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  1. thxxx!
  2. thanks yu!
  3. thank you!
  4. Hey everyone! Haven't posted here in a while ahah, I wanted to show off some of my art. . i made these for some of the guys on my game dev team, had some fun making these! This is the Fire Release: Great Dragon Fire Technique started working on this and haven't finished animating it. These are some NPC's that i worked on for my game. Also here's some more random icons that iv'e been working on, that hawk is so incomplete lol. Had some animations i wanted to show off but i couldn't figure out a way to upload them up here. idk if this is against the forum rules but if anyone is wondering for the games discord its ( I'm also open for commissions!
  5. yea, i can tell
  6. Yep, everything is simpler and it looks way better to me.
  7. ummm when will the winners be posted?
  8. imma redraw it lol and imma draw more of the body dis time lmfaooo
  9. yes, thx but i knew that i was just trying to make it look a little more original lol.
  10. can i submit some more or would that be annoying ? lol
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