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  1. I know this is an old thread, but what about reducing the damage when using a clone? like if you use 2 clones damage is 50% that of the norm etc.
  2. Saw your youtube vids man, haha dope

  3. Uglier than you think.

  4. mmh wonder if my chuunin mates are still playing the game xD



      c u there noob

    2. Rod


      Me ? Noob? sure hope you do not fall ofef your ego because of you do you might die.

  5. Wish i had sliver or gold right about now >.>:P  O,well have to wait till its open for all again :O

  6. Why have no one made a unofficial orginaztion or clan yet? :O

    1. Oktavia


      There have been some, even tho theres not much use yet. ' -'

    2. Rod


      i mean there could be some uses :P like by having a FB page the members can make tourney's , avenge fallen comrades :P and i dunno get party's to help lvl or just ask for help or.. stuff i geuss :P

    3. Natsuko


      1. they're all the same badly made crap

      2. Most would rather wait for the offical registration so they don't waste time

  7. can i get beta access please its okay if you don't want to give but would be nice
  8. can i pls get in seth
  9. Its been so many years since game started but no release D:

    1. Zeke



      It's a text-based game right now. Woo.

    2. Rod
  10. back for this facation

  11. will game ever be released...

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Akiro


      Then please prove me wrong.

    3. Hei


      I agree with Izuna. I know I did nothing but post random posts, but people are leaving because they think the game is dead.

    4. Ueda


      They'll be back when it's released. I don't have the time and energy to maintain everyone's expectations for now.

  12. leaving community till game is open for all cuz im tried of asshole pussies like wolf and izuna

  13. What game are u playing atm?

  14. Vote now who is most hated person on nin online!

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    2. Feinz


      Uchiha fagboy

    3. Hisa
    4. Electron


      People are begging to get hated. What is this world that we live in? Oh I know, it's surely not heaven.

  15. Afrikaaners will understand di nag van die lang mes kom aan

    1. Shirou


      I saw a bit dutch in there lol

    2. Rod


      lol yea dutch and afrikaans is alota like but then i geuss you know what it means?