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 Name: Duran

Age: 16

Rank: Genin




On a dark night, a baby boy was dropped on the doorsteps of the Kazekage mansion. The Higher-ups could not abandon the boy and raised him in the village as an orphan. Providing for him until he became of age. Duran spent most of his time watching the village from afar in the desert growing up, trying to figure out who he was and where he came from. He discovered his aptitude for his skills in taijutsu and slowly began developing his own fighting style inspired by the Sand Village, that took him in.  Scouts took notice and encouraged him to join the ninja academy.  


Duran is rather introverted and tends to shy away from big crowds of people, spending most of his time observing people before engaging. He is also very lazy  when it comes to training but if someone is asking for help, he'll always do his best.  He also enjoys to sleep in the academy break room.
Duran spends his days training his body to the limit in harsh weather conditions of the desert. He aims to become a master in taijutsu and is quite proficient in shurikenjustsu. He does not yet know his nature affinty.