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  1. And bans bans dont make ppl more work ban Player bcs he abuse then take OFF STRIKES dont give Our gms more fun
  2. So Best solution is Just add new rank which kage can give people like Policeman (same Type of rank like jonin chunnin or sj) and he Will giving it Just to genins which deserve easy easy CLOSE TOPIC
  3. So go to Sand in missing you Will meet Just Old '' friends ''
  4. Bcs of your atitude and your past noone who KNOWS you Dont want to do it bro you are more toxic than me or Oriax and its ACHIV plus your ego jumped bigger than zuh when you Just get 50 /'
  5. Bcs atm noone want to rebuild relationship like you can See akat taka Pirates want spamkill you akira too So you are a bit fucked So like i said be nice stop be cocky bcs any normal sitter in takumi with lvl 50 Will clap you its not leaf or Sand trust me its works another Way you saw it today vs yami no execuses you get clapped thats all So be nice stop be cocky and smile trust me its Best tip which you Will get for me
  6. Steezo the thing is you are in shitty situation Best thing which you can do is shut up and smiling. Bcs after countinf you have around 80 ppl which want spamkill you
  7. What can i Say steezo need hard spamkill to get some respect to ppl i was with him at start but he atacking too much he should pee on touching him from any of sides but nooo
  8. (burned second bridge /clap clap left pirates :D)
  9. To get protection in even org you need get respect noone will jump with you on someone if he dont repsect you
  10. @Steezo and you made now your first mistake one bridge burned /y (2 left)
  11. yo ori just dont get clap from him bcs i will laugh as fuck :joy:
  12. for sure its will make him stronger spamkill is thing which is normal in takumi show power get spamkilled grow strong for sure it will make you stronger but as always its depends of you
  13. The point is medic with heals have one of biggest potential to abuse with heals to force someone to target him and waste cd thats why youngling
  14. Tbh ik 2 prostitutes named SCARLETT but who cares Yes if you are toxic waste and you trying to fight with ppl which you shouldnt then you paying easy
  15. Ye congrstz bcs this Player deserve for this @Erza Scarlett