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  1. i like the v chat now
  2. i think the storms are to much espacialy inside the village and the night. i could barly see at the dark places now i just cant. will this stay a thing ?
  3. What is a aviery?
  4. i will join you on that topic haha but you got a point but the summons could help lightning with it too @Lidor
  5. srry Lidor but wrong post there are others who discuss lightning
  6. Hay, not trying to be rude but you guys could at least give us a month or 2 to speculate when the new update is comming. i log in like everyday for 3 months to see if the summon update or something else has come up. great for you ratings but bad for my health . all off the gm's i asked for something they say its comming soon. well soon is good but is soon a day, week, month or a couple months. slowly the interesd fades away. you guys are doing a great job on the game btw but we should know what to expect. or is it just me ? ty for your atention
  7. nice screenshots this one is thanks to Kenock and ty @sezu for getting me out
  8. I would like to thank you all.

    i am quitting the game. at this point i get really drained on the fact that i can not even deal some damage with lightning and i still have like a month to go before i reach an other element.

    i am 29 years old an do not have the time to get stuck in the game for to long per day.

    i took me 2 months to get to lvl 43 and i think that enough.

    my opinion is the game is 2 hard for beginners. i had to really endure the torture that the other villages gave me.

    i get the feeling of the people that say there is to low content because there is.

    onley being differen on the kind of stats is not for this eara no more.

    we need the creativity. so thinks of something like orochimaru look, find and experiment to get more.

    btw the wiki need big update on where to find things. not atractive to new players.

    beyond that i had a lot of fun ty guys.

    and FY booty gang who killed me like 100 times.

    Liroy out :) and good luck to all :D

    1. Wolfskin Reiketsu

      Wolfskin Reiketsu

      It's sad to see you go Liroy. It's been fun questing with ya bud, when we can. I agree with your sentiment about the killer grind. You have to be playing the game for hours upon hours each day to get anywhere to the point where it's better off you just do dailies and save time. Even then, when you start getting snow wolves at lvl 36 multiple times a day, you end up getting no experience points. There needs to be better variations both mission and mob wise. Honestly, there should be areas surrounding each villages side.


      But again, see ya bud, it's been fun ;( 

    2. Booty Gang Pinku

      Booty Gang Pinku

      I T S  T R U L Y  S A D  T O   S E E  Y O U   G O

      It's truly sad to see a great person such as you go from this community;-;
      I'm not gonna bother writing on difficulty levels on this post but I want to write a thank you message Liroy.
      It was great knowing you as you're one of the more happy people here...or at least in the game and on forums c:
      I'm really gonna miss you as i see you as a great person and comrade.
      I still remember right after i reset and i was grinding on spiders by Takumi that you started talking to me even though I was a missing. 
      I'm writing this with close to tears in my eyes as i don't want the community to lose someone like you :C.
      In the end it's still your decision so even if you go i wish you great luck and support from me! c:
      If you end up comming back don't forget to message your boy Pinku
      Again have fun and hope life goes well for you! c:

    3. Van


      I wouldn't quit man, just take a long break. Come back when the game might be better >_>
      Trust me I already quit sorta, I just check in once a week now. anyways, if you like Naruto games with custom characters and stuff then check out Shinobi Strikers, its a lot of fun and if ya want to keep in touch here's my discord Van#4572

  9. Ty all for the wonderfull evening :D



    Nin online 1.png

    1. Kaen


      Good job guys!

    2. Booty Gang Pinku

      Booty Gang Pinku

      I have no idea what happened but hey I guess good job?

    3. Kaen


      Raid at sand with all ninchildren

  10. @seth fuck you and youre stupid game i am out wanted to give a drive to the comunity but they are all to ignorant you could have made money off off me youre idiotic prizes for hair and shit did not mather. you are fucking overprized and to far up your ass to see whats going on good by and FY

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Booty Gang Pinku

      Booty Gang Pinku

      i mean i get your pain but im so mad about the mess i made i cant even think straight so i hope you calm down atleast

    3. Liroy


      bro i still nead the winner to give me an email so i can tranfer the winnings and then i am out 


    4. Liroy


      nobody wants to listen no body wants somethig commen.

      to see who is best of all.

      not just the lvl but the group.

      thats what is stand for if nobody whants that i am not at my place.

      Good luck to all.



  11. It all started with a noise,

    all was dark until i heard some one scream for help an then it came, the pain. I opend my eyes for as long as i could and saw a leaf falling, after that not much remaind of my memmory. i know they brought me to the hospital because they told me that they found me outside the gate dying. I was hurt pretty bad so i had to stay at the hospital for a few days. after that the leaf offerd me to stay with them and learn the way of the ninja so i gladly accepted.

    But since a small amout of time the memories are starting to come back to me at night, not whole memories but flaches. the bad thing is that there is always blood i don,t understand them yet but i hope i will in the future.