cell Regeneration that you can learn when you reach level 30. You can use that jutsu to heal yourself as well as others. Alt + Jutsu hotkey to heal yourself.
  5. Treat wounds isn't supposed to heal you if you're casting it. It was a bug that has been fixed with the recent patch. They also made NPCs being able to cast combat buffs like heals on. As for treat wounds not healing at all, I can only think of is that you might be out of range while trying to heal someone. It seems to be working fine for me.
  6. I would like to sign my name up as a Candidate for the Leaf Village Council.
  7. Game

    Actually, it's not a projectile bug but a bug with substitution. For whatever reason, sometimes when your sub breaks, you spawn in front of your opponent instead of at their back. I've seen it happen with flicker+jutsu almost everytime. That is what makes jutsus like firewall and earth spikes dangerous. Someone flickers to you and uses a triple projectile jutsu, your sub breaks and you stay in front of them instead of teleporting to their back (like you should) and hence get hit by the jutsu.
  8. Game

    Do you have the flicker jutsu? You need the flicker jutsu to use teleportation pads.
  9. This isn't fixed yet and is getting quite annoying now. I had to ask Sezu and Rory to kick me multiple times from the server during the latest CE exam because my client disconnected but my character stayed logged in.
  10. Game

    This is because no homing/target jutsus work on map edges. It isn't limited to just mystical palm.
  11. Game

    It is a pretty old bug. It isn't just limited to poison cloud. Basically any non-projectile jutsu that has a DoT (poison scalpel, poison cloud, big flame bullet) can cause this bug when used on clones. Also, it gives the DoT from the jutsu to random people logged in the game, it can be you or someone else from your own or another village on a completely different map.
  12. It doesn't happen though. When there's disconnects due to my internet I am able to log back in right after, but when I get the random connection lost error, I am unable to get in on even the same account until someone kicks me from the server.
  13. I seem to randomly get the "Connection Lost" error while I'm in game but my character still stays logged in. I can't get back in again because of the MAC address restriction. It's happened four times within a week, had to ask Sezu to kick me off the server the first time. Got back in after 20 mins of "Connection Lost" error the second time. Kenock kicked the third time and it's happened again just now. I wasn't casting any jutsus just moving around or standing idle all four times. The server was online as were other people and I checked with them to see if my character was still logged in. Now that MAC address restriction is a thing, can the devs please add a force logout option on the website for situations like these so I don't have to go looking for a GM that can kick me so I can get back on?