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  1. but he will say that's was just spying mission nothing new use to it lumy .y
  2. that's reason why i didnt mention him /y
  3. I dont mention spark bcs of prps
  4. @Melfinalook how funny its he answering just you its not fair
  5. im still waiting for answer /y and ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
  6. @Sanda ok nicolas so as always everything what you saying is just a lie what i expect from trash like you go life in sand hf and to rest of post Tbh Sand WAS STRONG VERY STRONG. Ya all want to know when ok let's start First biggest lost for Sand was Pirate's leave @Dona @Mylu @Lumy strongest ninja just leave sand Then second hit when sand almost recovered start shitstorm with ALMOST STRONGEST POWER IN SAND jakusha ppl which were online everyfucking day and were defending all fcking villagers when your kazekage was just out and inactive so ye gj sand next clan which will born in sand gonna met same so what i expect, After all when mist will come to us then sand will just die
  7. So create org
  8. Also villages wont allow for this bcs its gonna make them fcked just think raid of akat plus 10 jakusha leaf wont even leave their village bcs they gonna be too scary if we making good job when we raid with 10 akat add to it 10 jakusha Its gonna be end of villages
  9. In 1 side good idea on second bad bcs we gonna have problems with spamkilling ppl what gonna make our lifes harder especially for akat and missing is missing you betray your village or you just leave it so you play on your own now thats all if you want no ff just go back to village i understand your point but we life here like that loong time and we dont see big problems with that so its pointless to add no ff now but its just my opinion
  10. So at start WELCOME EVERYONE ************************************************************************************************************************************************************* This post will be an auction house proposal, which can be a good convenience for players to read. (Legend will be at the bottom /y) ************************************************************************************************************************************************************* As you all know, there is a lot of mmorpg in which ah is the basic source of earnings, quest rewards, or even in the case of World of Warcraft transmogs they're used to purchase simple clothes and cosmetics, etc. This is a obviously better than the current system, due to the easy access it gives certain things that are needed at a given moment. However, it also makes people lazy, which they then stop looking to earn money. Therefore, I will present three ideas which I had in mind, that I believe will work. However, I think that the third one is the most successful one of the three. here 3 examples of ah in wow in albion and (old in diablo 3) Let's start this First Idea: The first offer will be a typical Auction House. Simply put, World of Warcrast ah. For people who has never had it in them, ah consist of two things, bo and bd. It is simple to use and doesn't require a lot to get the hang of. We come in, enter our names, select and choose bo or bd, and an item will appear in our eq or in the Post Office. Which we can then collect, losing the money from our eq and freely being able to enjoy the item. Second Idea: This idea was inspired by an old game that relied solely on bd. This is obviously a more difficult system as you'd have to stick to the time to get the item. For some, this system would be a hassle. but here it's about the thrill to bid for a given item. After a hard fight and long bidding, trust that satisfaction will be an unearthly feeling. Especially if nothing goes wrong during the bd. Third Idea: This is a system that was proposed by a friend of mine. It involves a system based on the bulletin board. If you require 30 or so snake venom for a mission of some sort, you can go to an npc ah, where you can then search for the item you are interested in. Here you may see for example adverts such as "Sukki sells 120 snake venom, 30ea", the further you look you may see "Dona sells 110 snake venom, 15ea", which you will then choose an offer, in this case Dona's as it's the most cheapest for you. You can start a chat and enter your nickname in msg, and write to Dona saying you'd like to meet since you're interested in his offer, and can then go to toad as its a no-zone. Once you've brought what you want from Dona, you will have what you need and it saves the trouble of having to run over multiple discord messages in order to find an offer you are interested in, or at least someone who actually sells what you need. This is especially good for people who are not from the same village but need to buy resources. This is an ah system to make life easier for us all, especially new players. Which idea is chosen or can be chosen depends on our developers and I hope that they could consider this proposal, because it is successful and beneficial to us all, in my opinion. It's also not difficult to embrace greetings and I am ready to see what people have to say about this, especially the devs. Regards, Sukki ************************************************************************************************************************************************************* Legend Ah - Auction house Bo - Buy out Bd - Bid Eq - Equipment or just Inventory ************************************************************************************************************************************************************* Special thank's for @Kaitoo for correct in this post And for @fishermit for good ideas
  11. first of all idc he is leader or nah ik he just created clan with you second unfortunate lidor i was first person which reported him for having Steezo account idc kurama is dead or nah for me is enough i have contact with ppl dsnt matter in game or nah im blocking you on disc bcs you are annoying steezo isnt my friend he is just mate of takumi. That's your imagination of world he is just a player in takumi till he is in takumi its obvs i will defend him after takumi do what you want im not peace keeper like some of ya and ye i will do my job soo many players need get banned ah and forgot @Lidor Kitsune gj failing first stage of ce you need to be moron to failed this part of exam sad really sad that's old players failing that easy stage :joy: and tbh steezo got more honor than you so idk what we talk (yes i said steezo got more honor than you so just think who are you XD) and bro my summon is enough to kill you if you need help with lowbies lvl 20 XDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD and calling 3 sand mates to kill them
  12. why should i be sad bcs your leader get banned nah im happy that's my job too /y
  13. post closed zetsu banned /y
  14. atm its just usefull for leaf alts /y
  15. nah his home is takumi now mike