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   I am one of the cold-blooded. I am an ancient man cursed by the Gods of this realm to live out my days in shame. I feel no shame though. Not for getting my revenge and fighting against the tyrannical forces of nature, not for finding love and expanding my cursed blood line, and especially not for being alive. I accept myself for who I am, but will also not let destiny pave the way for me. That is my job.



   I sought to protect the leaf in return for my own protection. I delivered my end of the contract, but the leaf did not deliver theirs. Fellow comrades left me to die by brutes while I would always jump to their aid when they were in need. People would pray I would get strikes for fighting back against those who would torment us for fun. Well so be it. I left of my own volition.



   I became a rogue in search of the greater truth of this world. I wanted to gain a new perspective. I was discriminated against for being a Reiketsu and hunted for being a past member of Leaf. At first I did not fight back, I stuck to my morals. Then after several days I could not take it any longer. I would not be locked within a hospital all my life! I sought my revenge and grasped it with two hands as I let my foes feel what they made one such as myself felt for too long. 


Return to Leaf

   After two switches of the Hokage, I finally returned to the Leaf under the perception of a better tomorrow. The village became more peaceful and accepting under Ishyn Sasayaki's reign. Those who were done wrong and left in both anger and sorrow were re-accepted back with loving arms. I will protect all of these ninja of the Leaf, the new and the old, for better days. I have, but one wish and that is to preserve this life style for as long as possible.


Wolfskin Reiketsu the Toad Sage:


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