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Ninja Bio

...Yousei Reiketsu

...38 years young

...The abstract of solitude



Bingo Book Record:


" White Devil" of the Land of fire


Name: Hayashi, Yousei Reiketsu 

Alias(es): Yousei Reiketsu, Yousei,  White Devil.     

Age: 38 (???)     DOB: April 13     Zodiac: Aries     Bloodtype: AB 

Height: 169.1 cm (5'5ft)     Weight: 54.4 kg (119lbs)

Chakra Nature(s): (1) Medic    (2) Weapon Master

Hybrid Nature(s): n/a

Village: Konohagakure (Leaf)     Rank: Jonin   Clan: Hayashi 

Ex-Organization(s) Pt.1: Leaf Medical Logistics and Combat (Support/Researcher);   

                                         Pt.1: Leaf Village Academy (Instructor)

Ex-Organization(s) Pt.2: Riyūnomi (Leader);

Organization(s): Council

Affiliation(s): n/a



Physical Appearance:







Direct Family:

Hayashi, Sylvia - Daughter

Hayashi, Tsukion - Son 

Kuraen, Emiko - Daughter (Adopted)

Suwa-Shi, Sofu - Daughter (Adopted)



Kurotsuki (Hayashi), Shirou - Father (Separated) 

Kiyousei, Mikaele - Mother (Separated) *Deceased*

Hayashi Bloodline Relations 


3-Man Squad (Squad 23): **Terminated Affiliation**

Kuraen, Wilkor - Sensei 

Sasayaki, Ishyn - Comrade

Chinome, Laguna - Comrade *Deceased*


3-Man Squad (Squad 3): **Reformed**

Jin - Sensei (Taka Leader)

Kuraen, Vali - Comrade (6th Hokage)

Kuraen, Ohiya - Comrade 


Significant Impactors:

Reseda - Genin (Role model)

Booty Gang Captain - "The Greatest" (First and longest friend)









Upon every final gasp one takes, sparks the pavement for new air to have its turn at life.

We know this yet very few can say they comprehend in full what this reflecting statement means. 

It's unnatural, Inhuman at that. If the meaning of life is to die then does that make me broken?




A Genesis 






Origin:                                                                         ...Revamped

Yousei Kurotsuki would open her eyes for the very first time in the hospitality of the two individuals, @Shirou & @Mikaele, she'd soon come to address as her parents. As the woman gestured the infant's, premature body toward her husband the baby would slowly process the scene through her large, round, enamoring eyes, carefully observing. While the two engaged in a joyful, heartfelt conversation, the baby would assume an uncomfortable realization of what it meant to be conscious, confusing her birth for more so of a rude awakening. With her lack of intel upon the new concept of life, the baby girl would cry in confusion. Naturally with a caress along her cheek and thoughtful dimmed words deemed upon the child by her father, she'd subside her ill-minded thoughts and entrust the man with her peace as she fell sound asleep. Their warm words bidding her happy dreams as she zoned. Though their exchange of words came across as bitter gibberish to this baby, her consciousness would prove more than what met the eye for in time for her sense of perspective upon the world and its inhabitants would grow far more keener than anyone else's in the years to come.


...What does it mean to be Hokage?


Early Life (4-7 years young):

For the time being life was fairly peaceful. Time served as the only opposing force for the shinobi of this era seeing as to how fast the youth were growing. Yousei stood now at the age of four, all head and all mouth (talked a lot). In these years, she'd primarily spent majority of her time reading vast materials that came across her path right up until those rare occassions in which time permitted her very few moments to greet her ever-so-busy family whenever they returned home. Given the fact her father served as Konohagakure's second Hokage his presence around the household was seemingly non-existent, nevertheless the company of her mother was enough to promote the growth of an emotionally stable girl however, whenever the time permitted it she'd pesture her father to help her with learning the fundamental shuriken techniques and essential melee forms necessary to become a successful ninja. While her mother's appearance was a little more guaranteed, seeing her was still rare. Noting so, whenever her mother was free she'd try to get the anbu-level kunoichi to teach her a thing or two about chakra  control. It was in this Yousei continued to work bit-by-bit in honing her skills as a shinobi. By the age of seven she achieved the confidence to inform her mother she felt brave enough to attend the academy the following school semester. Almost instantly upon this decisions Yousei would experience a weird transition as a voice inside her head made its presence known and continued talking to her from then on out.


...I want to be good enough. ...Not just for you but for my sake too.




Premature (8-12 years young):

As Yousei continued to grow so did her synchronization with her inner bloodline. She excelled in the arts of ninjutsu in such a way that proved equivalent, if not far superior, to those of jonin rank. These skills completely underminded her limited buki and genjutsu capabilities thus making her a prospect shinobi many looked forward seeing grow. While on the surface her life seemed as if things were being mapped out well for her she dealt with internal issues. It seemed the more she grew, the more silent the guiding voice inside of her head grew while a newer, more demented one would assume its place. It was the momentum of the episodes this inner being caused to surface within her that made her a piece of work. She hadn't had much friends noting her bipolar manner in which her peers often labeled her as being. She spent the duration of the four year term in this agony, slowly forgetting the aspect in which she wanted to become a ninja in the first place. Her final year however, she would fall short on the ninjutsu boards, succumbing down the leader-board of her graduating class by a single point which would land her a spot in second place in rankings. The first being a young shinobi by the name of @Ishyn Sasayaki would rise to the plate. She was many things and in a sense, all things but a loser. These scores would forever develop an inhumane sense of obsession for the shinobi that outperformed her.


...I have to be ...The strongest!


Genin (13-14 years young):

Upon the final day of the academy Yousei was appointed to be apart of team 23, a faction led by Konohagakure's famous wolf clan founder, @Kuraen Wilkor. Fate would also play a toll in this establishment for she was assigned on this squad with the very shinobi she envied in a very post-aggressive, confusing sort of way. noting this squad being the last one of this generations class being established, they would have one vacant seat for a while for the class fell short at an ineligible number to complete this generation's final 4-man unit. For the time being, these three made up the squad until further notice. Eventually, with time winding down to the 4th annual Chuunin Exams (Hosted by konohaakure), the team would be complete with the recruitment of @Laguna Chinome, another cunning shinobi born a prodigal in the art of his clan's kekkei genkai, the Gētogan. With her squad, Yousei tackled missions and trained all in the name of the will of fire. Though minor troubles may serve as in depth dilemmas for her she  overcame the situational traumas, subsiding her inner demon to get the job done. 




NinOnline History

Genin Chronicles - Story Arc




"Everyone wants to be important but of those people very few are willing to discipline themselves into making something of themselves. Just watch me grow, you'll see what I mean..."


Chapter I - A Tale Of Youth And Innocence...

Times seemed as if they couldn't possibly get any darker from what the present day had to offer. Yousei watched from her young eyes as the world once again seemed to fall apart. War sprung about almost constantly. If the shinobi of Konohagakure weren't already on the battlefield they were planning an ambush of some sort to gain the upper hand. She would watch as Konoha and Suna continued to deepen the wound of hatred they had for one another. As a result, fine shinobi from both behalf's would leave their nations having either lost their wills of fire or questioning everything their nations had them fighting for. It was in this act Yousei would lose key role-model shinobi such as @kur, a highly skilled kunoichi in the medical arts, @Itachi Chinome, the leader of famous Chinome clan, @Niti Another Chinome kinsmen who was infamous for his unique Mugen Getogan, and her very own academy professor, @Jun Zakura, who she deeply cared for. Mixed emotions would hinder her performance on the field leaving her to take her training a bit slower. In her down time she'd heal the new batch of genin that were fresh out the academy as she slowly overcame her inner traumas. The demon inside her would feed off these degraded emotions and had begun to tamper with her chakra network thus permanently severing her ability to cast elemental ninjutsu... In time she'd seek out her old academy instructor who'd then prove his disloyalty to the leaf in her eyes by striking her unconscious with a simple chop to her blind spot, knocking her unconscious. She'd awake on a bench in her village, wee hours of the morning with a blood encrypted scroll detailing the fundamentals to medical ninjutsu. With this she further studied the teachings of her original instructor in hopes of achieving a sense of feeling close to him even though he was far, far away. Out there in the world, somewhere...


Chapter II - We Are Yoru...

As time went on Yousei would be forced to move past the loss of her academy teacher and began furthering her skills as an independent shinobi. Given the fact her squadron grew more responsibilities as they continued to develop in skill they'd gradually drift apart from their routine-like get togethers and handle more organization and/or faction based tasks. On the day in which Laguna had decided to catch up with her on her progress, the two strolled south of Konohagakure, making their way to train. To the duo's surprise, the training grounds were inhabited by an enraged clan bears which threatened the land through their territorial mentalities. Natural these creatures were to be driven out, all while providing the team with good practice. Yousei would then share laughs with Laguna, embracing the long lost sense of unity time had depraved from them. The laughter would die down to a blunt "I have to kill one of you" from an unknown third party. Yousei would then pinpoint the source in which the voice directed from, depicting a masked shinobi to speak those words in existence. The shinobi would repeat themselves thus stimulating Yousei to hide behind Laguna in unease. As the conflict proved inevitable through an series of pleads the masked shinobi revealed herself as @KiwiiKat, an extremely talented shinobi who was also well known for her well developed literate skills. She'd explain to them prior her intent, reforming the infamous Yoru organization; A faction in which use to hold the most notorious of shinobi however went under the radar after the leader allegedly disappeared. Laguna would then order Yousei to return the news to the village and warn them of this news before triggering his getogan and taking on the rogue head on. She did as she was advised, warning the townsfolk what she had just witnessed but her pleads went underminded. Later on that evening Laguna would return with the wounds to show just how serious this ordeal was. Kiwiikat was then labeled as an S-Rank criminal and was ordered to be in pursuit of. As the dispatch team stayed hot on her tracks they were ambushed by a series of shinobi who were all in allegiance to the organization. It was at this moment Yoru had once again made its statement to the world.


Chapter III - We Were Yoru...

With the recent stir of the reformation of the supposedly dead organization life in the leave became a bit different. These were darker times and the shinobi world hadnt ever seemed so dangerous. There were always shinobi departing from the village faction, after faction, all to join up in the massive battles that often took place. Yousei couldn't stand the thought of war and foresaw the violence never ceasing to stop so she'd take it upon herself to do what she thought was right for her people and traveled into the heart of enemy territory alone. At the sight of first dawn she was off, running swiftly along the sandless pavement, feeling the terrain change as she came upon the foreign land. She'd store chakra upon coming up on an ocean to ensure she could walk on it for just enough time to reach the island that sat parallel to the mainland. She'd follow the water into the heart of the landmass that opened up to its own exclusive island  basin which revealed a small village, Takumi. She'd enter slowly, doing her best not to stand out among the native townsfolk. Her efforts would prove futile when a familiar voice greeted her on her arrival. Confused, yousei would dart her eyes to Kiwiikat who stood afar amongst a group of particularly suspicious cloaked faction of shinobi. Yousei would ease over there feeling if there was no way out. Kiwiikat would explain to her in full what motives she had for leaving the village which served as a comforting factor for some of her platoon to unveil themselves. Many familiar faces stood out among the faction but one voice really caught her attention, Jun. Overwhelmed with emotion she'd hug him, wishing he too would unveil however he declined noting he'd "changed" (New body). Her sense of worry would die down in the surprisingly humane conversation she had with Yoru's members. She'd then begin preaching about rationalizing the world in peace and unity to the members who politely entertained the thought but felt it impossible. Nevertheless her charm got to them and they all shared the momentary laugh until another shinobi appeared before them. Her inner self, a voice she hadn't heard in a while, would state "...Brother", bringing Yousei to an awed out silence. His cold gaze seemed to have a mouth of its own for she knew it was time for her to departure from this land she was non native to. She'd come to the realization that she had just stood before the infamous @Artwork and felt a peace of the intimidation very few lived to tell others about...


Chapter IV - Bonds...

Yousei would return to her training good as new. Having intaken the sight of her old affiliates she felt somewhat at peace with herself however an undefined toxic feeling would linger. On one particular afternoon as she was training her medical ninjutsu capabilities she freeze in sudden paralysis as she realized one of the younger genin she so called herself looking after possessed the eyes of a familiar person. As she further fell into the younger girls trans the individual hunched over, springing out the body of an inhumane man that slithered in a snake like manner. It was none other than her old instructor Jun. A bit surprised to see him again and a bit confused as to why he inflicted her into the disabled position she was in she was forced to listen to him detail a series of his ordeals as well as foreshadowing a few of Yoru's. She found the strength to at least speak back to him, causing the superior shinobi to lick his lips in surprise of this maneuver. He'd then reveal that she was the next best thing if he couldn't have the real thing. Following these words he'd rope his neck outwards to hers, biting her neck thus inflicted her with the curse mark. Her face would quickly shipped from one that was lost in awe to another trapped in excruciating pain. Upon this he bid his farewell. She'd then would be found by @Maj Chinome who rushed her to the infirmary. Yousei wouldn't awake until a week later, with an urge to seek both Jun and Artwork out for answers. To her surprise the voyage wouldn't be necessary for her father had already sent carrier pigeons in advance to talk peace amongst Sunagakure as well as Yoru...


Chapter V - Darker Days...

Before anyone knew it, the seemingly well thought out meeting would prove to fail as reality once again served as the world's sole opposing force once again (server crashed). The shinobi found themselves subsiding the resolve of conflict and returning to their melacious ways. Immediately Yousei was forced to retreat to her native land. With the day ending on a sour note she'd jynx herself with the thought of things couldn't possibly get any worse than what they already were. Fate would take a toll in her life, declaring that the laws of the universe were boundless, morality wise. As she settled in to her quiet home, a nameless jounin would appear at her doorfront with words of unease. Yousei, having once again appealed on the verge of death in the climatic recent events subsided everything the superior shinobi spoke about until he denounced the intel he had referred to a shinobi of squad 23. From that moment on the world seemed to move in slow motion as he proclaimed @Laguna Chinome dead. Her eyes would illuminate with tears as she demanded to see his body. The jounin was unable to supply her with the corpse given the fact his body was eradicated in combat between a superior shinobi who specialized in nuclear devastating techniques. Though the man articulated the scene in such a shady way, her internal emotions would fall victim to the agony of her friends loss. The following day Laguna Chinome would be denounced dead, despite the loopholes in the cause, and mourned over by his loving village.


Chapter VI - Like Wilting Leaves... 

Soon enough war would once again reign over the shinobi world with pride serving as the hatred's gasoline and vengeance as the world's dictator.  Yousei was never the type to seek harm on another's soul however even her sense of peace began to grow disturbed as the girl came into the realization that things wouldn't change for the better for the people of this war didn't want things to get better. It was that spiteful mindset that sparked a new emotion inside of her, the emotion that masks the identity of bitter hatred. It was this hatred toward the selfish that would evolve her mindset and transcend her thinking capabilities to vast desires. Naturally she'd once again alienate herself from the people of her own village; often standing to the side, deaf to all those who addressed her as she sat in her solitude, quietly listening (AFK) as the shinobi of that village continued to speak upon matters that tainted the reputation of "shinobi" all together. For a while now, she'd feel out of place and began to ponder on the thought of what peace truly was...


Chapter VII - Bad Blood... 

Yousei would eventually become the talking stalk of the village. Despite her lack of conversations the villagers took note of her rapid growth. The thirteen year old genin would assume the physique of a sixteen year old girl in the matter of a few days. This lead to individuals researching how such thing was possible. The only information pertaining to rapid growth derived from a book on Reiketsu origin, detailing the age factors of these shinobi depicted from ones attitude. Noting how Yousei seemed to stray away from her optimistic, outgoing traits it seemed quite rational to declare her as a shinobi of this clan. Unfortunately for her, the Reiketsu were a well regarded clan noted for the uprising of many of the modern ages' tyrants. It wouldn't take long for word to get out. Instantly she'd be regarded as a criminal. People no longer saw a bundle of joy when they looked into her eyes nor did they even see a troubled girl but they saw @Arty Reiketsu, Leader of the infamous criminal organization "Yoru", @Crowlock, A missing shinobi of Reiketsu origin, well noted for his extreme melee capabilities and recently spotted garmented in Akatsuki attire, and even @Wolfskin Reiketsu, a young leaf prodigal in the arts of fire that was recently exiled for his just merely having blood of this clan. Everyday she'd sit quietly, silently swallowing spoonfuls of bloodline discrimination whole. She'd go from feeling out of place to assuming a whole new level of alienated... And pursued a way of this life. There were times she'd stay home and cry her heart out to her thoughtful mother however her comfort would only last so long for her mother too, was also a shinobi and needed to tend to her role to aid the village against the seemingly never ending raids. Knocks on her front door would become a frequent thing. If it wasn't her mother asking her to politely let her in on occasion then it was other jounin, sent to question her father as to why his daughter possessed the blood of this bloodline. Their efforts would prove futile though for he was never home. In fact, he seemed to just vanish. The knocks would eventually die down with in her silent, lifeless gaze, awaiting the next set of knocks to happen. And this is how things were for a while...


Chapter VIII - Yin's Yang... 

Though times to be looking for the worst it wasn't all bad. To her surprise, her old comrade from the now inactive team 23, @Ishyn Sasayaki made time in his schedule to visit her to ensure she was alright. His thoughtful gestures would continue throughout the days promising his genuine care on a daily. It wouldn't be long before she'd step out into the world again. With his support she felt as if she could do anything. Fate began to work its disasterology once again just as she thought things were getting better. Shortly after @Deathmall Sasayaki assumed the title third Hokage, her father was now spited in the village and regarded as an S-Rank traitor. Subsiding ill minded comments aimed at her was one thing but her breaking point seemed to give the moment her father left her. For a brief time she felt betrayed all while being called a traitor herself within the gates of the leaf. The village had no faith in her for she was bound to embrace evil as her blood relatives had. Soon enough the night died down along with the village of konoha. Everyone would sound asleep in their homes as they always had in the night hour. Yousei found herself standing at the corner once again, utterly lost, hopeless so to speak. Her piece would be disturbed by a shinobi baring the headband of the enemy forces. Though he came in humbly, the wise shinobi took a spot beside her. The two would engage in a surprisingly relatable conversation. While both felt lost and out of place, time would prove that their ways of going about finding themselves differed as each of them strayed on seperate paths. The shinobi would address himself as @Vaga before taking his leave. Though his wise words laid out the foundation as to go about figuring out how to deal with her insecurities, she'd take the hard way out. A path she'd soon come to realization would prove as barbarillistic as the very types of bloodthirsty shinobi she couldn't stand.


Chapter IX - Little Red Riding Hood... 

On the following morning  she'd awake in surprise to a carrier pigeon along her windowsill. She'd expectantly gesture for the message the letter the bird offered, flooding with emotions as she realized the notable handwriting was none other than her father's. In brief it detailed where he was hiding out for the day if she wanted to see him. She then made haste, packing a small bag, writing a small letter to her mother detailing where she was going before heading on her way. As she started down toward the village gates she'd be stopped by lord third. The man came at her genuinely, revealing that he was hosting a clans leader meeting to learn more about the bloodlines of the people of his village. He'd continue on revealing that he envied her thought process and offered her the role as village events coordinator. Unfortunately she had already made up her mind, she was too far gone with this village. The only thought she could concoct was leaving this place in which caused her so much heartache for so long. She'd politely respond to his remarks before the hokage went about his day and she continued down the path. After the gates Yousei would take her time strolling down toward the dim forest, intaking her final sights at the place that bared all her memories. Noting it would be her last time welcomed in this land she'd visit a few key locations before reuniting with her father. The shinobi would ease her way to the place in which team 23 was formed to stop and analyze the scene. The three stone posts seem to stay the same, despite years tolling onto them. She'd then smile lightly as she recalled all of the memories in which that team shared. Her smile would dim down into a lifeless gaze as those memories elevated to the modern day. A moment of silence would evade the atmosphere as she closed her eyes in respect to the fallen comrade. Once done, she then turned around to start back along her voyage only to hear a loud female voice, declaring  herself the 48th hokage. Fate would take another swing at her as she approached the source of the wreckless assurance. The young girl stood no more than eight years old, bearing the crest of a freshly equipped konoha headband. It was in this Yousei adopted an unexplainable obligation to speak to this shinobi for fate seemed to have already begin its work in laying out the future...


Chapter X - Destiny... 

Yousei approached the girl and asked for her name. In response the young shinobi would address herself as @Hikari Chinome. Upon those words Yousei, now having the satisfaction of knowing the name of the shinobi that mirrored her former self, turned away to continue down her path. The young shinobi  pursued,  revealing her hopes and dreams, furthering Yousei's outlook of this new character towards herself as a young girl. She was beginning to take a liking to this shinobi for she firmly believed she was the future. To Yousei's surprise, the girl had also taken a liking to her as well and declared Yousei her sensei. Yousei hadn't responded to her remark, instead she stopped in her tracks and began to unfasten her headband protector. The confused young genin watched careful all eyed, expecting some sort of lesson to come out of this. Instead, Yousei, simply handed over her headband before shadow blurring away.


Chapter XI - The Great Escape... 

Without haste she embarked on her journey, racing along the leaf coated branches toward her destination. As detailed in her father's scroll, she'd intercept him in the forest (B2). Once there she met his gaze, returning once again into his warm embrace. Their family reunion would be cut short just as her platoon's sensei, @Kuraen Wilkor arrived and proceeded with assaulting the convicted jounin. Naturally Yousei would attempt to aid her father however her actions would prove futile as she found herself preoccupied with @Kuraen Rumaki, a fellow shinobi of her graduating class. The fast pace battle would prove troubling for her as she attempted to go head to head with the famous wolf clan members only to find herself becoming a liability to her father as he now had to adjust between the toll of battle and switch from offense to counter upon strikes to ensure she avoided any of their blows. Eventually the combo's proved even overwhelming for those of a kage ranked shinobi as the Kuraens ignated Shirou's body into what seemed to be a combustion like death as his body fell lifelessly, engulfed by the flames. Having witnessed the scene up close Yousei roared in an piercing scream as she darted toward Wilkor in whom she held accountable. She swing violently at him with a half drowned face, revealing no intent to reason. He silently dodged her emotional swings only to find himself backing up to the base of the tree behind him. His eyes widened as she continued to rally an attack aimed for murder. With swift reflexes Kuraen Rumaki would save his cousin by knocking her out with a swift chop to the neck. They silently watched as she too fell lifelessly in silence. From that moment on her vision would phase in and out. Before she knew it, she was in the hospital on an operating bed, catching bits of the conversations of her peers as they gossiped upon visiting her. Yousei would phase out again and find her herself being plunged out the window as many voices screamed from afar. The girl would phase out once again to find herself now being balanced on the back of a cloaked figure as he attempted to shake his pursuers. She'd finally phase out and awake in a small wooden home in which she'd sit up to a patiently waiting cloaked individual. He'd silently discard his cloak revealing his identity as her father. She squinted hard as she tried to understand what was going on in her illminded state. He'd silently smile onto her, revealing his front developed teeth before tending to her care. For the time being, Shirou and Yousei would be assumed missing until they would make their impressions on the world once again...


Story Arc Finished 




NinOnline History

Lost Chronicles - Story Arc




"In the beginning there was just me, all the same in the end I will continue to be my only ally."


Chapter I - Once Upon A Time...


Image result for the end gif


Before anyone had known it, time seemed to proceed onward at a rapid rate once again. Yousei, who had been noted in the vast bingo books as a the missing leaf stray would soon become nothing more than a memory. In this down time she often reflected upon the past, further feasting on adopted hatred from the very nation in which she called home. Though things were different now ironically enough her current state of living was similar to those in which she grew up under. For starters, her father was never home. Though he no longer bared the hat of the Hokage he now burdened the duty of a secret cult (Akatsuki) in which he demonstrated in sporting the factions uniformed robes. Most of the time it was just her in their dim-lit cottage. Not obligated to do anything but attempt to live past the traumatizing events that had occurred a matter of months before. Naturally one could only simply get over such things and go about their lives but the rage stored inside would prove superior in weight in which her heart could subside. From a small window she watched the small townsmen life of the residence of Takumi, prepping herself mentally for the world's unique way of enforcing its irrational chains of events that were to come. Eventually she'd come to the conclusion that she was simply tired and would be back to her loving charismatic ways and patiently watched the positive aspects of the village though they came in few.  Nevertheless she found the courage to go off on the outside world and actually interact with the villagers in which she had spectated from the view of her window.



Chapter II - This Is My Life...

For the first time in forever Yousei would ponder the outside world, all bright eyed and mouth, openly greeting everyone she came in contact with. She stood out amongst the crowd for the towns people weren't accustomed to such a free spirited individual. It wouldn't take long for her to befriend the population. Between new faces, old enemies, and/or old comrades she sat with them, investing the time to genuinely hear them out, their ideals, and the ration behind their actions. Nevertheless she'd come into realization that the so called "missings" weren't all as bad as they were made out to be. For a brief time, things were ok. Whether or not her relocation to Takumi was by chance, fate, or karma didn't seem to matter for she felt as if she finally belonged somewhere. Unfortunately the world felt otherwise as the tides of war seemed to relocate to the front doors of Takumi itself.



Chapter III - Black Stained Hearts...

The tides of war had never subsided, not even after her departure from Konohagakure however Yousei and her father's refuge seemed to further add on to the hatred. For the time being the two would serve as living crosshairs in which threatened their livelihoods constantly. Her father was one thing but she was another. Unlike him, she wasn't yet capable of defending herself, even now as she stood practically a master medical shinobi. It was for this reason as well she hid in the hospitality of Takumi. Nevertheless a grudge would fuel the leaf shinobi to pillage the small village, ransacking everything in sight. Showing no mercy to any man, woman, nor child thus leaving the village utterly lifeless. Yousei would watch silently, lost for words as the remaining survivors either prepped their belongings to embark on a path of refuge or simply repair the little damages they could and return to their lives. Heartbroken for what she witnessed she took it upon herself to attempt to enforce self appointed justice for the people of this land. The following day she would propose a speech in which depicted selfownership and retaliation against the leaf invaders but surprising these ordeals went underminded to the kinds of these people for they were either ineligible to fight, scared, or simply foresaw no chance of forming a difference. As the people dispatched from the village square in which they stood to hear her proclamation, the few shinobi that remained agreed to partake in this alliance. It was in this that this group was formed and served as the pillar of justice to takumi.



Chapter IV - Birth of Team Riyunomi...

After the crowd in the circle subsided, three shinobi remained. ( @Nagashi Reiketsu, @Yen Reiketsu, and @Wolfskin Reiketsu) These shinobi willingly pledged allegiance to her ambitions and for a brief time things were going according to plan. On a nightly bases, the platoon would embark on small missions to gain the upper hand in events to come. Though the tasks started at mediocre level, these surveillance missions would prove use in their tactical establishments. Though the group was designated to solely destroy the leaf Yousei couldn't help but aid the young genin as she passed through. The conflict that went about had nothing to do with them and for that reason she was merciful to the youth. While her factions little progress seemed to be assuring she began to appeal to the Takumi residence. The people appreciate their effort. It was in this the taylors and carpenters banded together and decided to construct garments and masks for the group to be identified as for their brief aid. As the group assumed the robes and masks they continued to embark on assignments but of bigger calibur. It was in this the Riyunomi needed funding and seeked the aid of the Daimyo for the funds. Taking their prior success and public well standing he invested in them, making it clear he either wanted the head of @Deathmall Sasayaki, the head of the Sasayaki clan as well as the third Hokage, or his money back within a three month's time frame. At this they shook hands upon the agreement and dispatched on their first assault mission. With the funds, They capitalized on their equipment and summoned the Akatsuki's very own @Niti. With that the platoon's stormed into the heart of the leaf, effectively lowering their numbers before their very own forces were pushed back. The day was declared a success as the Riyunomi returned home to their homeland, informing the villagers of the good news. Unfortunately, little did anyone know this was the beginning of the end. For the first of thousands of raids was on its way to partake its vengeance.



Chapter V - The Consequence For Playing God...

Returning on a broader scale, the leaf once again returned to Takumi, greatly reducing the population once again. Afterwards the village was reminded what the world thought about them, furthermore, why no one did anything about it in the first place. Instantly the people who once worshipped the Riyunomi hated them for making things worse. It was this once again the people that survived began to relocate, leaving the homes they've known all their lives. Yousei took this to heart for she was now choking on the backfiring of what she thought was right to fight for. The following day as she' returned from Sunagakure on an errand for medical herbs she would be assaulted by a minor leaf gang of shinobi. Having resorted to quick thinking she escaped the "near death" scenario and recollect her mental state in the privacy of her home. As the night died down she had a meltdown, roaring in lonely frustration, declaring all leaf her enemy. Her  blind rage from then on fueled her actions from that point onward as she insisted on muscling the dark path in which she began.



Chapter VI- Define "Reiketsu"...

The following day she would reunite with her faction, informing them that as of then the Riyunomi was disbanded. Calmly, her squad would accept the groups demolishment, informing her they were only tagging along for the ride because they were ordered to. The nerve wrecked Yousei stared blankly as they begin to explain that their elder brother appointed them to keep an eye on her until she seeked her inescapable destiny. Yousei had known only as much about the Reiketsu clan as the books and scrolls had which was a little all within itself. Now she stood before three real  life members of the powerful, bloodthirsty depicted clan who could answer any and all of her questions as to what exactly she was. She prompted them with the question as to what a Reiketsu was however they neglected to answer the question and suggested she would exchange words with the clan's eldest member and one of the longest living beings on the face of the world. In addition to truth she would be promised power in her enlightenment. With her anger fueling her greed for power to inflict vengeance she followed through to the requirements of the ordeal and stationed herself within the dark forest as instructed. It was their that exactly midnight a hood figure arrived and blindfolded her as prompted as well. Within what seemed like hours of walking the figure lightly nudged her shoulder downward, gesturing for her to sit down as he unveiled her blinded eyes. She opened her eyes to a small room that contained a strange array of people she knew or had known. It was then the hooded figure also unveiled and revealed himself to her as @Arty Reiketsu. She began impatiently asking a repetition of questions however no one in the room said a word, instead Arty simply closed one of his eyes then opened it once more, capturing Yousei in what felt like a genjutsu. It was in this state she saw everything he saw. From alpha to the modern day society. Everything he witnessed, she now saw as well. From the early civilizations, to every war, to every last one of her incarnations. It was in this she silenced herself, processing everything she had just retained and opened her dullen heart. Wishing pain upon the world as a whole, not just for the modern day but for every bit of war caused by the greed of men, since the beginning.



Chapter VII - Yousei The First...

Essentially after this night, Yousei is restored to her original ancient state of mind in which was her incarnation.  The following day she took a darker appeal to the things she normally did. She then picked up the sword and refurbished her long rusted bukijutsu skills. Silently she trained all day, awaiting the night in which was almost guaranteed a raid. It was in this she boldly waited the leaf shinobi out. As anticipated they came and with that she berserked, inflicting heavy damage on a few of their numbers. Shocked of her newly found boldness the leaf was forced to now target her as well. She fended off the odds as long ash she couldn't only to come in reunion with the Kurean's. Blindly she'd lung for severe blows only to be blown away with fire ninjutsu. It was in this her Reiketsu blood pumped, healing her burns quickly thus allowing for spam attempts. It was in this she was brutally wounded in a game of trial and error many times over though her hatred didn't stop her from wishing to kill them. Eventually the enemy forced would flee to recollect their numbers allowing Yousei to finally get path their impenetrable walls of flames. Once finally out she darted for the fleeing shinobi only to have her body collapse in the strain. Though her injuries were completely healed, her joints in her arm and leg took a heavy toll in her countless falls. It was in this she was rendered helpless and forced to rest. Quickly the population of Takumi that was able to fight would respond to the attack and head to Konohagakure for revenge. As for Yousei, she would be aided to the hospital by a few spectating nurses after the conflict died down, treating the inspiring young woman of her injuries in her down time.



Chapter VIII - Till Death Do Us Apart...

With her current state, the injured kunoichi rests within the hospitality of the hospital. She'd find herself drifting off a vast in slumber as she loses consciousness. She'd awake moments later to the sound of multiple footsteps climbing the staircases that led to the injured as an angry nurse called after them, declaring that location restricted. Instantly she sat up and reached for her sword in which she blocked an incoming kunai the instant she sheathed  her blade. Swinging her legs from her rest bed she threw the covers in which strapped along the mattress at one of the assassins as she instantly took advantage of his blind spot and diced his body dead. His partner fled the scene instantly,thus stimulating her to tail him. Naturally he'd outrun her, given her injured state however she had a hunch she knew where the shinobi had came from. She limped to Takumi castle in which the Daimyo sarcastically welcomed her. He explained to her her time was up and she failed to hold her end of the bargain. It was in that he took it upon himself to hire one hundred ronin to kill her for they were cheaper and far more efficient to hire than shinobi. She immediately took her blade and without second thought, pillaged through the hordes of swordsmen, killing them left and right. For a moment the Daimyo found himself nervous as he came into realization that she may in fact kill all of his swordsmen. The tide of the battle would change as her shoulder gave out allowing a second worth of time to penetrate her arm with a blade. She'd roar in pain as the remaining nineteen continued to penetrate her body with their weapons. She'd assume a posture on her knees that depicted a samurai's death. The Daimyo then stood up and began rambling on about how the world works. As he continued to talk she quietly listened, waiting for her Reiketsu blood to heal her just enough for her to kill him. It was in this, now with both of her arms disabled shed recollect her sword in her mouth and dance amongst the the remaining ronin. Killing all but two. Her Reiketsu blood could only do so much, nevertheless it was enough to allow her to take the eyes of the Daimyo before she was struck down by the two remaining ronin, Gafuki and Guren. She'd slowly drift off into a cold slumper with the screaming of the Daimyo serving as the last thing she'd hear before departing from this world. Yousei Reiketsu then died here.





Chapter IX - Impact...

"In a sense, a shinobi is many of all things. This one happened to be a friend to many, a sister to some, a lover of one and a dork to all (XD). Though a soul may departure from this world it isn't their conscious state that depicts whether or not they live or die but their impact on those around them that adopt their legacies within themselves, not as burdens but as strengths, that depict whether or not one truly dies. Perhaps that's why so many customs live on to see the modern world. To be able to say I've left them something is enough of an incentive to allow heroes to rest in peace. Though this story isn't your typical "and they lived happily ever after" tale, I think these thoughts alone are enough to allow me to slumper in smiles.... Dammit, I should've been a writer when I was alive haha. It can't be helped now though. In truth, I couldn't have thought of any possible way to end my novel. All I can do now is simply smile down on them."




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Wanderer Chronicles  - Story Arc




"Would you believe me if I told you if I could recall every memory from a person I don't even know... From people, to events, and even moments, I can recite it all as if I've lived it for myself..."


Chapter I - Birth By Sleep?

Awakened into the world without ration, A girl takes her first breaths. Unable to speak (mute) or hear (deaf) she silently sits in awe, reflecting upon the impossible rationality as to how she came to be. Nevertheless she has somewhat of an idea as to where she derived. An individual by the name of "Reiketsu, Yousei" seemed to be the focal point of all the memories she's retained... Even so, without a sense of obligation she wouldn't know where to drive her will. It was in this that she'd come into unison with a masked individual who's intent was unclear at that given moment. Just as soon as she entered the world she was willing to perish from it, calmly standing adjacent to the shady figure. Carefully analyzing the situation she remained still, unflinching to his bold reflex to come closer. Now the two stood before one another, letting the awe of the moment pierce the tense atmosphere. The masked individual would begin, calmly baiting the girl into the one thing she desired most at the given moment; answers. Intrigued, her face would light up with interest as he presumably intended. He calmly revealed to her who she was, before death in brief summaries. She would silently confirm everything she'd been told with the memories she now fostered thus proving his credibility accurate. From there, he'd speak on about the ones responsible for the death of Yousei Reiketsu, easing in the ideal that the temptation of man itself was solely responsible for her downfall. Reading in between the lines she figured he was stretching the truth a bit, considering despite how much Yousei was regarded as a traitor, she still loved the ones that condemned her. She'd wrap up the conversation herself, finally offering her input into his remarks by stating "If this world is as evil as you say then I wish to see it for myself." And with that she departed from Takumi. The masked fellow watched from afar as if he'd been dissed. For now she was clueless but in time she'd come into realization that in the end she'd once again be forced to come to a choice. The path taken by the countless lives before her, the path often neglected, or the route always overlooked. Even with her recruitment serving as an assumed loss for the day, the secret agenda was still on track...



Chapter II - The Road Least Travelled By...

Lone and naive, the girl would walk down a path of solitude. A path that offerened no promise of neither good nor bad luck to occur in the uncertain future. Nonetheless, she was well aware that her perspective on the world was in due for a huge awakening for the world in itself remained large and avast with many places yet to be so much as known to mankind. It is in this she'd walk for three years straight, visiting every nation's capital for her herself, seeing as to how unjust this world was proclaimed to truly be... In this period of time, Yousei undergoes vast changes in her initial charismatic scheme due to the fact she's constantly being exposed to character developing factors as she furthers her pursuit of seeing the whole world fro herself in this path of solitude.



Time Skip...


Within this three year timeframe Yousei Reiketsu had successfully ventured from her native land, the Land of Fire, to just about every major and/or minor countries on the globe. From Sunagakure Sand to Kirigakure Mist, Iwagakure Earth to Kumogakure Cloud, she even managed to venture to the minor names such as the Land of Iron, the Land of Snow, the Land of Sound,  etc. By the time she'd concluded her journey she stood much wiser than her previous life had. Though this was evident she adopted a disgust in the human kind in general and refrained from interacting with them. It wouldn't be until she assumed the responsibility of a lone orphan child that she'd even consider returning to her native land. The boy, in which stood the only one able to walk away from the barbaric lifestyle of an enslaved experimentee, possessed modified DNA from every major clan in the hidden leaf village, even her own. After subduing the terrified hostile, shed bite him with the fangs of a pureblood, stabilizing his Reiketsu blood lusts at the very least. Showing pity to his heart she fell short once more, allowing her feelings to alterher initial intent and ultimately sparing the boy. Before that day, the child had no name but instead was known by a four digit number, "0002". It was in this she renamed him and sought out her native land once again to set differences aside with the Hokage and inform him of the genetically modified shinobi that were found in one of the old abandoned hideouts she'd tracked down and what was potentially soon to come from an anonymous group of shinobi attempting to assume the role of God.





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New Konoha Chronicles  - Story Arc




"I've seen the world for myself, along with all of its types of people and I must say, at the rate we're going, we might as well just kill one another right now for true peace isn't applicable..."


Chapter I - Voyage's End...





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RP Sample: (GF Char)

The night seemed to hang lower as the freckled sky glazed the shinobi world in dim lit lights. Followed by the brustle of a large jungle branch the anbu, planking from the neighboring tree, grips it and thrust her body in a somersault to complete her acrobatic maneuver. Upon landing on an arm of the the third tree she Instantly backs into the bark, concealing herself from her pursuers. This was the aftermath of carelessness, the aftermath of what was to happen if the slightest misstep were to occur. It was these types of ordeals that separated an anbu's tasks of those expected of a shinobi of ordinary caliber.  In this dog eat, dog world it didn't matter if you or your comrade(s) were the one to make the mistake, everyone from that point on were held accountable in the harshest manner. Unfortunately her cellmate wouldn't be able to learn from this mistake. The night teased her from that point on, offering a variety of inhumane sounds then stopping every once and awhile in complete silence. She sat, stoned stiff, not so much as turning her head from peering behind her through her fox inspired anbu mask.

"C'mon... where are you..." she murmured under her breath.

The enemy ninja hadn't been too far behind, proving their endurance and tracking skill capabilities disciplined. It was clear her perpetrators were baiting her to carelessly reveal herself.  At this thought she sat, a while longer, closing her eyes and carefully rebuilding chakra at a small rate equivalent to those of an animals chakra capacity, making it harder for potential sensory ninja to pinpoint her. The moon served as this battle scenes only spectator, seemingly having shifted. They'd been there for hours, playing a game of chicken. Finally the enemy started getting a little aggressive, offering an exchange of bird calls among one another. She listened carefully, noting the echoes of the sounds growing. They were spreading apart, scanning the area. One in particular was chanting louder, marking the shinobi's soon coming. If it was time to move, it was now. She engaged with the massive chakra she built up.

A bit startled, her opponent reflexively dug in his back pocket, just below his jounin vest to attempt to seal the deal with a kunai only to be forced to deflect two wild shuriken she seemingly, poorly invested the proper judgement in throwing. Thinking nothing more of it he continued his lung. Now in midair, falling in reverse, she gestures her hand in circular motions. The night's light reflected off of what she was holding onto, a trip wire. His eyes widened as a made his final ill sounding bird call, attempting to notify his comrades. The wire stapled him onto the very tree she lunged from, making him completely susceptible to any, finishing blow. 

"8 Trigrams, palm rotation!!"

The wire she held spun at the rapidness of her jutsu, not only, dicing the shinobi she held captive in half but cushioning her fall just before hitting the ground. The upper half of the tree came tumbling down, marking her spot. Two kunai's instantly nail the anbu in her face allegedly. The three remaining shinobi fall from their hiding spots to unmask the corpse that killed their comrade only for it to fog up and reveal a log. Alarmed the three shinobi look around restlessly for her, completely disregarding the paper bomb attached to the log. 

A large explosion went off in the distance as the anbu ran, now miles away from the scene. She had escaped long before anticipated however the delay was necessary to ensure her smooth travels. Konohagakure wasn't too far now. She would soon be able to kneel before her superiors and discuss the casualties yet success of the operation. It was a pity that a lives were lost this night and even more of a pity of of those lives were their own. This was just how it is for us anbu, a title so many want but also a title not too many individuals can handle...




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