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The Beginning

Ishyn, unlike most shinobi, wasn't initially birthed into a ninja's life. Born and raised in the land of snow, the young boy would begin his early years in a small sub-village that neighbored the land of fire, sitting right along both nation's boarders. The land was inhabited only by the kinsmen of this clan in which still, to this day, remains unnamed less known heard of. Given that, life was peaceful. Around the age of five Ishyn would be permanently stripped of his innocence which would force him to subside his short-lived childhood in exchange of a desire for vengeance. On the night of black sun (a festive solar eclipse in which the kinsmen believed symbolized the unity of the solar and lunar spirits) The clan would be slaughtered in mass murder by two veiled individuals whose true intent goes unknown. One by one the people fell from hundreds to none by the sheer will of these two cloaked individuals. Ishyn was one of the so called "lucky" ones. Rendered powerless under the degree that submissively entrapped him, he watched them all fall; friends, family, neighbors. It was clear the two rogue shinobi had no intentions of sparing any man, woman, and children. The repetition of pain and agonized screams shrilled in his ears as he shimmered frantically under his demolished home. Between the fire's fumes that withered not too far behind and the weight of the waste on top of him he found himself gradually losing consciousness. He ended up pinpointing his mother in the distance, fleeing the scene of blooded dyed snow. He chanted her safe escape within himself as the fire continued to ignite behind him, the sizzling creeping closer and closer. He had offered a smile of gratitude to the black sun as a sense of appreciation for the god's mercy towards the woman that birthed him. This smile would fade seconds later with the sight of her coming to a complete stop, falling to her knees, revealing one of the veiled shinobi as her perpetrator. He attempted to wail but his sudden plank upward would result into what used to be one of his house's thin rod-like pillars to crush his mouth. The pole that was attached to this obstacle landed above the pillar, adjacent to his left eye, threatening casualties under the slightest movement. His eyes gathered tears as the crying of an infant sprung about from under his mother's corpse. The shinobi would then bend over, collecting his baby sister who hadn't even breathed for so much as of a year, gripping the blood coated girl by the ankle, dangling the child. With a kunai the shinobi set Ishyn off, It all happened so fast. With a outburst of heartbroken tears the pole railed downward, puncturing the boy's left eye. His vision, now going in and out, would fade with his sense of humanity, feeling as if his every breath at this point was in vain he'd give in.             


A second chance at life

Ishyn would eventually regain consciousness in a brand new setting, a dim-lit cave. He would then sit up to find the source of light and spot a fire. Just beyond that fire was a roped individual who was garmented in a different attire than his clan's invaders. The figure stood at the head of the cave in which opened up to a brutal snowstorm. His body was in excruciating pain and his face felt far worse. He sat up, looking down at himself in self pity. The figure would evade the silence, talking about just about any question the boy probably had in his mind without him saying a word. He furthered the conversation, explaining to Ishyn that he was the one who'd saved him and brought him here. As the masked man continued to speak his voice grew agitating for the young boy. Eventually the figure would shift the one sided conversation to a sensitive topic that would set Ishyn off. It was in this Ishyn found the strength to fumble onto his feet in attempt to throw a wild punch at the figure who'd ultimately evade the attack in unexplainable means. Ishyn would land just outside the cave, weeping in the blizzard off of the reflection of his own past shortcomings. The figure respectively stood in silence, not so much as moving from the archway of the cave in which he was leaning on.

"...If power is what you desire then simply take it."

The figure stated plainly before disintegrating into dust and blowing away into the blizzard. Ishyn would then bring his final tears to a halt, heeding the figures words and become obsessive with power. It was then he realized the agonizing pain he felt from his left eye wasn't from the loss of it but from the insertion of another one. An eye in which would soon prove to be more than enough to satisfy his thirst for power in due time.


Legend of the Ghoul of the Blizzard

As time went on legends would rise about a demonic being that possessed unreal power wandered the polar regions. What started off as one crazy man's story would become a well known heeded story after numerous naive samurai and/or bandits would put the urban myth to the test, very few living to confirm the reality of the story. It was in this the land of snow's tourism rate dropped rapidly forcing the daimyo of the land to acquire for professional help. He'd then notify the neighboring land, the land of fire, about the issue resulting in this ordeal becoming an A-Rank mission. Hidden leaf shinobi would rush to the scene as ordered to put the land at ease from the being only to almost instantly fall victims to the Ghoul's legacy as well. Ishyn, now seven in age, stood before the final shinobi in which threatened his existence who was none other than the hidden leaf's famous Kuraen Wilkor. He'd then engage his enemy, exchanging blows with him only to realize for the first time in his life he was outmatched. Ishyn fell to the overwhelming series of attacks from the man who lived well up to his reputation. He sat their, awaiting his end only to be shocked by a pat on the head by the elder ninja. It was at this gesture Wilkor decided to stay with the boy noting his barbaric combat style and lack of ninjutsu comprehension. Three short months past and in this time Ishyn proved to be by far the most talented shinobi the chuunin had encountered. Upon Ishyn's return to the cottage they temporarily shared he found a farewell note on the table. The note detailed Wilkor's return to his native land and articulated as reasons to seek the hidden leaf village out when he was ready to embrace the ways of the ninja. At this Ishyn would remain in his homeland, training himself until he was proud of his skills. 


Life In the Hidden Leaf

Five years later, having honed his skills far beyond an average ninja's capacity he'd leave the land of snow and head for a new life in the hidden leaf village. Upon his arrival he'd ironically run into the very shinobi who taught him the foundations of ninjutsu just before he was leaving for his mission. Noting his status, the superior ninja would have a home arranged for the Ishyn and had him enrolled in the academy. Ishyn would only manage to catch the last year of his generation at the academy in which he excelled in every subject. He'd graduate as the top of his class and Assigned to squad 23.Excelling on Water Release Ninjutsus and great ninja tools experience,he keep training.With great progress is now getting stronger,never giving up,until he reaches his goals.He is known in Leaf by most of its villagers and ninjas,as a kind yet calm and quite person.He may be noticed,chilling at the central square of Leaf,smoking,drinking coffee and reading small novels.Yet,a lot of times he may seen training away from Leaf,everyday getting closer and closer to the boarders of Leaf & Snow country...Feeling that something may still be there...

After months of hard training and mission,Ishyn,more mature than always,accomplished and mastered his second chakra nature,Fire.Proving himself on the battlefield and his royalty for Leaf Village,the place that became his family,we got adopted into one of the strongest and well known clans of the Leaf,the Sasayakis-Clan.Going deeper in Leaf,he created really strong bonds,between the village,the fellow shinobis and of course,his new family.

A certain event took place,that Ishyn couldn't imagine yet.As the year was about to end,elections were announced.It was about time for the current Kage to step down,as well as his council.Ishyn,remembering his past and what Leaf did about him,found a these elections a great opportunity for him to prove how much he cares about it.He was dedicated to make the best decisions about his village's future.It was  a surprise,for everyone and even more for Ishyn,when a big amount of Leaf voted for him.Getting all this support and trust from his fellow villagers,Ishyn's bonds went even stronger.