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  1. yea, i can tell
  2. Yep, everything is simpler and it looks way better to me.
  3. ummm when will the winners be posted?
  4. imma redraw it lol and imma draw more of the body dis time lmfaooo
  5. yes, thx but i knew that i was just trying to make it look a little more original lol.
  6. can i submit some more or would that be annoying ? lol
  7. New Ones
  8. can i add new ones to the one i posted up there?
  9. imma post one that i drew u guys might be surprised but its not my best work tho Here they are i drew them both in 10 minutes sorry about the upside down one.
  10. so we just nominate a picture??? that we made or edited of yes then my banner counts and imma upload a new one soon.