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Name: Moira20190130_234521.gif.fd987340e0e81e02d9db7674223f82f6.gif

Age: 19

Height: 163 cm

Weight: 55 kgs

Current mastery: Medic

Current Rank: Chunin


Moira is a nice and extremely patient person. She grew up in a village named Suna, always playing around with her poisons. But once she used it too much, usually her poison was meant to be funny joke, but this time it changed her whole future. She didn't control the venom inside of her anymore. And that horrible day she made dinner for her parents. They died in terrible pain covering the floor and walls in blood from their inside. After that day she never wanted to use her poison, never again... She chose different way, the chakra.

Her heals were strong enough to don't let anyone die.She had ability to bring back to life. But regardless of situation when she had to fight, she was remembering her parents. Seeing their faces in everyone. She keeps her family and friends alive for the whole time, even when they can't see at all.Deeply inside Moira wants to meet her parents and stay with them on the other side, but she doesn't want to disappoint people who trust her, She became empty, learned how to don't show feelings and keep the good face. But when she's out of control, the venom inside is waking up.