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  1. lol I miss spelled gentle first. Thank for pointing out ill fix it. xD
  2. Examples of fair use in United States copyright law include commentary, search engines, criticism, parody, news reporting, research, and scholarship. Parody count as spoof, send-up, take-off, lampoon, play on (something), caricature, or joke is a work created to imitate. sry im not that clear on it but if the content of it is changed slightly such as name or what it does it fall under parody wont it?
  3. copy right wont be a problem as long as it does not have the same name
  4. I think Rory will add them just takes time for stuff like this theses are just ideas im throwing around in hope that he sees them.
  5. I love that idea
  6. Sharingan The Sharingan should be a buff that adds one skill that can only be used once Sharingan is activated and add a small buff to all states. Requirements for the skill should be level 30 and 10 scrolls. (Optional adding the need to kill someone one friends list.) It also should not be mastery locked The skills should last 90sec and have a 50 sec cool down Stage 1 said to let the user copy jutsus such as Tai and nin. It should make it so the user can copy the last jutsu used on them not counting adv jutsus and only jutsus that cause damage. Have this have a high cool-down and not scale off of anything. (note if the user state is INT and the skill there coping uses STR to scale it will do lower damage.) Stage 2 is said to copy genjutsu its best to not add this one yet past on the fact not many genjutsus are in the game. stage 3 and the final stage is to make them able to predict a enemy's moves. make it a buff to all states like curse mark. It will not be a big increase though maybe around 10% The Sharingan Literally meaning: Copy Wheel Eye, Meaning (Mirror Wheel Eye) is the dōjutsukekkei genkai of the Uchiha clan that appears selectively among its members. It is regarded as one of the "Three Great Dojutsu", the others being the Byakugan and the Rinnegan. Byakugan The byakugan can replace sensory and add a small buff (since they can see all points in a persons body) It should take 80 chakra like sensory to get and need to be level 30 and have 10 scrolls It should not be locked behind a mastery The justus lasts 90 sec with a 50 sec cool down (NOTE: It should not be locked to only gentle first or any mastery because only leaf would be ale to get it and there are cases of ninja not in leaf or using gentle first with the byakugan even the first Clan that had byakugan did not have gentle first.) LEVEL 1 should make it so you can see all players in the area your in. LEVEL 2 will let the user see other players hp and chakra. LEVEL 1 can make it so the player gets a small buff of 20% to all states. The Byakugan Literally meaning: White Eye, Meaning (All Seeing White Eye) is the kekkei genkai that originated from the Ōtsutsuki Clan, and later inherited by their distant descendants, the Hyūga Clan. It is regarded as one of the "Three Great Dōjutsu", the others being the Sharingan and the Rinnegan. DRAWBACKS Players can only get one or the other not both and if sage mode is added then players with one of the eyes should not be able to get sage mode It should also slow chakra charging while active. And with taking 10 scrolls and needing level 30 it should stop everyone from having it after awhile. These are just ideas thrown around to build off of Im trying to balance them but still have them true to show and have equal opportunity for every player to get but have a challenge getting and so not every player would want so theirs not 100 people running around with them. plz tell me you opinion of this
  7. Im guessing that people that like it are people that dont use it on top of that I talked to people in game they say they hate it. Also I am not using the fact that I pay money as entitlement Im saying as I just bought something useless not that they should change because i bought it but because the skill is useless now my bad for not being more clear
  8. Why do you keep nerfing skills that are not broken. Its every day with this and now you made youthful spring slow and silence skills and no sub from it. I dont care about the free sub from youthful spring but the speed and increase to agility need to be there or its just a buff that debuffs you. you keep nerfing and breaking the game fixing one thing and break 100 other things like birds teleporting, now bears stun, palm bottom does 0.5 sec of stun witch is not even a stun more of a hiccup, swords from what i have been told are so bad that every one of there skills self stuns. This need to be addressed I spend money on this game I just bought a skill reset to get youthful spring just to find out its been Nerfed and i could not have known with out getting the skill because the discretion flat out lies to you. Now im stuck with a useless skill unless I buy another skill reset and im not going to because I already lost like $30 because of this and im sure im not the only one. NOTE: i get its a bate and any skill or anything can change but if your going to change a skill even a little give a reset scroll or something because chances are once you change that skill its useless or broken. Plz just fix youthful spring it was a fine skill It was not broken it was not over powered and it was not over used by everyone it was just a net skill that gave speed and agility buff and lose out on jutsus it was net and i liked it. Why would you use a skill that only silences your skills if you get nothing from it. If im compliantly off then plz in the comments correct me just mad i spend $10 on this and now stuck with something i cant use again. sry for spelling errors
  9. Thx for agreeing this thing showed that no one replied to this post a sec ago 0.0
  10. Transformation Technique Is a Easy to use jutsu seen in the first eps of Naruto I think it be great to add into the game. It work like clock but instead of turning invisible you would turn to a targeted person. Just lock onto another player and you change your appearance to them for a short time like maybe 30sec or 50. It add new ways to use stealth and creative ways to play the game like sneaking into locations or in battle were its more then one.
  11. I tried to launch the game but it keeps saying there is a virus and a error and then it wont update both me and my girlfriend has this and it just started last night I tried to reinstall and it still did not work
  12. cant get the game to launch and its randomly saying there is  a virus on both me and my girlfriends game. I also has a error pop up and i tryed to reinstall it but it does the same thing

    1. roxies


      seems like its the updater

    2. Maraki


      same here were u able to fix this yet?


    3. roxies


      no all I know is that its he updater


  13. So i was walking around and i noticed something I was stuck on the side of a mountion and could not move :/ how this happend was I walked into a house and it teleported me there it was the same with a few houses around the missing and sand village. for some reason a lot of houses are glitched for me. Now i cant even log on because the game freezes. the I force updated and even redownloaded but I cant get it to work even on new accounts it still had the same glitch plz help me ;o;
  14. what kind of gift card is it that i can get to redeem like is it nexon gift card steam what kind


  15. Don't forget another reason leaf is great they will kill anyone for any reason no matter what and all want to act like heros wen doing it. But to be fair most people in this game do that so I guess there all the same at the end of the day