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  1. ban both :joy:
  2. or just make it like once per month YOU ARE FORCED to get new charm bcs lets be honest i have fcking str on MEDIC WATER tell me when i will be able to use it XDD
  3. so i cant see my post and still dont know about what religion but nvm
  4. you really deleted whole fcking post you are joking ?
  5. not needed just dont kill eo RUUUUUUN
  6. @Seth tell me which and i will delete
  7. @AK47 what that's my history in this great game some memories which will forever stay with me
  8. @Mizu Kurama @Persona Kurama @Homura @Tazuma Kurama @Lidor good old times after event clans meeting from sand missing and leaf @Balcoin this one im just leaving here xd and ofc @Kenock some @Shirouepic work (we miss you bro :D) bad cheater @Ryo Kurama someone said salt is allowed then @Kenock :joy: @Balcoin this one im just leaving here xd |\ @Seth and after all @Kisame @Crowlock @Mylu @Lumy @Yukimura @SparkZZ @Rysiok @Zabu @Dona best org ever @Seth happy birthday @Ueda @Ori and of course dear @Bolan nice essay @Ueda @Jun and dear @Dona & @Bolan dont forget who is mvp of match and @Kyreno thanks for break from him and this moment when sand/missing cant use fan its great memory too (especially when he is fan user) and that's last bcs im bored @Kisame
  9. if you think its toxic then you need read what you write on discord and hf with joining akira /y
  10. ugh dont start this topic 4134215151 time please its just trash post @Sezu close this post please
  11. but after all this should have nerf /y
  12. for me fine but you exping my 5 alts for 50 /y and another 300 of rest ppl
  13. after all in takumi medi supply is 30/40 k exp im not sure and its 2 blood pills (this exp is joke) daimayo express is joke too for 35+ its around 70-90k or add missions or we have prob (entry to mist from takumi this bridge down from takumi) ADD there 1 spot with mobs with lvl like bigscrabs or rats on 1 map and will be fine for everyone /y
  14. but we mean kenock if you want add this rules fine but make it good with conditions for example anbu cant get lvl below 50 akat same they need won for example one tournament to join anbu or akat something like this
  15. its gonna be funny see anbu or sanbu lvl 20-40 :joy: noobs in high rank incoming
  16. im clear and im not blind after all but act like you want 30 days left tetsu san
  17. ye tetsu L inner circle in sand will fall too no more power in your hands
  18. @Siegrain midnight just think which char you will pick because you wont be able to join akat on anymore alts bcs kenock will check it /y
  19. new akat getting spamkilling starts in 30 days /y
  20. @Dona peasants joking from ya you will allow for this get them :joy:
  21. If leafs have problems with raids we need back old system /y
  22. Oh no leaf village cant call 2000 ppl to counter raid and they crying so sad story :sob:
  23. Akatsuki make orgy in takumi
  24. do it do it do it most fcking best idea from long time about bi warriors
  25. Everything like tails etc got 10% drop rest ¬¬1% its not hard to get there is no need to PERFECT drop chance list