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Name: Origami Heart, known by most as Ori.
Clan: Sasayaki 
Affiliation: Village Hidden in the Leaves.
Age: Unknown
Height: Average
Eye colour: Green and blue (left - right)
Personal traits: Has 
Anatidaephobia and a weird sense of humour.

Ori attended the Academy in the Village Hidden in the Leaves at a young age. She was always cheerful and made a lot of friends, even after she graduated.

She trained hard and wanted to become strong, so she can protect everybody in the Village, but her biggest goal was to stop the war with the Village Hidden by Sand.

At first, even though Sand Villagers were mostly creeps, with their pervy leader @Booty Gang Captain, who would sneak in her village just to spy on her while she was bathing, she didn't hate them. She wanted to be friends with everyone.





One day, Ori got something precious stolen from her. It affected her so much that she started changing.
By the time she got assigned to a team, she was a completely different person. When she met her teammates and her Sensei, she only said "I hate a lot of things and don't particularly like anything. What I have is not a dream, for I wil make it a reality. I'm going to restore what was stolen from me, and kill a certain someone."


Now she spends most of her days in the shopping area in the Village, by the entrance of a certain shop. Just waiting. Waiting for a chance to get her revenge, for all the scrolls that have been stolen from her by the evil shopowner Yasuo. Waiting for him to come out of his shop. 



Every traitor has to pay the price!