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  1. its a nice idea but as rory said earlier this would also take more coding and time to be done so what we need right now its a middle ground for players and rory to be satisfied with,getting the bounty if they are combat logged to you is the easiest solution right now
  2. so you got a problem with me responding to ppls comments on my last post ? i said im quitting the game i never said i will never look at this forum again.
  3. Giving your opinion about why you are leaving is a hate speech now ? thank you for telling me smart pants.
  4. thanks bro,you too! ^^
  5. I checked to reply to peoples questions,if that bothered you stay away from my posts.
  6. i guess he should add a dislike button
  7. Yesterday i made a post saying i was leaving and it got removed,yet i get no information to what was wrong with my post that it needed to be removed. This is feeling more and more like a dictator ship,things that arent liked are removed without notice. You know if you dont like something about my post you couldt at least tell me to edit it or tell me the reason why it got deleted. Everyday you prove to people that the game is getting worse and worse. Either way,goodbye.
  8. then do the simple one,if they are combat logged to the person that person will get the bounty
  9. did you check the second floor? sometimes all the snakes spawn on the second floor
  10. I think u mean server restarts,not resets
  11. Name: Kyreno Rank: Genin Reason to join: Everyone is police,i dont want to be left behind and i would never fake reports like some people do Tai/Water FTW (unless mac is lagging)
  12. The players who dont agree with this are those who like to keep their bounty high and if this idea is implemented they wont be able to save their high bounty anymore
  13. I like the art and the suggestion but at the same time i have my own doubts. Isnt it a little too much drops for one Boss and all of them sound really op for compared to other drops since they will have special abilities. That would take all the attention from the other bosses. Imo instead of making all those drops for one Boss you should make drops for different bosses. Like new drops for Takumi bosses or even a new boss for sand maybe,a giant sand worm or something. Anyway i loved the art,keep it up!
  14. Even if we had it would probably be one trap at a time,its not worth it.
  15. Im not saying that he does all 3 of them,im saying that he can chose one of them whichever he feels like might be the best out of them or he can think of something better himself